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Why Does My Dog Grumble – Things To Know

You’ve been there before. You get home from work, and you pat your dog on the head. Your dog starts to grumble and maybe even leans against you. He seems to be enjoying your attention, but you’re probably asking yourself, why does my dog grumble?

Dogs grumble as a way to show emotion. Your dog can grumble because of boredom, excitement, fear, or if they are experiencing pain or sickness. Dogs also grumble to protect territory and to show aggression.

Since dogs don’t have a vocabulary like humans, they need to show their emotions differently: through grumbling. There’s a variety of reasons why your dog may be grumbling, so it’s up to you to understand why your dog is grumbling. To help you understand that, let’s talk about reasons why your dog grumbles, why your dog grumbles at certain times, and how to stop your dog’s grumbling. Stay tuned! 

6 Reasons Why Your Dog Grumbles

Every dog has their own reasons for grumbling. It’s mostly not a cause for concern, however there are times it can be. Here are 6 common reasons why your dog grumbles.

Your Dog Is Bored 

Dogs, like humans, get bored. If your dog is bored, you may start to hear huffing and grumbling. Whoever said dogs weren’t just like little kids anyway?

Your Dog Is Excited 

Grumbling might mean that your dog is excited. Excited grumbling might come off higher pitched than deeper grumblings. Excited grumbling may be accompanied by tapping feet. 

Your Dog Is Fearful

Grumbling and whining might clue you in that your dog is scared. Scared grumbling might be at a higher pitch or can sound menacing as your dog tries to scare someone away. This grumbling might be coupled with your dog crouching down on the ground. 

Your Dog Desires Attention

Dogs who seek attention might use grumbling and whine as a way to get your attention. If your dog knows that making noises gets your attention, then you may hear it more often!

Your Pup Is Communicating By Whining 

Sometimes your dog grumbles when he’s whining. These grumbles might be deep but can also become high pitched. Grumbling and whining is often a learned behavior when your dog sees that it can catch your attention. 

Grumbling Is Just Making Noise

While this isn’t the most exciting explanation, your dog might just be making noises. Sometimes it’s just a noise that your dog is making and isn’t because of one defined emotion or event. 

Why Does My Dog Grumble All the Time

Some dogs are more vocal than others, and if you have a vocal dog, then you’ll probably hear your dog grumble all the time.

Dogs grumble to show a variety of emotions – fear, boredom, excitement – so it’s going to be a sound you get used to hearing in your home. 

Some dogs, however, grumble more than others. Your dog might grumble all the time because that’s his way of showing emotions and getting your attention.

I know you might not want to listen to your dog grumbling all the time, but if you listen closely, you’ll probably notice that all your dog’s grumblings sound different depending on what your dog wants to get across. 

Why Does My Dog Grumble When I Hug Him?

When your dog grumbles when you hug him, it’s out of excitement and happiness.

This is one of the most common occurrences, and most people who hug their dogs experience this at some point. It’s comparable to when a cat purrs while being pet and is a natural reaction.

Your dog can’t help himself when you’re hugging him, so he lets out an excited, possibly whiny grumble when he gets a squeeze from you. 

Do keep in mind that some dogs are grumbling because he’s annoyed by the hug and may feel like you are restraining him. If your dog isn’t struggling against the hug, then you shouldn’t worry about your dog being upset by the hug. 

Why Does My Dog Grumble When I Pet Him

Your dog grumbles when you pet him because he’s happy to receive attention from you. 

Sometimes your dog can’t help himself when he gets attention from you – even with something as simple as a pat on the head – so you may have heard your dog grumble when you pet him. If you’re a new dog owner, this might surprise you, but you’ll get used to all the noises your dog makes. 

Your dog grumbles during a scratching session because he can’t contain the excitement. You might notice that your dog’s grumbles range from deep to loud depending on how excited he is. 

Why Does My Dog Grumble When He Lays Down

Your dog grumbles when he lays down because he’s relaxing. Think of it as your dog releasing any tension they had and then expressing that relief through a sigh.

Grumbling while lying down means that your dog is finding a comfortable position. Have you ever laid down and let out a noise? Well, that’s what your dog is doing as well.

If you have an older dog, your dog might feel a little stiff and feels uncomfortable while he’s lying down. This is more common in bigger dogs than smaller dogs, but if you notice that your dog is struggling to lay down, your vet can prescribe medicine that eases any possible pain. 

Why Does My Dog Grumble In His Sleep

If your dog is grumbling in his sleep, that means he is dreaming. 

Just like a human who dreams, you might hear your dog grumble while he dreams too.

If your dog has an incredibly vivid dream, then you might hear some whining too. Since your dog is dreaming, you might hear different kinds and pitches of grumbling as your dog goes through his dream. In addition to grumbling and whining in his sleep, his legs might also twitch like he’s running from something. 

Hearing your dog grumbling in his sleep is no reason for concern; it just means he has dreams!

Why Does My Dog Grumble At Night

One of the most common reasons why your dog grumbles at night is because he’s bored or looking to get your attention. 

Dogs can get bored at night, especially if they are not kept busy during the day. If your dog is feeling restless at night, then you might hear him grumbling from the foot of your bed or in a different room of the house. This might be your dog’s way of getting your attention, too, especially if your dog is looking for something to do. 

If you begin to notice that your dog is often grumbling at night, make sure to get your dog’s energy out before you go to bed. This is especially important for dogs that are younger than a year or two. You can play with your dog, let your dog outside, or give your dog a bone to chew on during the night. 

How to Stop Your Dog from Grumbling

Grumbling from your dog can get annoying, but thankfully there are ways to stop those noises from happening. 

One of the essential parts of stopping your dog from grumbling is understanding why your dog is making the noise.

Once you understand why your dog is making the grumbling noise, you can decide the best way to stop it. You can do something to solve what your dog is feeling, which will stop the grumbling.

For example, is your dog grumbling when he’s bored? Play with him more often. Is your dog scared? Figure out what part of his environment is scaring him. Is your dog seeking attention? Try different things to calm your dog down and redirect his attention. 

Grumbling can be annoying, but your dog is trying to tell you something by grumbling. You have to listen!

Although your dog’s grumbling might be confusing, grumbling from your dog isn’t always bad. Even so, you might be annoyed by all the noise, so you have options on how to stop your dog from grumbling. If nothing else, remember this: if you learn your dog’s personality, then you’ll learn why your dog is making all these crazy noises. 

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