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Why Does My Dog Hit Me When I Pet Her – 5 Reasons!

Dogs are incredible creatures, and it’s impossible not to love them. However, some of their actions can be confusing to us, and since they can’t talk, it’s hard to understand them. When they bark, it can mean a lot of stuff, and the same way goes for pawing. But now, it’s time to answer the question in everyone’s mind: Why does my dog hit me when I pet her? 

Dogs hit you when being pet because they are communicating back to you. Pawing is the act of petting you back and being affectionate to you. Dogs hit you to communicate, ask for attention, or to get you to stop petting them.

If you wonder what might be the reason, then today we will give you some answers to the most common question around this subject. I hope this article is of help and allows you to understand your pet better; there’s always space for knowledge on how to love your pet even more. 

Reasons Your Dog Hits You When You Pet Them

For dogs, pawing is a universal sign of communication, and it can mean a lot of different things; it’s essential to know your dog well to understand what they mean each time. So, in case you are unsure of what this action might suggest, here are five reasons why dogs hit when petted. 

They Are Affective Towards You 

One of the biggest reasons for dogs to paw you while you pet them is replying to you. Dogs are intuitive creatures and very affectionate ones; the use of their paws is their best way to communicate with you.

When a dog hits you, it’s their way of trying to imitate the gesture and petting you back. It’s just too lovely to resist. 

In Need Of Attention 

Dogs see their owners as parents, as the essential thing in their life, and the need for attention is crazy high. They tend to need a lot of attention; for example, when they follow you around, pawing is another way of asking for attention.

 They Are Communicating 

Even though sometimes we don’t take this too seriously, when our four-legged friends paw us, it can mean that it needs something. It can mean that he’s hungry, needs to go outside, or that’s something wrong. 

Asking For More 

This is more common than anything mentioned before, but when they paw you while being petted, keep you doing it.

If you are a dog owner, you probably have been through this; when you are giving cuddles to your dog and stop for a moment, they start hitting you or dragging your hand; this means they want you to keep on going and pet them.  

Feeling Stressed

Dogs have feelings, too, and since they can speak them out loud to us, there are only actions, and hitting us with their paw is possibly a sign of stress. Dogs can feel anxious and depressed too, and for us, it might be harder to understand when they feel like this. Being

quiet, less playful, not eating it’s all signs of feeling down. When they are stress, they tend to ask for more attention and for us to notice what’s going on, and in these cases, it’s necessary to ensure them how much we love them and keep on petting. 

Why Does My Dog Tense Up When I Pet Her

Dogs tense up when being pet because they are in pain or sensitive in that particular area of their body.

It’s essential to take this into mind when a dog tenses up while petting; it most likely means he’s in some pain. When dogs are in pain, they start to whine and avoid contact, they stop wanting to be petted, and when they are, they look uncomfortable.

It can mean different types of pain, for example, having sensible skin after having fleas or food allergies. However, it can mean another pain invisible to the eye, so the best action is to take your pet to the vet. 

Why Does My Dog Push Me With His Paw When I Pet Him

The main reason a dog pushes your hand away is when they want you to stop petting.

Dogs find actions to describe best what they want, and if they start pushing you, you should not force it and stop petting them. Every owner must respect their dog and not force him into something they don’t want to do.

Why Does My Dog Paw At Me When I Stop Petting Her

Opposite to pushing you away, when a dog paws you while being petted, it means he doesn’t want you to stop. Dogs love their fair share of cuddles, and some days they are needier, so there’s a big chance they will keep on pawing you never to stop giving them love. 

How Do You Get My Dog To Stop Hitting Me

Training your dog is the first step into teaching them to stop hitting all the time. There are various reasons for this behavior; dogs can associate it with rewards, it can be a sign of clinginess or just lack of training.

Dogs need to know boundaries, so one great way of avoiding this constant act of attention. At the same time, training, instead of rewarding with treats, try to reward with attention, the need for constant attention will be controlled better. 

Do Some Dogs Not Like Being Pet

Yes, some dogs are not so fond of cuddles as others. Independent dogs are more likely to be less affectionate.

However, they still love you and want to be near you. These dogs prefer to have more interactive actions, playing games, or learning new tricks; they are more active and prefer to spend time with you during outdoor activities.

How Do I Get My Dog To Like Being Pet

Some dogs don’t enjoy being petted all the time; however, you mustn’t force them to like it. Some dogs don’t like being petted on the head, so you can try to find the spots they enjoy the most.

It’s essential to keep in mind that you have to be careful about the surrenders and who pets your dog; it can irritate them or entice them to bite.

Dogs who were abandoned and rescued tend to be more frightened of people, and only after training and gaining trust they might feel more comfortable with petting, but that doesn’t mean they will become very affectionate. Every dog has its personality, and, just like humans, it can’t be forced to change.

Other Factors

By this time, you already learned a lot about why dogs hit when you pet them and know that this is quite common among dogs; however, like us, each one of them is unique, so it’s essential to know them well. There are some things to be considered and always to be remembered. 

Don’t Ignore The Signs 

These little actions always have a meaning behind them; it’s necessary to be aware of it and know your pet well to understand what they need.

Understanding your pet is also a way of encouraging them to keep trying to interact and communicate with you; it will improve the relationship. The bond will be stronger than ever. 

Don’t Force Your Dog

Even though we love to give cuddles to our dogs, their will is more important than our likings. They are beings with feelings and needs and should never, at any point, be forced.

Either is for petting, belly rubs, or simply the things you want your dog to do. They have their personalities, anxiety, and fears. Always respect the signs your dog is giving out, and everything will turn out for the best. 

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