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Why Does My Dog Chew My Hair – What To Know

It’s very common to hear about dogs attacking and chewing on their human’s hair. This can be a very annoying and harmful habit you need your pup to break. First, we need to figure out why he is doing it. A question you’ve probably asked yourself many times is, why does my dog chew my hair?

Dogs chew hair when they are feeling anxious or want attention. Chewing hair may also be a coping mechanism for dogs suffering from Pica. Eating hair is not unhealthy for dogs, but could cause digestive issues if consumed in large amounts.

Figuring out the reason behind a dog’s behavior can be difficult, especially if they are older and/ or have been recently adopted into the family. None-the-less there is a solution to every case, and this behavior needs to go for your sanity and their health.

Why Does My Dog Try To Eat My Hair?

Your dog wants to try to eat your hair because they are bored, want to play, or need help coping with other issues. Beyond that, there are a few reasons your pup could be chewing on your hair. If you can figure out which one of these may fit, then the solution may be easy to find.

Your Pup Wants To Play

The first, and most obvious answer, is for fun. Your dog may enjoy playing with your hair and chew on it like a toy, especially if your hair is long and moves around a lot. To your dog, this is just like having a tug toy. Better than just a tug toy, this toy comes attached to you.

Your Dog Is Bored

Another reason is due to exploration and boredom. This is especially true with puppies. If you have ever raised a puppy, you know they literally will chew on anything

This is because it’s the only way they can explore, learn, and keep themselves busy. Puppies will chew just about anything they can get to their mouth, and that goes for a waving ponytail bouncing in front of their eyes.

Your Dog Is Experiencing Anxiety

Anxiety is another culprit of this act, like many humans chewing on their fingernails or shirt collars.

Your dog chewing on uncommon things like your hair can be a sign that your pup is anxious or scared. Puppies can be comforted by your hair if they are still very young when coming to live with you. It can remind them of the comfort of their mom and help them relax into the new transition. 

Your Dog May Be Suffering From Pica

Lastly, there is a rare disease called pica that affects humans and dogs alike. This condition is a psychological condition that causes you to eat things that are not food items.

This may be a learned trait for dogs or could be a coping mechanism if you recently adopted him from a shelter or another home.

Why Is My Dog Obsessed With My Hair?

Your dog might be obsessed with your hair because it carries your scent. Dogs can be very attached to their owners, so anything from clothes to hair is something they will want to interact with.

The nice thing about a dog being obsessed with your hair is that it confirms you’ve built a great deal of trust with them. Your hair provides them comfort. You won’t often find a dog finding this same obsession with a stranger’s hair which also confirms this theory.

When a dog gets to chewing on your hair is when things can get a bit excessive. However, in many cases, they are chewing on it because it makes them feel good, and it’s as close to licking you as they can get.

It’s not uncommon to find a dog ruffling through your clothes, biting on the hairs as well.

Outside of your scent, a dog may be obsessed with your shampoo or other items you put into your hair. Try changing things up and see how your dog reacts!

Is It Bad For Dogs To Eat Human Hair

It is not bad for dogs to eat human hair in small amounts.

Human hair in itself is not bad for your dog, medically speaking. A small amount of clean hair will likely not cause any issues or complications in your pup. 

The harm comes from your dog, overeating hair or hair with chemical products on it.

If your dog overeats your hair, it may end up causing a blockage in his intestines that can become extremely dangerous and even fatal. If he chews on hair that has toxic hair products on it, that can potentially be poisonous. 

Eating too much hair can actually lead to intestinal blockage for your pet. If your dog is experiencing any of these symptoms, call a vet or emergency animal clinic right away.

● Straining to poop

● Drooling

● Excessive panting

● Pain in the stomach

● Bloating abdomen

● Abnormal Vomiting

● Diarrhea

● Increased Lethargy

● Excessive Painting

● Excessive Shaking

Whether your dog has some of these symptoms or none at all, you know your pup better than anyone. If your best friend is acting unusually or off, then you need to take a trip to your veterinarian clinic.

What Happens If A Dog Eats Hair

95% of the time, if your dog eats hair, he will poop it out. It will go through his digestive tract with the rest of the food they have ingested, and because the body can not use it for anything, it will just be discarded. 

If your pup eats hair and you notice he is acting unusual, is not eating, or seems bloated, you should seek the attention of a vet as soon as possible.

Do Dogs Poop Out Hair

Yes, dogs do poop out hair. Hair can easily be digested and disposed of as waste as long as it’s in small amounts.

Once the hair passes through your dog’s digestive system, your furry little friend will poop it out on their next potty run.

Keep in mind; if you have long hair and your pup swallows it whole, you may spot pop covered strands hanging from your pooches butt. Never pull these hairs out, as they may be wrapped around the intestines. Allow the hair to come out on its own.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Biting My Hair

Training your dog to stop biting your hair doesn’t have to be a challenging task. You need to set boundaries and be consistent.

● Do not encourage the behavior for any reason, so no more tug of war. Make sure every member of the family understands this, and you all stick with it.

● Distract him- When your pup tries to go for the bite, take him away from your hair and hand him a chew toy instead. 

● Offer a reward- You can offer a treat once taking him from your hair; this will give positive encouragement to distract them from the negative behavior.

● Keep them busy- Your furry friend may be biting your hair because they are bored. Give them plenty of exercise and playtime; this way, they may be too tired to chew your hair or have no need to do so anymore.

● Give them plenty of attention- Your pup might just be looking to spend time with you or are trying to get your attention. When your dog starts to chew your hair, stop them immediately but give them little snuggles or some backyard ball-chasing time.

Other Ways Dogs May be Ingesting Your Hair

Even if you get your dog to stop chewing your hair directly off your head, make sure you keep them from getting it elsewhere. Keep your hairbrushes and hair ties out of your dog’s reach. Hairbrushes tend to be a favorite among the doggy population.

Also, make sure you are sweeping and vacuuming your floors regularly. Dogs are good at licking and chewing at the floors and carpets, giving them accesses to your hair.

Dogs are fascinating creatures and have strange little habits, most are cute and quirky, and you wouldn’t change it for a minute.

However, chewing on your hair is one of those habits you want to put a stop to. Although harmless most of the time, it can become irritating for you and, in some cases, deadly for your dog.

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