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Do Rottweilers Drool – The Interesting Answer

Are you considering adopting a new pet into the family and trying to decide which one is the right fit for you? If you are thinking about adding a rottweiler to your home, you may be asking the question, do rottweilers drool?

Rottweilers do drool. They tend to drool more than other dog breeds due to their large heads, and the way their lips are positioned over their teeth. The gap between their teeth and their lips tend to collects saliva, creating a massive amount of drooling once it starts to overflow in their mouths. 

If you are looking at adopting a Rottweiler, or you already have one and are questioning the insane amount of slobber that continuously drains from their mouth, this article will give you answers to many of the questions you may have regarding the drooling Rottweilers are known for.

Reasons Rottweilers Drool

Rottweilers do drool A LOT, and there are many different reasons this could be. Here is a list of the top reasons Rottweilers drool.

  1. Their physical design – Their big lips hang over their jaw, creating pooling drool that spills out of their mouths.
  2. They are hot – When your dog is hot, they tend to pant a lot. When they puff, their mouths are left wide open, and drool will start to flow out.
  3. They are sick – A sick dog will drool more than a healthy dog, especially if they are sick to their stomach.
  4. They want whatever you are eating – If your dog sees you eating something they want, then they will start to drool excessively.
  5. They are anxious – You may notice your dog drools more than expected if they are eager. This is because they will probably pant more often when they are nervous, causing them to drool more often.
  6. They are angry – You can tell if a dog is mad if they are snarling, and you see drool flying from their lips.
  7. They just ate – Because your dog needs saliva to break down food and digest it, you will notice an access amount of drool right after they eat.

Is It Normal For Rottweilers To Drool

Yes, it is very typical for Rottweilers to drool.

It is very normal for all dogs to drool. Dogs will drool to help them break down food and make it easier to digest food while being mashed up in their mouths and as it flows down their esophagus into their stomachs.

A Rottweiler will drool a lot because of its large size and the large size of its head and mouth.

If they are staring at a yummy steak or even a squirrel running past the window, their jowls are going to start to fill with drool, preparing them for a nice meal and creating a tremendous-sized waterfall. 

Why Does My Rottweiler Drool So Much

Your Rottweiler may seem like he is drooling a lot, but it might be that you are noticing it more because of their large size.

However, if you notice that your dog is drooling more than he or she usually does, it may mean they are sick or hurt, and they should be seen by the veterinarian. 

Do Female Rottweilers Drool

Yes, female Rottweilers are going to drool like males. Again, all dogs need to drool no matter their gender.

Statistically, female Rottweilers tend to drool a lot less than males. This is because of their head shape and size. The size of a male Rottweiler’s head is much larger than a female most of the time, making it drool a lot more. 

Some female Rottweilers have thicker shaped heads, causing their lips to droop more often, making even females drool quite a bit.

What Does Excessive Drooling In Dogs Mean

Excess dog drool could mean many different things, and most of them should be considered concerning. If your dog is drooling an excessive amount, it may be an indication something is wrong. 

Some reasons for excessive drooling in your dog are as follows:

  1. Heatstroke – Heatstroke occurs when your pet gets too hot. If you suspect heatstroke, bring your pup into cool air as quickly as possible and contact your vet right away.
  2. Poison – Many household items are poisonous to your pup. If your dog is drooling a lot, seems ill or lazy, get your pet to an emergency vet ASAP.
  3. Something is stuck in their mouth or throat – Check your dog’s mouth and airway for blockage. Sometimes your pet could get a treat or toy lodged in their gums or throat, causing them to drool excessively. 
  4. Oral hygiene or dental problems – If you Rottweiler is drooling a huge amount often, have their mouths check for dental issues, then keep up on their oral hygiene.
  5. Nausea or pain in their stomach – If your pup is sick to their stomach, it will make them drool. Try easing their stomach aches with some water or a very bland meal like chicken breast and rice.
  6. Mouth cancer – If your pup is drooling a massive amount, check around his gums, teeth, and mouth entirely for any types of lumps or bumps that may be cancerous.
  7. A disease like rabies or lime disease – Many communicable diseases could get your dog ill and cause them to drool, such as rabies or lime disease. If you suspect these issues as the culprit, your vet can do an examination and lab work to rule them out or treat them for whatever is going on.

Is Drooling A Sign Of Stress In Dogs

Yes, if you notice that your dog is drooling in situations that do not seem to make much sense, they are not hungry or near any food.

They only seem to drool during situations like going on car rides or when another animal is near, then drooling may be a sign your dog is under stress.

Is Drooling A Sign Of Pain In Dogs

When a dog is in pain, you may notice that it is drooling quite a bit or at odd times. Here is a list of other signs your dog may be in pain.

  • Constant licking or itching
  • Whining and whimpering
  • Ears held back
  • Tail tucked in between their legs.
  • Your dog is hiding under the bed or in small spaces

How To Stop Excessive Drooling In Dogs

If you believe your dog is drooling a lot and there is nothing medically wrong with them, here are a few tips to help keep your pup from drooling too much. 

  • Keep up with oral hygiene.
  • Keep your dog well hydrated.
  • Give your dog many chew toys.
  • Keep situations calm if your dog suffers from anxiety.
  • Avoid car rides as much as possible if your dog suffers from motion sickness.

Final Thoughts

If you have a Rottweiler and you believe he is drooling an excessive amount, then you are not alone.

Compared to other dogs, the Rottweiler drools a bit more frequently, giving some very slobbery kisses.

However, if your Rottweiler’s drooling has become more excessive than usual and they seem to be slobbering way more than they normally do, it may be time for a quick trip to the vet.

Access drooling in Rottweilers can indicate dental issues, illness, or anxiety. So, if you notice an increase in saliva when you are near your pup, don’t brush it off, thinking it’s normal for Rottweilers to drool a lot.

Catching issues like these ahead of time can help keep it from getting worse later down the road. 

If your pup is drooling a lot because he is a big dog with a large mouth, then trying to keep him chewing and well hydrated as much as possible may reduce the amount of saliva that drips from his jowls.

Remember, if you are looking for a dog who does not tend to drool much, then it is probably not a good idea to adopt a Rottweiler pup into the family.  

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