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Why Does My Dog Get on the Couch When I Leave – Is It Normal

It’s a scene we know all too well. You get off the couch, and your dog immediately hops into the warm spot you left behind. Some dog owners allow dogs on the couch, but other people don’t like their pets on the couch, for whatever reason. Whether or not you allow your dog on the couch, you might wonder; why does my dog get on the couch when I leave?

Your dog gets on the couch when you leave because the couch is comfortable, the couch smells like you. Dogs will also get on the couch to protect the area or because it is not normally allowed when you are present.

It’s hard to know exactly why your dog gets on the furniture. We’re going to talk about some of the reasons why your dog gets on the couch, and you can decide which reason makes the most sense because you know your dog best. Keep on reading to learn more!

Reasons Your Dog Gets on the Couch When You Leave

There’s not just one reason why your dog gets on the couch when you leave. Let’s discuss some of the reasons why your dog does this:

The Couch Smells Like You

Dogs rely heavily on their owners scent for comfort, trust, and stability. If your dog suffers any kind of separation anxiety, the smell of you on clothes or furniture can easily erase that fear.

Sometimes your dog wants to be near something that smells like you. Since you probably sit in the same spot on the couch, your spot might smell like you, which will make your dog happy!

The Couch Is Comfortable

Dogs love nothing more than comfort, and the couch is one of the best places to get that kind of comfort.

I mean, come on. If you had the choice between sitting on the ground and sitting on the couch, you’d probably choose the couch too. It’s more comfortable! 

The Couch Is Warm

If you have mostly hardwood floors, then your couch may be one of the warmer spots in the house because it is off the floor. Many times a couch is near a window, which is a natural heat source for dogs when the sun is shining through.

You Don’t Let Your Dog On The Couch Usually

You might be a person who doesn’t let their dog on the couch, so when you leave the room, your dog immediately gets on the couch. This is just your dog doing what he isn’t supposed to do while you’re in the room. 

Your Dog Found A New Spot To Sleep

Your dog may get on the couch when you leave simply because your dog has discovered a new spot to sleep. It may just be the first time your dog decided to get on the couch.

Why Does My Dog Sit In My Spot

Your dog sits in your spot because it is one of the most broken in seats on the couch.

I think we can all point out the spots on the couch are used most often. These cushions might be more indented than the others, and the armrests may be worn in.

Those worn in spots may be the most comfortable ones on the couch, which is why your dog chooses those locations. 

Your dog choosing your spot might be annoying because, well, those are the most comfortable spots on the sofa!

Is It Mean To Not Let Dogs On The Couch

Deciding if it is meant not to let your dog on the couch is up to you.

There’s no simple answer to the question if it is meant not to let dogs on the couch. The jury is still out on this one.

On the one hand, some people say that a dog’s world is only as large as your house is. Limiting your dog within your home, like not letting your dog on the couch, is considered mean because dogs do not have a big world.

On the other hand, some people do not think it is mean because the furniture is for humans and not animals. These people want boundaries in their home and with their animals, so there is no reason to say that it’s mean. 

What Home Remedy Will Keep Dogs Off Furniture

Vinegar and water make an effective home remedy that will keep dogs off furniture.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t always trust remedies that can be in the store. This could be because you don’t trust the ingredients in it or because you don’t believe that it will work. Whatever the reason may be, you need a different option. 

Try vinegar and water. The vinegar can be regular white vinegar that you use for cleaning or apple cider vinegar.

Mix the vinegar with water in the same amount. Stick the 50/50 water and vinegar mixture in a spray bottle. Spray the solution wherever you don’t want your dog, like on the furniture. 

How Do I Keep My Dog Off My Couch When I’m Not Home

The easiest way to keep your dog off the couch when you’re not home is to train your dog to not get on the couch and not let your dog develop the habit of getting on the couch.

Since you’re not home, there’s no easy way to tell your dog not to get on the couch. The best solution to stop your dog from getting on the couch while you’re away is not to let your dog get on the couch in the first place.

Your dog will not develop the habit and get on the couch while you’re not around. 

If your dog does get on the couch, you’ll have to train your dog not to get on the couch.

How To Train My Dog To Stay Off The Couch Unless Invited

Training will be the most effective way to keep your dog off the couch unless invited, but you’ll have to target your training.

You’ll need to discipline your dog when they get on the couch. I don’t recommend using physical violence against your dog, but if you tell your dog no sternly, then your dog will start to learn that it is a behavior that isn’t allowed.

Now comes the point where you have to figure out how to let your dog on the couch when invited. You should teach your dog a signal to know when it’s okay, like patting the cushion next to you. 

As long as you keep up with your training, your dog will eventually learn when getting on the couch isn’t allowed and when it is. 

Other Factors

While you can try to stop your dog from getting on the furniture, it might be a good idea to figure out where to let your dog sleep instead. 

Of course, one of the best alternatives to your couch is a dog bed. This choice is probably one of the easiest to think of. Dog beds are easier to find for smaller dogs, but you might struggle a little if you have a larger dog.

Look at the options you have on the market and choose a bed that will suit your dog. If you know that your dog likes your couch, find a dog bed that has a similar feel. It’s a bonus if it’s more comfortable than your couch!

Another option is to buy a rug, especially if you have hardwood floors. I know my dog prefers rugs over dog beds, but I’m not sure why.

Even a small rug can make the hardwood floors more comfortable for your dog to sleep on. Your hardwood floors may get cold, and a carpet will keep your dog warmer. 

You may also consider putting a blanket on the ground for your dog. This will allow your dog to snuggle up with something soft and warm. A blanket is less of a style choice than a carpet may be. If it’s a blanket that you sometimes use, it will smell like you, making your dog happy. 

Some dogs might like to be on the couch like a human. Even the softest dog bed or warmest blanket may not attract your dog as a couch cushion might. 

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