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How Big Is A Maltipoo Full Grown – Chart & Facts!

Maltipoos are, in fact, hybrid dogs, a result of a breed between Maltese and poodles. Their size has always been up for debate because although they’re small dogs, they can range at varying lengths and weights. This leaves dog owners wondering; how big will my Maltipoo be? So let’s get to it; how big is a Maltipoo full grown? 

Maltipoos reach between 7 to 14 inches tall when fully grown. Maltipoos can start at a minimum of 6 inches to as big as 14 inches. They are classified into three growth sizes: Toy, Teacup, and Miniature. 

We’ll give an extensive explanation of Maltipoo’s, more precisely, their size and how big they can get. For many owner’s it’s essential to know how big a dog can get to know if they can fit in their house and if they have conditions for it. With no further due, let’s dig deeper. 

Is A Maltipoo A Small Or Medium Dog

Maltipoo is considered a small dog since it won’t grow more than 14 inches. Not only in size, but weight, they go around 5 to 20 pounds. The size of this dog can change according to the “type” of dogs, like mentioned before. 

Dogs are divided into small, medium, or large dogs. Maltipoos are small dogs, as we mentioned, but they are subdivided into three different categories: Toy, Teacup, and Miniature. Most dog’s sizes are divided according to their weight, like small dogs are between 2 and 22 pounds, which the Maltipoo’s take part in. 

Maltipoos are often chosen because of their adorable size and how easy it is to have them in the house. However, these dogs frequently suffer from health issues related to the size. Some of these dogs can even live until 18 years. 

How Big Will My Maltipoo Get

Maltipoos grow as big as 14 inches. However, that doesn’t mean they will reach that height. This is no particular science, and according to the different types of Maltipoo’s, it can change. 

Teacup Maltipoos usually are around 6 inches, the smallest of them all; this happens because the breed they are crossed with is smaller, around the same size. Just like the name says, they can fit inside a teacup.

These dogs usually have more health problems than the other types and are somewhat underdeveloped. 

Then, Toy Maltipoo reaches around 8 to 10 inches; these are the most common types in this breed. For owners who live in apartments, these are a perfect size and are the most popular choice; however, these dogs are small and easily hurt. It’s essential to be careful about them. 

Lastly, there’s the miniature size, which, opposite to the name, is the biggest of the three types. This one goes around 12 to 14 inches and these dogs, differently from the others, need to exercise and train. 

These names are given according to the size; not all Maltipoo’s are like these; some original breeds might fill this chart too, like the poodles and Maltese.

Do Maltipoos Stay Small Forever

Maltipoos don’t stay small forever. However, this depends on what your definition of “small” is.

Maltipoos, when reaching the maximum height, won’t grow more than that. They will not stay a puppy forever, as much as some owners wished that, but they stop growing not long enough and stay that size. Usually, it takes 8 to 10 months to reach full size.  

However, their height can depend on various factors, like gender and breed, making it challenging to be entirely sure of the size the dog will reach. For example, male Maltipoo’s usually grow more than females; the difference is not huge but noticeable. 

Another factor is that since Maltipoo’s are hybrid dogs, the size can also depend on the parents and their genetics. In this case, if a dog has more Poodle, it might be bigger than if the dog has more of the Maltese. 

It’s essential also to consider the generation, which usually can be divided into three different types.

It can be F1, which are hybrids that come from purebred breeds, then it comes the F2, which are breeding from the one coming out of generation F1. Finally, the F3, which follows the same idea, comes from breeding F2 generation dogs.

So in a nutshell, the process of breeding has a significant impact on the size of Maltipoo.  

How Fast Do Maltipoos Grow 

It usually takes 8 to 10 months for Maltipoo to reach full size; however, 12 to 15 months for them to stop the growing process.

Since there are different types of Maltipoo’s, these dates can change. For example, since Toy and teacup Maltipoo is smaller than the miniature Maltipoo, it might take longer than those two. 

Seeing how fast they grow is amazing and heartbreaking at the same time. Luckily, for all the Maltipoo’s owners, they have the quality of never stop being small and keeping the forever young energy. 

Maltipoo Full Grown Chart

To have a better insight into how big they will get and how the growing process works, we covered a simple chart with a statistic of age vs. size. As we can see below:

Maltipoo AgeSize In Inches
3 Weeks – 12 Weeks2 – 6 Inches Tall
4 – 6 Months6 – 8 Inches Tall
8 – 10 Months8 – 14 Inches Tall
11 – 15 MonthsFull Grown (14 inches max)

At What Age Do Maltipoos Reach Full Size

Maltipoo reaches full size around 15 months. That’s when they stop growing; however, around 10 to 15 months is when they usually reach their full size.

As we mentioned before, it’s impossible to predict exactly how big they will get; it will always depend on the mother and father. Luckily this is the most common thing to happen with this species. 

Knowing who the parent was will also help you understand this process better and better understand how big your dog will get approximately. 

How Much Should My Maltipoo Weight

The weight of a Maltipoo usually rounds between 3 to 20 pounds. Weights will always depend on the diet the dog is in, and in cases of being underfed can lead to more severe health problems.

Furthermore, the three mentioned types would have different weight numbers. 

For miniature Maltipoo, the weight range between 15 and 25 pounds, which is the biggest of all three types of Maltipoo’s; however, most Maltipoo’s don’t go beyond 20 pounds. 

As for the Toy Maltipoo’s, it ranges between 5 to 10 pounds, which is less than the common, however for the teacup Maltipoo, some weigh only 5 pounds. This can have a lot of repercussions on their health since they are quite small. 

Knowing the mother and father of your Maltipoo can help you understand what size and weight they might reach full-grown age since there are different types of breedings. 

Is My Maltipoo Overweight

As we mentioned before, Maltipoo’s weigh rounds 3 pounds, which can happen but be dangerous, and 20 pounds. Luckily, there are a few ways to help control your dog’s weight without letting them go overweight. 

One way to help avoid this is to keep tracking their weight by frequently measuring them as soon as they reach adult age. Either at home or every time you go to the vet, this will help you know how your dog’s health will avoid any problems. 

Being aware of your dog’s behavior is also essential; small changes like not keeping track of you, making more stops, or even less interest in playing, might be the signs of overweight.

As soon as these signs start to appear, be sure to change your dog’s diet or reach for the vet; they will undoubtedly know what to do. 

Helping your dog lose weight is easy by just adapting some changes into their routine. You don’t have to stop giving them the same amount of food, only going for different ingredients, healthier ones. By doing more activities with them, you are giving them love and helping them lose weight. 

As far as managing your Maltipoo and its weight, there are a few actionable things you can do:

  1. Set specific feeding times
  2. Increase exercise time
  3. Limit treats (except for training purposes)
  4. Feed your Maltipoo better quality food

Ultimately, you’ll want to be patient when it comes to weight management in dogs. If they are used to eating as much as they want at any point, then it’ll be a struggle intially.

It takes dogs time to get used to the routine or limited treats and designated feeding times. One of the best ways to get your dogs mind off of food is to keep them engaged in other activities.

Take them for frequent walks, mix up the feeding times, and keep them on their toes! Especially with a personable dog like a Maltipoo, these steps are necessary.

Heritage: Size of a Maltipoo’s Parents

As we mentioned before, Maltipoo is a hybrid species, a combination between a Poodle and a Maltese. These are commonly known for being fun, very active, affectionate towards people, and very friendly. 

When adopting a Maltipoo, you can either get a more poodle-looking dog or a Maltese-looking. When it comes to the Maltese, these are some of the oldest breeds known and were always known for being the perfect companion for any person. 

Matlese generally range from 8 – 10 inches in height, with the male Maltese being larger than females on average. Poodles on the other hand can be from 9 – 24 inches depending if it is a Toy Poodle or Standard size.

Just based on that information alone, it’s easy to see how the Maltipoo can have so many variations in size.

As for the Poodle, this is a German breed and is equally part of the oldest breeds, just like the Maltese. However, differently from the Maltese, these are very active dogs and always ready for playtime. 

The Maltipoos are the perfect balance from these two dogs; some might be more outgoing, and others a little bit more reserved. 

How Much To Feed A Maltipoo

Maltipoos are small dogs, and the way they are fed is essential. Maltipoo should eat anywhere between 64g – 150g of food per day. This depends entirely on the weight of your dog and its metabolism.

When they are very young, it’s necessary to always have some food around for them, since it’s by the time they start to grow and evolve. 

During the first year, they eat more, they eat at least three times a day, however, after the first year it should be reduced a little. This will always depend on the dog; being a hybrid, they can have more of one dog than the other, so you can start by following a guideline. 

  • 2 to 4 pounds – a maximum of 64g of food per day
  • 5 to 10 pounds – a maximum of 96g of food per day
  • 10 to 12 pounds – a maximum of 128g of food per day 
  • 13 pound and up – a minimum of 128g to 150g of food per day

Things To Consider

After all the information given ahead, there are always some smaller things to have in mind when it comes to Maltipoos, so we will be giving a few things to have in mind related to this subject. 

Under-sized Maltipoos 

These dogs are known for being small, most of the time even chosen for it; however, being small, some can be even smaller than the typical. When something like that happens, there is a need for specific measures. 

Make sure to be careful with them around children. Kids love dogs, there’s no doubt, but sometimes their excitement goes beyond measures, and these are fragile dogs. Under-sized Maltipoos must be handled with both hands and never with blunt force; otherwise, they can get hurt.

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