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Why Does My Dog Bite My Nose – What To Know!


Dogs are odd creatures, and sometimes they do funny things. They will rub noses or dig around and nip at you. Some things are instincts, and some things they do to get our attention. It is essential to pay attention to your dog’s actions. Since dogs cannot talk to us, their actions are how they can convey to us what they need or want. Thus, it raises the question – why does my dog bite my nose?

Dogs will bite your nose because they are looking for attention. They will also bite your nose if they’re teething, a common occurrence in puppies. This nose biting habit will naturally go away with training.

There are quite a few reasons why your dog would bite your nose, and there are a few ways to break the habit. It can become a problem if not addressed, and let’s face it; it is not pleasant to get bitten! We will discuss possible ways to break the habit, how to care for a bite, and when you should seek medical attention for a bite.

5 Reasons Why Your Dog Bites Your Nose

Dogs like to bite. It is a natural habit for them. Their actions usually have an underlying root cause, and here is a list of a few of the reasons they are nipping at your nose.

Dogs Bite When Seeking Attention

Typically, if your dog is doing this, it would be a nip and not necessarily biting. They will do it if they want you to pay more attention to them, take them on walk, etc. I have had my feisty dog nip at me a time or two when they have wanted something. Your nose is an odd place for them to bite for attention, so they must want your attention if they do this.

Your Puppy Is Teething 

Puppies bite a lot when they teeth. It is an instinct, and it is soothing on their sore gums. Generally, they will be chewing or biting on toys or any other objects other than you, but sometimes, if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, you may become their chew toy. They are puppies, after all!

Learned Behavior

Dogs are intelligent creatures. And that can be a disadvantage when they are picking up on things that we do not want them to. We can inadvertently train them to do the opposite of what we want. 

An example would be giving them a treat or praising them after doing unwanted behavior to stop or get their attention elsewhere. By doing that, we are conditioning them to think we want them to act that way.  

Your Dog Is Excited

Dogs get excited easily. All you have to do is walk in the door, or heck, even standing up gets them excited at times.

Think back to a time when you were excited as a kid, and then think about how hard it is to control your emotions. Yeah. Dogs may not be kids, but they are not on the same wavelength as adults, so it is much more difficult for them to control or hide their emotions than it would be for us. 

When they get excited, they might do something like nip, or paw at you or even tinkle a little.

Biting Is A Natural Dog Behavior

It is in a dog’s nature to bite. And sometimes that is all that it is. They may get the urge to bite, so they bite. They are still animals, after all. 

So in that case, if you want the biting to be something other than your nose, it would be best to avoid placing yourself in that position. Limit the close face cuddles and face licks, because that opens up the opportunity for a bite to the nose.

Also, be sure to have some toys or treats nearby to distract your dog if you sense they are about to bite at you. This strategy works much better than punishment.

What Do You Do If Your Dog Bites Your Nose

It is essential to stop the behavior as soon as you can. If it continues for an extended period, it becomes an exceedingly difficult habit to break. Here are a few tips on breaking bad habits in your dog:

  • Do not reward the bad behavior – whether with treats or affection
  • Redirect their behavior into something else
  • Be consistent – do not waiver and do not give up
  • Ignore bad behavior – if they bite, you do not react. They want you to react.  

Can A Dog Bite Break Your Nose

A dog bite can break your nose. It is not common that it would happen, but it is possible. Dogs have enormously powerful jaws and can break bones. Noses are no exception.

It is not likely that it will happen, though, as your dog does not want to hurt you. They usually bit you for other reasons, and they do not bite you to cause you harm.  

Another thing to consider is the size of your nose and the correlation of how the dog is going to bite you. The back of their jaw is much more powerful, but they are likely to bite you with their front teeth. So, while it will hurt, it is not likely that they will break your nose. 

Should You Punish Your Dog For Biting

No, you should not punish your dog for biting. Punishing your dog is not necessarily the right path. In fact, it can lead to more aggressive behavior down the road.

You need to show them and teach them that the behavior is not acceptable. Sometimes punishments do more harm than good. You know your dog well enough to know if a punishment will suffice.

Out of my two dogs – one needs a punishment, and one I can tell not to do something, and he never does it again! It’s all about the temperament and personality.  

How Do You Treat A Dog Bite On The Nose

If the bite breaks your skin, you will want to clean the break and apply some antiseptic. Once you applied your cream, you would want to place a bandage over the break and ice your nose off and on for the next thirty minutes to an hour to slow swelling. 

Check your bandage at least once a day and try to keep it clean and dry.

If there is no break in the skin, you need to ice your nose off and on for the first 30 minutes to an hour to reduce swelling. If the pain is severe, you can take some over the counter pain killers, and rest. 

When Should You Go To The Doctor For A Dog Bite

It isn’t easy sometimes to know if you should go to the doctor. You do not want to overreact or underreact, for that matter. When to seek medical attention after a dog bite:

  • If the skin is broken AND you do not have an up-to-date tetanus shot
  • If you have a weekend immune system
  • If you are still bleeding after 15 minutes and applying pressure
  • If you notice signs of infections – redness or swelling that is worsening, puss or the wound is warm to the touch

The general rule of thumb – better safe than sorry. If you are in a lot of pain and are worried, it will not hurt to take a quick trip to your doctor’s office, just for peace of mind. 

Final Thoughts

Dogs are going to bite. There is no way around that. It is in their nature to bite things. It can be soothing at times, especially when teething. Remember, they are animals! It is our job to train them.

Although there are many reasons that your dog may bite your nose, ultimately, it stems down to a few basic reasons. If your dog does bite you, remember to treat your wound and seek medical attention if necessary.  

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