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Why Does My Dog Hate Me – Understanding Bonding Issues

Your dog is your best friend. You do your best to keep them happy and healthy at all times. That’s why when they appear to hate you it can be a little concerning. When they start to pull away from you, it can be devastating. Have you ever asked yourself, why does my dog hate me? 

Dogs may hate you if they experienced mistreatment, abuse, lack of attention or have had bad experiences with previous owners. Anxiety, depression, or illness can also cause a dog to be distant.

Some dogs also show affection in less common ways. Although this may appear as your dog hates you, it is far from reality. If your pup has suddenly changed the way they act towards you, something is more than likely wrong with them. To get your best friend back, you need to find out what is bothering them.

Why Does My Dog Hate Me All Of A Sudden?

If your dog hates you all of a sudden, it is likely because you did something they did not like. This action could have been indirect or accidental on your part, but nonetheless, your dog is letting you know about it!

In general, though, dogs are quick to forgive, especially if they routinely experience a loving environment. So, the most common answer is your dog doesn’t hate you.

However, if they are mad at you for some reason, it’s up to you to figure out why. Your dog’s attitude towards you is more than likely something you are doing.

● Has anything changed in the home?

● Have you brought home new pets?

● Has your work schedule changed?

● Has your mood changed?

Any one of these situations can help you determine why your pup uncomfortable or unhappy. They may feel left out if you brought home another animal or are trying to tell you they miss you with your new work schedule.

Because dogs can’t verbally communicate with us, they have to rely on body language and interaction. 

If nothing has changed, but your dog is still pulling away from you, then it may be time to seek medical attention.

Some dogs want to be babied when they do not feel good; others will want to be alone. If you notice your dog hiding under the bed or in a closet or seems disinterested in all their everyday activities, not just with you, a trip to your very is essential.

How Do You Know If A Dog Hates You

You can tell if a dog hates you by their aggressive behavior or the fact they avoid you every time you walk into a room.

Dogs that openly show their dislike are the easiest to spot. Some behaviors you will see include growling, refusing to make eye contact, rapid breathing, and even the dog hiding out of sight when you enter a room.

This behavior is most common if it’s another person’s dog, but if it is your own dog, the signs may not be as noticeable. Watch for changes in their temperament or the way they interact with you.

Below are a few things to take note of to determine how a dog is feeling:

The Dog Refuses To Make Eye contact

When your dog refuses any eye contact, it usually is a sign that they don’t want to interact. They are avoiding the non-verbal communication eye contact can have. 

Another reason for avoiding eye contact may be that your dog sees this as threatening. Instinctively dogs see eye contact to threaten other dogs and can be a warning for them to back off. Your dog may avoid eye contact with you to avoid the threat and instead hide from the confrontation. 

The Dog Won’t Eat Treats

Dogs do not refuse your treats because they are trying to get back at you for making them upset or because they don’t like you. They refuse the treats if they no longer trust you are nervous to get next to you.

This is not an easy position to be in as treats are some of the best ways to build trust and reward pets for good behavior.

Dog Stares At Me And Growls

A dog that stares at you and growls is doing so out of fear and lack of trust. They are not happy with your presence and don’t want you around.

Opposite of avoiding all eye contact, your pup may watch you as you move around the room like a hawk watching its prey. This is because they do not trust you and want to keep an eye on you. 

The Dog Does Not Want to be Held

Some dogs naturally won’t let their owner snuggle them always. However, if your dog tenses up or backs away when you try and touch them, you probably did something to upset them.

Odd Body Language

The only form of communication your pup has is through body language. If your dog has flattened his ears, gives you a huff or side-eye, or tail between the legs, they are mad at you.

Why Does My Dog Hate Me But Loves Everyone Else

It can be frustrating when you bring a dog home, and they seem to like everyone else but you. You walk them, feed them, and even buy them treats, and still, you get no love. This could be due to many things, including something you may have accidentally encouraged.

● Consider your actions-Throughout the time you have had your dog. Has your family taken up all the snuggle time and left you out? Your dog isn’t used to you being the affectionate type.

● Inadvertently trained him- Did you unintentionally never take the time to cuddle or play too much with your bud. Maybe he feels it is safe to snuggle others, but you are off-limits?

● Are you too aggressive- Do you talk loud at your dog or seem intimidating? This can make your dogs scared or intimidated by you even if you don’t mean it.

● Wants more positive attention- Maybe you bore your dog. Seeing others, especially those who play with him or gets excited to see him, makes him happy and energetic. 

How Do You Befriend A Dog That Hates You

Time. You have to give them time. Do not get mad or frustrated with your dog or any dog that doesn’t take to you right away. Although the reason may be unknown to you, they decided they don’t trust you, or you scare them.

To gain a dog’s trust and to get them to like you, you have to work at it. Positive reinforcements like praise and treats will help. Always stay calm and whisper to the dog. Continue to take good care of your pup, and eventually, they will see you as a respectable part of their pact and companion.

Can A Dog Be Mad At You

Yes, a dog can be mad at you, often for short periods of time. Dogs can also be mad for long periods of time if the behavior the owner demonstrates is consistent with something they do not like.

If your pet is avoiding you, it’s for a good reason. You may have betrayed their trust or made them upset, and it’s up to you to fix it.

Can You Hurt A Dog’s Feelings

Yes, you can hurt a dogs feelings.

You can make your dog feel jealous by bringing another pet into the house. You can make them sad if you punish them, you can hurt their feelings if they feel you are disappointed in them.

A dog is a very loyal companion and will do whatever they can to make you happy. If you make them feel they are doing something wrong, that will hurt their feelings.

Do Dogs Get Sad When You Yell At Them

Dogs can get sad when you yell at them. Long periods of yelling or even in a playful way to get a reaction can have negative effects on a dog.

Yelling at a dog can bring out many negative emotions like anger, fear, and, yes, sadness. If you are upset with your pup and you yell at them, they are sad they upset you. They can also become scared of you if you are aggressive or too harsh. 

If you yell at a dog and they look down at the ground and avoid eye contact, they are showing they are sorry, and they know they did wrong. 

How Do You Make A Dog Happy

The greatest thing about dogs is the simplicity of making them happy. It doesn’t require much to give your dog the most wonderful life he could ever imagine.

Give him food, a place to sleep, and your unconditional love, and he will be more than satisfied.

And if you are trying to butter him up because you brought home a kitten, maybe a few extra treats and a new toy wouldn’t hurt.

The reason dogs are the most amazing pets on the planet is due to their intense loyalty. No matter what you do to them, they will never give up on you.

So, if you feel like your dog hates you, it is not because of them. Figure out what you can do differently to change your relationship; you don’t want to miss out on the life long friendship you can create.

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