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Why Does My Dog Lick My Ears And Hump Me – 5 Reasons

Although this can be a pretty embarrassing thing for dog owners to deal with, some dogs will lick and hump their owners. There are several different causes for this behavior in dogs, and some may require a vet trip. This will likely leave many dog owners asking themselves: why does my dog lick my ears and hump me? 

Many dogs will hump and lick their owners because they are working through difficult emotions such as anxiety or high amounts of stress. In addition, sometimes dogs will hump and lick because they are overly excited or overstimulated, which can be a sign of a medical problem in some cases. 

In this article, we will be explaining why some dogs will lick their owners’ ears and hump them. We will also be answering some other commonly asked questions about this behavior and what you can do to stop it. Let’s get to it! 

Reasons Why Dogs Lick Your Ears And Hump You

There are five main reasons why dogs may be licking people’s ears and humping them. These causes include anxiety, stress, overstimulation, excitement, and medical problems. Here are the five reasons why dogs lick your ears and hump you. 

Your Dog Is Anxious

 Anxiety can cause both excessive licking and humping in dogs. Most commonly, they will do this to the things that bring the dog comfort, such as their bed, their favorite stuffed animal, and even their owners. If your dog is licking your ears and humping you because they are anxious, then they may show some additional signs of anxiety as well. Some other common signs of anxiety include: 

● Pacing, circling, and other obsessive behaviors 

● Excessive panting 

● Excessive barking, howling, and other kinds of vocalizations 

● Destructive behaviors like excessive chewing or digging

● Having accidents indoors 

● Drooling 

● Insomnia 

If your dog’s anxiety is severe, then you may need to consult a vet about this issue. In addition, sometimes receiving professional help from a qualified dog trainer in addition to vet care can help manage your dog’s symptoms of anxiety as well. 

Your Dog Is Experiencing Stress 

Dogs also commonly lick excessively and hump when they are stressed out. They will do this because it is a way to comfort themselves. Stress and anxiety in dogs can look relatively similar and have many of the same signs. However, the two causes are different. Stress will always have a definite cause, and it can also be a short-term problem. Meanwhile, anxiety can be more complicated and can often be inherited genetically. As a result, anxiety in dogs can be more challenging to treat than stress. 

Your Dog Is Overstimulated 

Too many new people, sounds, and a new lively environment can easily lead to overstimulation in dogs. This overstimulation can lead to either sign of excitement or stress; it depends on the dog and the source of the overstimulation. This can cause dogs to do some strange and unexpected things, and humping and excessive licking are often included. 

Your Dog Is Very Excited

When people are incredibly excited, they may jump around and talk a lot. This is a normal energy release and response to being excited about something. Well, dogs will do things similar to this to release energy and respond to excitement as well. They may run and jump around, bark, and yes, they may also lick and hump you. 

It Could Be A Sign Of A Health Problem 

Both excessive licking and humping can be a sign that there is a medical problem in a dog. Dogs will likely lick and hump their owners as a way to comfort themselves, and they may be humping as a way to attempt to relieve pain or discomfort as well. Dogs licking their owner’s ears and humping them due to a health issue may also excessively lick themselves and other things. 

What Health Problems Can Cause Your Dog To Hump You And Lick Your Ears

Usually, dogs will have a problem around their genital area if they are humping their owners, and licking is a common way to comfort themselves when they are in pain. These health problems can include things like 

● Urinary Tract Infections 

● Prostate Problems 

● Irritation to the area due to dry skin or contact with an irritant 

In addition to humping and licking their owner’s ears, dogs will usually exhibit some other signs of pain or discomfort as well. Some common signs of discomfort or pain in dogs include excessively licking the affected area, excessive panting, yelping or whining, and a reduced appetite. Of course, you always recommend taking your dog to the vet if you suspect that a medical issue causes their strange behavior. 

How To Get Your Dog to Stop Licking Your Ears and Humping You

It is natural for dog owners to want their dogs to stop humping them and licking their ears. However, there are different things that dog owners will need to do to get their dog to stop this behavior, depending on the cause. Here is how to get your dog to stop licking your ears and humping you, depending on why they are doing it. 

If It Is Caused By Anxiety Or Stress

The best thing you can do to reduce this behavior in a stressed or anxious dog is to reduce their stress or anxiety. You can do this by removing the stressful stimuli and working towards treating your dog’s anxiety. This may require some help from a vet and a qualified animal behaviorist or dog trainer. 

If It Is Caused By Overstimulation Or Excitement

The best thing you can do for licking and humping caused by excitement or overstimulation is to give them some time to calm down. You can do this by temporarily leaving them in a safe and comfortable space such as their crate or a quiet room. It may also help to give them their favorite stuffed animal—this way, they are licking and humping that item instead of you. 

If A Health Problem Causes It

The only way to reduce this behavior in a dog with a health problem is to get the health issue treated by a vet. Once the pain or discomfort has been reduced, then so should the licking and humping. 

Things To Consider 

There are some other things to consider when it comes to why dogs lick their owners’ ears and hump them. For instance, there may be times when dog owners will need help from a vet or a dog trainer. Here are the things that you should consider about dogs humping you and licking your ears. 

When To Hire A Trainer 

If you find that your dog is humping you and licking your ears a lot due to overstimulation or excitement, then you may benefit from hiring a dog trainer. They will be able to help your dog redirect their excitement and give you some tips on reducing overstimulation and keeping your pet calm. In addition, you may benefit from seeing a trainer about managing and reducing anxiety in your dog as well. 

When To See A Vet

You will need to see a vet as soon as possible if you suspect that your dog is acting strangely because they have a medical issue going on. In addition, you may also benefit from seeing a vet if you have a dog with severe anxiety. 

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