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Why Does My Dog Lick My Other Dogs Face – What It Means!

Dogs…You can love them with all of your heart all of their lives and still have no clue why they do the things they do. This includes having one dog that is constantly licking at your other dog’s face. Although it may be frustrating for you to watch, it is not a bad thing. So when you find yourself asking, why does my dog lick my other dog’s face?

Dogs lick other dogs’ faces to show kindness, love, respect, and loyalty. Puppies lick other dogs’ faces when seeking food from their mother. Adult dogs lick other dogs when they are anxious or lack social experience. Licking also communicates trust and endearment in dogs.

We may not think a good face licking is typical, it is normal for your dog, and this article will tell you why.

Reasons Your Dog Is Licking Your Other Dogs Face

There are many reasons a dog will lick another dog’s face, but here are a few to watch out for.

Your Dog Is Being Playful

Your pup may simply be licking at your dog’s face because they want to play. When a dog gets excited and wants to entice another friend into playing, licking at their face is a great way to get their attention.

If your dog is in your other dog’s face because they want to play, they will more often than not have their tails wagging and jumping around as they come in for a lick every once in a while. 

Caring Display From Your Dog

Another reason your dog may be licking at your other pet’s face is to show their love for them. When one dog is lapping at another dog’s face, it signifies compassion, loyalty, and care. Like human siblings hug, your dogs show affection towards one another in other ways, like licking each other in the face!

Understand Of House Roles

Another big reason for this face licking is to show submission to the older or alpha dog. When your pup is licking the face of a bigger, older, or more dominant dog, the other pup in the pack is going to lick to show signs of respect.

Your Dog Is Grooming

This one is a pretty primary reason behind one dog drooling all over the other. Some dogs feel like they need to clean up everyone. If your furry friend has taken on that role in the home, they will surely keep their furry siblings clean as well.

Why Does My Dog Lick My Other Dogs Face And Eyes

If you have ever noticed your dog liking your other dog’s face and eyes, it’s nothing to be overly concerned about. This means they love and respect the other dog. There are many reasons for your dog to licks another dog’s face, but none of them should be cause for concern.

Why Does My Little Dog Lick My Big Dog’s Eyes

When a smaller dog seems to be constantly licking at a larger dog’s eyes, it is almost always a sign of one of two things. 

  1. The larger dog has the authority, so your smaller dog licks at them to show their respect.
  2. Large breed dogs tend to have more discharge coming from their eyes. Your pup may just be licking away the big guy’s tears.

Is It Normal For Dogs To Lick Other Dogs Mouths

Yes, it is normal for dogs to lick inside each other’s mouths. Although we may find it pretty gross, this can be a form of apology or compassion from one dog to another.

If you have two dogs playing around and one gets a little too rough, you may notice them coming in low for a quick lick to the face (i.e., mouth). This is a docile form of doggy apologies. Your pup is showing the other they feel bad for going too far and are saying they are sorry in the only way they know how to do it.

Is It Ok For Dogs To Lick Each Others Ears

Before we discuss whether or not dog vs. dog ear licking is okay. Let’s quickly explain why they do this. 

Remember, your dog was not always a well-loved house pet. Before they became a fur-baby loved by humans, they were vicious creatures that lived in the wild and traveled in packs, having no one but each other to take care of them.

So when a dog had to be groomed or had an infection in its ears, the other pack members could sense this and would take control. Cleaning each other’s ears was a simple form of grooming one another. And just because they are now domesticated animals doesn’t mean those instincts go away.

Too Much Licking Can be An Issue

Although this behavior is normal and not meant to be harmful, excessive ear licking can be dangerous for the dog on the receiving end. If your dog’s ears are getting too much attention, they can collect many spit and moisture, causing infections.

Is Dog Licking Face A Sign Of Dominance

Dogs licking other dogs in the face is a sign of dominance.

Well, it is the sign of submission from the licker to the “lickee”. When one dog licks the face of another dog, it can be a sign they feel inferior to them. The “alpha” dog will make their presence known throughout the home to other dogs, letting them know who runs the show, asserting their dominance. 

When your dog starts to lick the other face, that means they accept the alpha dog’s dominance and want to show their respect and acceptance. 

How Do I Stop My Dog From Licking My Other Dog

You shouldn’t worry too much about one dog licking the other. If the pup on the receiving end isn’t enjoying their bath or being bowed down to, they will usually give out a warning bark or snarl to let the licker know it’s time to back off. 

If this still bothers you and you want the licking to stop, a redirect approach may solve all your problems. All you have to do is redirect your pup’s attention every time they start to lick your other dog. 

As soon as the licking begins, get the accused’s attention and focus on something else. If you are consistent and do this every time, the habit should start to break.

Final Thoughts

Just because your dog licking the other face bothers you, it doesn’t necessarily mean it bothers your other dog. This is a very natural and common action among the canine breed for all the reasons mentioned above.

Dogs cannot use verbal communication to show respect, love, and compassion towards one another. So they use physical communication to do this.

There is nothing dangerous or wrong with your dogs when they start to lick at each other’s faces. It is not harmful or threatening in any manner. (unless taken too far and they saturate the ears) If anything, a quick lick to the cheek or lips will defuse any tension or aggression rather than encourage it. This is a sign that your dogs are happy with each other.

So the next time you get frustrated with your dog lapping over the other, remember that to them, it is just like you playing with your siblings when you were younger or how you would tell your big brother you appreciate and respect him.

Although our dogs’ behavior may seem weird to us, there is some meaning behind it, and that meaning is significant to the way they cohabitate with one another. 

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