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Why Do Dogs Like Lotion – Is It Safe Or Harmful?

Every dog owner has had their dog lick them at one time or another, and licking is an entirely normal behavior in dogs. However, dog owners who have had a dog lick lotion off of their hands may start to worry about whether or not their pet is going to be okay. Dog owners, who have experienced this behavior a lot, have likely asked themselves: why do dogs like lotion? 

Dogs like lotion because they enjoy the scent and taste of it. They also lick lotion out of curiosity. Lotion can be toxic to dogs and should be kept out of their reach.

In this article, we will be describing five common reasons why dogs like to lick lotion. In addition to this, We will also be answering some commonly asked questions about dogs kicking lotion along with some other things you should consider about dogs who enjoy licking lotion. 

Reasons Why Dogs Like Lotion

There are five main reasons why your dog likes to lick lotion. These range from what causes your dogs to like licking in general, and the others are due to them liking the smell, taste, and texture of the lotion on your skin. Here are the five reasons your dog likes lotion. 

Your Dog Gets Rewarded For Licking You

Many dog owners reward their pets whenever they lick them by giving them attention. As a result, your dog could be licking you because he wants you to pet and notice them.

This could be especially true if you haven’t paid your dog attention after an extended amount of time, such as after being out of the house for a few hours. 

He Likes the Smell and Taste of the Lotion

If your lotion smells particularly tasty to your dog, then he will likely try to taste it too. Similarly, if he has decided that your lotion tastes good as well as smells good, then he will likely try to lick it off of you every time you put it on. 

Your Dog Doesn’t Like The Lotion’s Smell

Sometimes dogs try to lick off smells that they do not like off of themselves and their loved ones. This is a grooming habit aimed at keeping themselves and those around them clean. Dogs often do this when an owner has something on them with a robust artificial smell, such as many lotions and creams. 

Licking Is A Self Rewarding Behavior 

Dogs enjoy licking because it releases endorphins that make them feel good. As a result, licking is a self-rewarding behavior in dogs, which will likely make them want to lick you even more. 

The Texture Feels Good 

Just like people, some dogs enjoy the mouth feel of certain textures. Therefore, your dog could be licking your lotion off if you because he enjoys its creamy texture. 

Why Do Dogs Lick Lotion Off Me

Possibly the most common reason dogs lick lotion off of their owners is because they are trying to clean them. Although we typically enjoy the smell of scented lotions and creams, dogs often view these smells as foreign and artificial. As a result, they think you are getting yourself dirty when you put on your favorite scented lotion, and they are trying to clean you off. 

Is It Okay For My Dog To Lick Lotion

Most non-medicated lotions are not toxic to dogs. However, this does not mean that you should encourage your dog to lick your lotion. Although licking up a little bit of non-medicated lotion shouldn’t send you into a panic, overeating lotion could give your dog an upset stomach. 

What Happens If My Dog Eats Lotion

Licking a tiny bit of non-medicated lotion off of your hands will not likely cause any stomach upset from your dog. However, if they eat an excessive amount of this lotion, it could cause vomiting and diarrhea. These symptoms should pass quickly and may not require a vet visit. However, you should visit a vet if: 

● You notice blood in vomit or stool

● There are signs of dehydration 

● It lasts longer than 24hrs without any improvement

Similarly, if your dog licks up one of your medicated ointments or creams, then you should call a vet right away. This is because the medication in the ointment could be poisonous to dogs. 

Is Lotion Poisonous To Dogs

Most non-medicated lotions and creams are not toxic to dogs. If you wish to double-check to make sure that your lotion is nontoxic, you can view the ingredients at the back of the bottle to ensure no toxic substances.  

Can Lotion Kill Dog

Non-medicated lotion will not kill a dog. However, a medicated cream or ointment could. As a result, you should call your vet if your dog ever licks one of your prescribed creams, and you should always prevent your dog from getting to them.

This includes both the medicated ointment in the packaging and when it is on your skin.

What Human Lotion Is Safe For Dogs

A majority of non-medicated lotions that you get from the store are not toxic to dogs. However, it would help if you never encouraged your dog to lick these lotions because too much of it could still lead to an upset stomach. Lotion is also just not healthy for dogs to eat in general. 

How To Stop Dogs From Licking Lotion 

It is always best to prevent your dog from licking and eating lotion by keeping it out of its reach. This includes the lotion bottles and your skin when you are putting it on.

For moments where your dog is around lotion that he could lick, you can stop them from licking by discouraging him or giving him the “leave it” command. 

Things To Consider

There are some other things to consider when it comes to dogs licking and eating lotion. These include what to do when your dog licks your prescription creams and what to do if they lick a cream prescribed to them by a vet. 

What If My Dog Licks My Prescription Creams And Ointments

Knowing that prescribed creams and ointments could be toxic to your dog can be scary if you find that he has eaten some. Since this can be a terrifying and time-sensitive event, we will break down what you should do in this event into some simple steps.

Call your emergency vet or Animal Poison Control

They will be able to let you know whether or not your pet is in danger, and they will give you instructions on what to do if they are. 

  1. Follow the instructions from your emergency vet or animal poison control hotline. 
  2. Go to your emergency vet after you complete the home instructions provided

Prescription creams and ointments prescribed to your dog by a vet are usually less hazardous than those prescribed to humans. However, you should still ask your vet about what you should do if your dog licks their ointment.

In addition to giving you this information, they will also be able to give you some tips on how you can prevent your dog from licking up their prescribed cream. 

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