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Why Does My Dog Bite My Feet – Playful Or Bad Behavior?

Anyone who has ever had a dog can likely relate to this scenario. You are sitting on the couch and then you feel his sharp teeth biting on your foot. After this happens a few more times, you will likely be asking yourself: why does my dog bite my feet? 

Dogs bite people’s feet as a result of excitement or boredom. The bite is intended to get their owner’s attention. Your dog could also be biting your feet out of anxiety, fear, or aggression.

It is crucial to recognize the difference to resolve the problem correctly.  Your dog could be biting your feet for many various reasons. This article will highlight the most common causes of feet biting in dogs and how you can stop it from happening. 

6 Reasons Your Dog Bites Your Feet

Dogs bite the feet of people for several various reasons. Here are six of the most common reasons why your dog bites your feet. 

Your Dog Is Excited And Wants To Play

Many dogs bite their owners because they are excited and are feeling playful. This is especially true if the dog is a young puppy or has not been trained that it is not acceptable to bite feet. Usually, you can tell if a dog is excited or playful by its body language. Having loose body language with postures such as the play bow are telling signs that a dog is playful. 

Your Dog Is Anxious Or Fearful 

Some dogs also bit feet out of fear or anxiety. Like with playfulness, you can often tell if a dog is anxious or fearful by its body language. Holding a stiff posture, standing very still, and having wide eyes are common signs that a dog is very anxious or afraid of something. 

They are Bored and Probably Need Exercise

Dogs often bite feet when they are bored. This is especially true if they start biting your feet during playtime because they become overstimulated. This, combined with pent up energy, is a recipe for feet biting. 

Your Pup Needs Attention

All dogs love getting attention from their owners, and most dogs know just how to get it. As a result, your dog might be biting your feet because they want your attention. You can usually tell if this is the case with your dog because they will bite you when you are not paying attention to them. 

Your Dog Lacks Training

Some dogs bite people’s feet because they have not been adequately trained not to do so. This is especially true if a puppy has been brought home eight weeks before.

This is because puppies learn bite inhibition from their littermates during that time. Therefore, the result of bringing a puppy home too early might result in a dog that doesn’t know its bite strength. 

Similarly, a dog may also bite feet due to the behavior getting praised, usually in the form of attention, by accident. They know that biting gets your attention, so they are more likely to bite your feet. 

They Have Herding Dog Instincts

For herding dogs nipping the heels of livestock is often instinctual because that is how they herd.

Unfortunately, this often transfers to the heels and feet of humans when these dogs are not on the farm; thus, nipping is a widespread occurrence in herding breeds, especially if they are puppies. Not to worry though, training often nips this bad habit in the bud. 

Why Does My Dog Bite My Feet At Night

Usually, dogs bite feet at night if they want your attention. This could either be because they are anxious about something or because they want your affection.

To minimize feet biting at night, ensure that all of the dog’s needs are met before bed and that they have a safe and comfortable sleeping space. It helps to make sure that they have gotten plenty of exercise during the day as well. 

Why Does My Dog Bite My Feet When I Leave The House

Although your dog could be biting your feet for any of the six reasons we have mentioned previously, biting your feet before you leave the house is a red flag for separation anxiety.

Of course, it’s helpful to know some other signs of separation anxiety to rule it out. Other symptoms of separation anxiety include: 

● Barking or howling

● Urinating and defecating (and sometimes eating it)

● Digging, chewing, and other kinds of destructive behavior

● Pacing 

● Trying to get out of a house or yard

Why Does My Dog Bite My Feet When I Get Home

Dogs usually bite their owners’ feet when they get home because they are excited and want their attention. They most likely want to play and have a lot of pent up energy as well.

You can resolve this by doing an activity together once you get home, such as going for a walk or playing in the backyard.

Why Does My Dog Attack My Feet

There is a big difference between play biting and aggressively attacking feet. The primary way that you can tell the difference is through a dog’s body language. Loose body language indicates a playful dog, while stiff body language indicates fear, anxiety, or aggression. 

Why Does My Dog Attack My Feet Under The Covers

Your dog is most likely trying to play with you when he bites your feet under the covers. In fact, for many dogs, this is instinctual. Especially for terriers who were mostly originally bred to hunt and flesh out rodents and small game from holes.

Why Does My Puppy Bite My Feet

Your puppy could be biting your feet for any of the six reasons that we have mentioned previously. In addition to this, your puppy might be biting your feet because they are teething. You can help your puppy get through their teething phase by offering them a puppy safe chew toy.

How Do I Stop My Puppy From Biting My Feet When Walking

The biggest tip, along with training for stopping a puppy from biting your feet when walking, is to walk by them more slowly. Puppies like to bite and chase fast-moving objects. Therefore, walking past your puppy more slowly will not entice them to bite at your feet as much. 

How Do I Stop My Dog From Biting My Feet

There are several things that you can do to stop a dog from biting your feet. The first is to train them that biting your feet isn’t ok.

You can do this by ignoring your dog for a few minutes once biting occurs. This is especially helpful for dogs who bite for your attention. It is also important to avoid rewarding this behavior by accident. 

In addition to training, you can set your dog up for success when playing by having chew toys and pulling ropes on hand. This way, you can train your dog to bite those acceptable objects during playtime instead of your feet.

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