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Why Does My Dog Cry When I’m In The Shower – What To Know!

Having a companion always by your side seems excellent, except when you want privacy in the bathroom. Although, indeed, dogs don’t understand the concept of privacy, having your furry friend cry whenever you get in the shower is likely something that you would not want to happen for both your dog’s sake and yours. During these moments, you will likely be asking yourself: why does my dog cry when I’m in the shower? 

Dogs cry when you’re in the shower because of separation anxiety. Boredom, illness, and stress are also factors. The noise of the shower scares some dogs which also causes the crying reaction.

In this article, we will be describing all of the possible reasons why your dog cries whenever you are in the shower. We will also be answering some other commonly asked related questions and how you can correct this behavior. 

5 Reasons Your Dog Cries When You’re In The Shower

There are five main reasons dogs cry whenever their owner is in the shower—these range from being harmless to being more serious. You may need to visit a vet and receive help from a qualified dog trainer or a veterinary behaviorist for more severe cases. 

Your Dog Is Bored And Wants Your Attention 

A prevalent cause of dogs crying when their owner is in the shower is that they are bored and want their attention. Being left alone for a few minutes can be boring for your dog, especially when they know you are home. The result is that they beg for you to play with them. 

Your Dog Needs Something 

Another fairly common reason behind dogs whining when their owner is in the shower is that they need or want something.

Usually, this is something like food or water, but it could also include something like a toy out of reach. They may also need to go outside to use the bathroom, especially if your dog is a puppy.

Your Dog Is Anxious Or Stressed

If your dog is crying every time you leave the room to shower, then this is a huge red flag for separation anxiety. Although having a dog diagnosed with this can seem daunting, don’t worry.

Separation anxiety is relatively common in dogs, and it can usually be improved with the help of a vet and a qualified dog trainer or veterinary behaviorist. 

Similarly, if your dog cries only when you get in the shower and at no other times, then it is likely that they are scared of the sound of the shower. This can usually be worked out through counter conditioning training.

This means that you pair the sound of the shower with fun and exciting things like your dog’s favorite toys or treats. Over time he will become excited every time he hears the shower turn on. 

Your Dog Doesn’t Feel Well 

Your dog might be crying simply because he doesn’t feel well. If you have noticed clear signs of an illness such as diarrhea, vomiting, or increased urination, then you should call your vet and make an appointment if your vet deems it necessary.

If this behavior is sudden and linked to these kinds of symptoms, then this behavior will likely stop once they feel better. 

Your Dog Is In Pain 

Your dog might be crying because he is in pain. If you have noticed additional symptoms such as limping, lethargy, and a sudden onset of aggression, then this may very well be the cause.

It is essential to visit a vet as soon as possible if you suspect that this is the cause of your dog crying when you are in the shower.

They will likely be able to reduce your dog’s pain through medication and other treatments. Painful conditions such as arthritis and dysplasia are relatively standard in dogs, especially if they are elderly. 

Is It Normal For Dogs To Cry When You’re In The Shower

It is not normal for your dog to cry every time you get into the shower. This is a red flag for separation anxiety, which can cause other difficulties in a dog’s everyday life. Getting help from a vet, veterinary behaviorist, or a qualified dog trainer will likely help the situation. 

However, if your dog sometimes cries when you are in the shower simply because he’s bored or needs something such as water, then this is relatively normal.

After all, crying is a pretty sure way to get someone’s attention. Just because this behavior in this situation is normal doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work on correcting it, though. 

If this behavior is sudden and unusual for your dog, however, this behavior isn’t normal. It could be a clue that your dog is in pain or is not feeling well. If you think that this is the reason behind your dog crying when you’re in the shower, then you should visit a vet as soon as possible. 

Why Does My Dog Bark When I’m In The Shower 

Barking is very similar to crying in this situation. Your dog is likely trying to tell you that: 

● They are bored and want you to play with them 

● They want or need something from you such as food or water

● They are anxious or stressed

● They don’t feel well or are in pain 

Why Does My Dog Like To Be In The Bathroom When I Shower

Dogs are naturally inquisitive, so your dog is likely just wondering what you are up to when you are in the shower. They may also want to be around you. This could be a sign of separation anxiety, but this behavior by itself is typically nothing that should concern you. 

Why Is My Dog Obsessed With The Shower

Your dog may be obsessed with the shower for many reasons. However, the two most common causes are that they like the smell of the shower (particularly the drain), or they like the sound of it when it’s on. 

Why Does My Dog Rub Against Me After I Shower

Your dog may be rubbing on you after a shower for one of two reasons. The first is that they really like the smell of your soap because it smells like you, and they want that smell on them too.

The second cause is that they don’t like the smell of your soap because it smells like chemicals and artificial scents. In this case, they are rubbing on you to attempt to mask this smell. 

Why Does My Dog Lay In The Bathroom While I Shower

Your dog could be lying in the bathroom when you take a shower because he is either curious or anxious. They are likely laying down just because they have been in there for a while. 

Why Does My Dog Get In The Shower With Me

Your dog may want to jump in the shower with you just because they are curious about it. After all, you likely spend at least 15 minutes there every day, so they are trying to figure out what goes on in there.

This is likely the cause if this happens only once in a while. However, if your dog gets in the shower with you every time you go there, that is a sign of separation anxiety. 

Is It Normal To Shower With Your Dog

Yes, it is normal to shower with your dog. Your dog occasionally jumping in with you out of curiosity is generally nothing to worry about. However, regularly showering with your dog is a red flag for separation anxiety, which is not normal. 

How To Stop A Dog From Crying When You Shower

When a dog cries shortly after you enter a shower, it can be quite annoying. Thankfully, there are a few quick things you can do to stop the behavior.

Treat Your Dogs Boredom 

Treat boredom by giving your dog their favorite toy when you are in the shower. To make this method more effective, you can give this toy to them when you are out of the room. You can also provide them with a food stuffed toy. 

Make Sure All Their Needs Are Met 

If your dog is crying when you take a shower because they need something from you, then it is essential to make sure that they have everything they need when you leave the room, including food, water, and a toy to occupy themselves.

You may also want to take your dog outside to use the bathroom before you get in the shower, especially if your dog is a puppy. 

Help Your Dog With Mild Separation Anxiety

For mild separation anxiety, you can provide your favorite shirt or blanket when you are out of the room. It is also a good idea to keep them busy with a food stuffed toy.

You could also counter-condition train by getting up and sitting down several times, and getting up and just walking around the room. This makes them less anxious when you get up to take a shower. 

Severe Separation Anxiety In Your Dog

For severe separation anxiety, it is recommended that you visit a vet, veterinary behaviorist, and a qualified dog trainer. 

Final Thoughts

There are some other things to consider when it comes to separation anxiety and dementia, both of which could be the cause of your dog crying when you are in the shower.

Although both of these conditions can be difficult to deal with, they can usually be treated with specialized training and a vet’s help. The following are additional symptoms of both conditions. 

Separation Anxiety 

Some common symptoms of separation anxiety include:

● Howling, barking, or whining excessively 

● Destructive behaviors 

● Panting 

● Drooling 

● Pacing 

● Circling 

● Attempting to escape crate/ house/ yard 

● Having accidents inside (when already housetrained) 


Some common symptoms of canine dementia include:

● Insomnia or lethargy

● Onset of anxiety 

● Being disoriented

● Having accidents inside 

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