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Why Does My Dog Go To Bed So Early – Sleep Habits Explained

As a dog owner, there is possibly nothing more frustrating than your dog going to bed early only to wake up before the sun rises. Although this problem can affect some dogs more than others, most dog guardians will encounter this scenario at least once, and whenever your dog walks over to his sleeping space at 7 p.m., you will likely be asking yourself: why does my dog go to bed so early? 

Your dog is going to bed early due to age and fatigue. Poor nutrition, lack of exercise, anxiety, depression, and inconsistent sleeping schedules can contribute to dogs going to bed early. This behavior is considered normal for puppies and elderly dogs.

In this article, we will be getting to the bottom of why your dog might be going to bed so early, how you can improve your canine’s sleeping schedule, and when you should seek help from a veterinarian. 

7 Reasons Your Dog Goes To Bed So Early

There are about seven various reasons why your dog might be going to bed early. Most of the causes are nothing to worry about. However, sometimes sleeping excessively can be a symptom of a more severe problem. 

Your Dog Is Tired After A Long Day

Having a long day can tire out both dogs and humans alike. If your dog went to bed early after a day filled with exciting or stressful events, then he’s going to bed early is likely nothing to worry about.

These events could be things like having guests over, traveling, and anything else that you think might excite or stress out your dog. Luckily, an exhausted dog going to bed early usually doesn’t result in an early rise. 

Your Dog Is A Puppy

Puppies need a lot of sleep. As a result, it is pretty typical for a puppy to go to bed early and even nap throughout the day.

Unfortunately, puppies also tend to be early risers, so you might want to get used to getting up early if you have a puppy in your care. To help manage your puppy’s sleep cycle, having a daily routine with a set bedtime at the end of the day can help. 

Your Dog Is Getting Older 

Like puppies, elderly dogs also tend to sleep a lot, especially if they have had an eventful day. Although taking many naps and going to bed early is relatively normal for older dogs, excessive sleeping can also be a sign of more severe health issues common in older dogs, such as arthritis. 

They Got A Lot Of Exercise

Having a day filled with running and playing is likely to leave any dog tired at the end of the day. Therefore, if you noticed that your dog went to bed early after a day filled with exercising, then this is likely nothing that you should worry about. 

They Have A Diet High In Carbohydrates

Your dog may be going to bed early and sleeping a lot if they have a high carbohydrate diet. If you suspect that this is the problem, then switching your dog to a healthier diet can help. 

Your Dog Is Depressed 

Sleeping often can be a symptom of canine depression. If you suspect that this may be the cause of your dog going to bed early, then increasing their exercise and spending extra time with them can help cure their depression. If you are still not seeing results, seeking help from a vet or a dog behaviorist will set you up with a treatment plan. 

Other Health Issues

Sleeping excessively can be a symptom of several health conditions in dogs. These include arthritis, diabetes, and hypothyroidism. If you think that one of these health conditions could cause your dog to sleep too much, you must visit your veterinarian to get your dog the treatment necessary. 

Is It Normal For Dogs To Go To Bed Early?

It is normal for dogs to go bed early. Dogs who expend a lot of energy throughout the day, such as puppies are more likely to behave this way. Below are some other considerations:

● Your dog has had a lot of exercises

● Your dog had a day filled with exciting/stressful stimuli or activities

● Your dog is a puppy

● Your dog is in the senior stage of life 

Although any of the above reasons for going to bed early is usually cause for no concern, excessive sleeping could be a sign of a problem if it is paired with other symptoms. 

Should Dogs Have A Bed Time

Yes, dogs should have a bedtime. Having a bedtime for your dog can help ensure that he gets enough sleep and doesn’t get up too early. This is especially true if your dog is very young or has a lot of energy.

If you have noticed that your dog has a problem keeping a consistent sleep schedule, then incorporating a bedtime for him can be a significant first step in creating a more regular sleep schedule. 

What Time Should My Dog Go To Bed

Your dog’s bedtime should comfortably fit in your daily schedule. Although the exact time that your dog goes to bed doesn’t matter, it should be at a quiet time in your home.

A dog will likely have difficulty going to bed if many sounds are occurring, such as loud talking. Therefore, it is best to have their bedtime be soon after or before yours. 

What Do I Do If My Dog Wakes Up Too Early

You can prevent your dog from getting up to early by having a routine that includes an appropriate amount of exercise and a set bedtime that you stick to consistently. However, if your dog gets up too early, you can ensure their safety by putting them in a safe location such as a crate or a puppy-proofed room. 

Do Dogs Know When It’s Time For Bed

Dogs are excellent at following a routine. Therefore, they will likely know the cues you give when it is their bedtime. An example of one of these cues is turning the lights off. 

How Many Hours Do Dogs Sleep At Night

Dogs naturally fall into a sleep schedule that is far different from those of humans. They tend to sleep for short increments throughout the day and night. However, if your dog’s sleeping schedule is causing problems, you can get them to sleep more at night by exercising them more during the day. 

How Can I Calm My Dog Down Before Bed

The first step to getting your dog ready for bed is by having a designated sleeping space for them that is quiet, safe, comfortable, and is dark or has low light.

You should also ensure that your dog has gotten enough exercise during the day and has all of its needs met before bedtime.

If your dog is still hyper after this, you can calm them down by petting them with long and relaxing strokes. You could even try massaging their ears or rubbing their belly. Next, many owners claim that putting on relaxing music helps to put their dog to bed. 

Why Does My Dog Love Bedtime

Dogs could love bedtime for many various reasons. Most likely, they are just tired after an eventful day. In addition to this, dogs who sleep in bed with their owners may love bedtime because they also like to cuddle. 

What Time Do Dogs Go To Sleep

The exact time that a dog likes to go to sleep depends on the dog. However, most dogs naturally sleep for a shorter amount of time throughout the day. 

5 Things To Consider About Dogs Going To Bed So Early

Although we have already explained why your dog might be going to bed early, there are some other considerations that you should take into account. Here are five things to consider about dogs going to bed so early. 

Are Your Dog’s Sleeping Patterns Consistent

Dogs tend to thrive if they have a routine. Therefore, having a consistent sleeping schedule and daily routine will usually reduce things like boredom and behavior problems, especially for dogs on the more hyper side. 

Is Your Dog Sleeping Excessively

As we have mentioned before, excessive sleeping is usually a sign of a more serious issue. Although excessive sleeping can sometimes be hard to notice, sudden sleeping patterns with no other possible causes are a red flag for a health condition.

If you have noticed a sudden change in your dog’s sleeping cycles in the form of either increased or decreased sleep, then you should visit your vet to rule out a medical condition. 

Have You Noticed Any Other Signs Of A Health Issue 

Health problems often come with more than one symptom. Therefore, if you have noticed any other abnormal signs or behaviors from your dog along with changes in sleeping habits, then you should visit your vet. This way, your vet can diagnose and treat many conditions that your dog may have. 

Is Your Dog Overtired

It is generally a good idea to prevent your dog from getting overtired throughout the day. Some other symptoms of dogs being overtired could include: 

● Your dog is acting strange

● Panting

● Lip licking

● Your dog isn’t listening to you

Is Your Dog A Puppy Or An Older Dog

Having a set daily routine and bedtime is often more important for puppies and older dogs. This way, you are less likely to have incidents occur throughout the night or have them get up too early. 

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