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Why Do Dogs Go Under Furniture

Have you ever walked into a room and found your troublemaker of a pup snuggled underneath the couch, armchair, or other furniture piece? You’re not alone. Dogs often seek refuge in tight spaces to satisfy their innate need for safety and comfort. But why do dogs go under furniture when there’s plenty of space elsewhere in the house?

Dogs go under furniture because they instinctively seek the safety of enclosed spaces. This can be prompted by anxiety, fear, and the need for comfort. Some also do this beacuse the behavior has been encouraged over a period of time.

While dogs going under furniture may seem concerning at first, it’s normal and nothing to worry about. However, if the behavior persists or your pup displays other signs of anxiety or fear, it may be wise to speak with your vet or animal behaviorist for extra support. Understanding their needs and providing a safe space in your home can help your pup feel secure and at ease.

Let’s dive into more about this behavior and what you can do to help support your dog whenever you notice this happening.

Reasons Dogs Go Under Furniture

While the core reasons dogs go under furniture are mostly instinctive, there are a few more you should know about. Some are more concerning than others, but not too much to worry about. Check out the list below:

1. Safety: Dogs evolved from animals that lived in dens and preferred to hide away when feeling threatened or scared. Furniture provides a physical boundary between your pup and anything else he might view as a threat, helping him feel safe.

2. Comfort: Snuggling under furniture is warm and cozy, plus it can act as a comforting shelter. It’s the perfect place for your pup to cuddle up and nap or wind down after an adventure-filled day.

3. Attention: If you find yourself running over to cuddle with them every time they hide under the couch, they may be taking advantage of that cuteness factor

4. Boredom: Dogs need stimulation and activity to be healthy. But if they’re bored or lonely, they may want extra attention, so they might hide under furniture to get it.

5. The Behavior Was Encouraged: If you’ve ever given them a treat or let them stay under the furniture when they do it, they may be doing it more often because of that reward. Unlike most cats, dogs are trainable, and you can help eliminate this behavior with patience and consistency.

Types Of Furniture Dogs Will Go Under

This may sound funny, but it’s a thing. Dogs gravitate to certain types of furniture more than others. This can be because of how the furniture looks, it’s color and shape, and, more importantly, the size of it and how much coverage it provides.

Below is a list of furniture types a dog will go under:

1. Couches: This is the most common furniture for dogs to go under, as it offers them a wide enough space and plenty of coverage from potential threats.

2. Beds: Smaller breeds love going underneath human beds because they don’t have to worry about anyone coming in and making noise or scaring them.

3. Chairs: Another popular spot, especially armchairs with a lot of coverage and extra protection.

4. Tables: Similar to chairs, tables can provide enough coverage for an anxious pup to feel safe and comfortable.

5. Desks: If your pup can hide under a desk, then trust me, they will. Now, desks aren’t the biggest, but to a smaller dog such as a Chihuahua or a Yorkie, it’s the perfect size to fit underneath and feel safe.

6. Dressers: Dressers are the perfect spot for your pup to hide away and feel secure. They usually provide enough space and coverage and are often on the floor, making it easier for your pup to get underneath without jumping up or down onto furniture. One problem with dressers, of course, is if it’s lightweight. The last thing you want is for your dog to knock it over!

Ways To Help Support Your Dog

If you notice your pup going under furniture too often and think they may be feeling anxious or scared, here are some ways to help support them:

1. Give them a safe space: Make sure your pup has a designated area in the home that’s just for them. This can be an area with their bed, toys, and other things that make it special to them.

2. Offer reassurance: Talking softly in a comforting tone and offering gentle petting or cuddles can help let your pup know they’re safe and sound.

3. Increase exercise: Make sure your pup gets plenty of physical activity to help release any pent-up energy or stress. Going for walks, playing games, or teaching them new tricks can all be great ways to do this.

4. Keep an eye on them: If you think your pup is going under furniture due to fear or anxiety, keep a close eye on them and help them out whenever they start feeling scared.

5. Remove furniture from the home: If your pup gravitates more towards certain furniture pieces, it is best to remove them from the home. This can create a calmer environment and encourage better behavior.

The less furniture that is around, the more you can help your dog build healthy habits to deal with their anxiety. When your dog is going through a tough time, you want them to gravitate toward you, not an old piece of furniture in the corner of a room.

The Takeaway

It’s perfectly normal for dogs to go under furniture, but if it’s happening too often and you think they may be having anxiety or fear issues, then it’s important to take the necessary steps to help them out. Offer them a safe space, give them reassurance, increase their activity levels and keep an eye on them.

Remember, dogs need support, so don’t become agitated with them or yell at them for going under furniture. Take a moment to understand why they might be doing it and work through the issue together. With your help, your pup can learn to feel comfortable in their own home again.

Good luck!

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