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Do Rottweilers Attack Their Owners – Fact Or Fiction?

There are common thoughts and feelings regarding specific dog breeds and their tendencies to be more dangerous or aggressive than other breeds of dogs. It is the main reason many dogs are left in shelters for an extended amount of time or misused for fighting and misguided protection. One of these breeds is the Rottweiler, which has many people asking, “Do Rottweilers attack their owners?”

Rottweilers do not attack their owners. They are not known for injuring their owners. If a Rottweiler does attack their owner, it is usually due to an underlying issue that is causing them to be more aggravated and aggressive. 

Many reasons may cause a Rottweiler to attack their owners, but often it is an issue that can be dealt with and resolved. This article will give you the reasons for a Rottweiler attack and how to identify the problem and hopefully prevent it from happening again.

Reasons Rottweilers Attack Their Owners

There are a few different reasons for rottweilers and other types of dogs to attack their owners. Because of the massive size of Rottweilers, their attacks are more noted and a lot more damaging.

Here is a list of reasons why your Rottweiler may attack you at one point or another.

Injury Or Illness

If your pup has an injury or they do not feel well, and you do something to make them feel worse (touching a broken paw), they may bite at you to keep you away.


Rottweilers can become possessive over their items, like toys or food. If you get near something that belongs to them, you may be attacked. 


Rottweilers are one of the most popular pets to adopt for a family looking for protection. This is due to their territorial trait. However, that can work against you if you step inside their boundaries. 

Fear And Stress

If your dog is overly stressed out or is fearful of you, you may get attacked if you make a sudden move towards them or act out aggressively. 

Learned Behavior

A lot of Rottweilers have been trained to be aggressive and attack command.

If your pet was a rescue, be cautious with them to trigger any past behaviors until you have them corrected completely.

Why Would A Rottweiler Bite Its Owner

The biggest reason behind a dog biting its owner is fear and anxiety or the need to defend themselves.

If a Rottweiler bites its owner, that could be a good indication that the dog has been hit or abused in the past, making him feel the need to protect himself now. 

A Rottweiler may bite its owner if the owner gets in the way of something the dog wants to get at.

If a Rottweiler is chasing a cat or trying to get to another dog, and the owner steps in the middle, the Rottweiler may turn his aggression onto the middleman (you) even if they don’t realize it at the moment. 

Why Do Rottweilers Become Aggressive

Aggressive behavior in a Rottweiler can occur after a Rottweiler feels threatened or afraid, whether by another dog or a human.

Aggression for most dogs is a learned behavior. They will be more violent or aggressive if they constantly live in defense mode or are taught to be territorial or possessive. 

Are Rottweiler Puppies Aggressive

No, Rottweiler puppies are actually no more or less aggressive than any other puppy. They like to play around with their siblings and are full of energy.

Like other pups, the Rottweiler will wrestle around biting and nipping playfully. 

Like other puppies, a Rottweiler pup needs to be properly trained from a young age that aggression and biting are not an okay behavior. Any biting and playful nipping needs to be saved for dog toys and chews.

At What Age Rottweiler Become Aggressive

Suppose a Rottweiler is going to become overly aggressive due to instinct.

In that case, it will happen once the Rottweiler hits puberty or reaches a level of social maturity. This is usually between 8 and 36 months. 

Are Male Or Female Rottweilers More Aggressive

A male Rottweiler will naturally be more aggressive than a female Rottweiler.

This is believed to be due to their massive size and the female’s natural maternal softness.

However, a female Rottweiler can become just as aggressive, if not more, if they are accompanied by a same-sex dog or someone is invading their territory.

Are Rottweilers Classed As Dangerous Dogs

Unfortunately, the Rottweiler is considered to be a dangerous dog.

Because of their massive size and lousy wrap, they are always listed as aggressive, dangerous dogs.

There are even sure homeowners’ insurances that will not cover a home that owns this breed. Some apartment owners will not allow renters to have this breed living on the property.

Are Rottweilers Dangerous To Their Owners

Rottweilers are not a danger to their owners as long as they are treated properly and cared for.

All dogs can become aggressive if they are mistreated.

Still, because of the mass and size of a Rottweiler, they can do more harm which makes it appear they are more violent.

Do Rottweilers Love Their Owners

Like every other breed of dog, Rottweilers will see their owners as a part of their pack, and they will respect them.

If they are treated right and loved, they will love their owners like any other dog does. 

Is A Rottweiler A Good Family Dog

A Rottweiler would make a great addition to many families.

They are loving and protective dogs who respect their owners and make excellent guard dogs. However, due to their large size, these dogs are probably not the best choice for homes with young children.

Also, it is also not a good idea to have a Rottweiler in the home with other dogs or a home where other dogs are around frequently because of their territorial pre-disposition.

Things To Consider

A Rottweiler is a giant, muscular dog. A nip from them will hurt a lot more than a nip from another smaller breed dog.

That is what makes these dogs appear to be so much more dangerous and aggressive than others.

And although it is true, they can do a lot more damage than, let’s say, a beagle. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are more aggressive towards their owners.

Because of their territorial traits, Rottweilers can be more aggressive towards strangers returning to their property or coming too close to their family.

Still, they are not going to be any more aggressive to their owners than any other dog.

Rottweilers are loyal and loving dogs and can be just as cuddly towards you like a lap dog, making them a perfect pet to those who have time to train them properly.

If you consider adopting a Rottweiler or already have one, it is essential to train them well.

Due to no fault of their own, their size can make them dangerous if they are not taught how to behave and act around people and other pets.

Any dog can be aggressive if they are trained to act that way, like any dog can be a great friend, as long as they get the proper training and treatment every pup deserves.  

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