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Why Does My Dog Pee On Blankets – 5 Key Reasons!

Although dog pee does not smell as bad as cat pee, it is never a good experience to pull up a blanket and feel that it is wet with dog pee. Whether your dog is a criminal blanket ruiner or not, none of us look forward to touching a wet blanket. Every time this happens, you find yourself asking the same question: why does my dog pee on blankets?

Dogs pee on blankets to communicate a problem to their owners. Dogs that pee on blankets could be anxious, feel territorial, have a bladder infection, or are not yet appropriately housebroken. 

Dogs do not pee on blankets to pee on blankets. Usually, there is an underlying problem that is causing your dog to pee on blankets, whether your dog pees on blankets often or not. Once you can figure out what causes your dog to pee on blankets, you can start to fix the problem. If you want to learn more about why your dog may pee on your blankets, then keep on reading. 

Reasons Why Dogs Pee On Blankets

It can be hard to figure out why your dog is peeing on blankets, but here are some of the most common reasons why your dog pees on blankets:

Your Dog Has A Bladder Infection

Your dog may not is being bold if he suddenly starts to pee on blankets. Your dog may be trying to tell you that something is wrong, such as a bladder infection. This is even more common if your dog pees on a blanket in front of you.

Your Dog Is Territorial

If you have recently welcomed a new animal into your house, then your dog may start to pee on blankets. This is your dog’s way of marking his territory from other dogs or animals. 

Your Dog Is Not Yet Housebroken

Arguably one of the most challenging parts of getting a new dog is housebreaking your dog. If your dog is peeing on blankets that are around the house, then your dog may not yet be fully housebroken. Continue to work with your dog to correct the behavior. 

Your Dog Is Anxious Or Nervous

Dogs will sometimes start to pee when they are anxious or nervous. If your dog is sleeping on a blanket when he suddenly feels nervous, he will pee. 

Your Dog Likes Your Scent 

If your dog is happy to smell your scent, he may pee near the area he smells it. This could be on the blanket thrown at the foot of your bed or on the blanket that you curl up on the couch with. Although you may not be happy about it, your dog is trying to show you affection. 

Why Did My Dog Pee On My Bed All Of A Sudden

Even though your dog may not have a habit of peeing on blankets, your dog may pee on a blanket or your bed.

If your dog does something that he does not usually do, such as pee on your bed, then there is a reason to worry about your dog.

A dog that suddenly starts to pee on the bed when he never did so before could be because he has a bladder infection.

Some dogs could quickly start to suffer from a bladder infection. Your dog, of course, is not able to tell you that something is wrong, so he needs to do something that will get your attention.

How Can I Get My Dog To Stop Peeing On My Bed

You need to fix the problem that your dog has to stop your dog from peeing on the bed.

It can be frustrating to have a dog that pees on the bed, so you also need to fix your dog’s problem.

For instance, maybe you are not on a schedule that is beneficial to your dog. You may like to let your dog out before you go to bed and wait until morning, but your dog may not be able to hold his pee that long.

It could feel frustrating to cater to your animal’s needs, but your dog is a living being too and has specific needs. I know you may not want to get up in the middle of the night to let your dog outside, but it is best for him. 

How Do You Get Dog Pee Out Of A Blanket

The easiest and fastest way to get dog pee out of a blanket is by throwing it through a cycle in your washer.

Dog pee does not have a pungent smell like cat pee does, so dog pee is much easier to get out of blankets. 

One option to get dog pee out of a blanket is to soak it with detergent in a sink or a bathtub and then rinse it.

Since dog pee does not come with a strong odor, you are better off putting the soiled blanket in the washer. Do not add other clothes or blankets to the cycle and run it as you would with any load of laundry.

When the blanket is washed, hang it to dry or put it in the dryer as usual. A dryer sheet will help it smell fresh. 

Important Tips For Dog Urinating Issues

One of the root causes of a dog peeing on either their blanket or your blanket is because he cannot hold his pee. 

This can be because your dog is not yet housebroken. This problem does not have a fast solution, so you will need to continue to work with your dog until he is housebroken.

Housebreaking a dog can be a long, frustrating process, but as your dog learns when he should go outside, it will become easier. 

A housebroken dog can still have problems with holding his pee, especially through the night. 

For a smaller dog, you have the option of using pee pads. Put these in a visible location for your dog to find if he needs to go outside to pee when you are not available.

You can also purchase pee pads for dogs that are not small, but there is a higher likelihood that your dog’s pee will leak past the corners of the pee pad. Still, it is an option for you if you need it. 

If your dog has trouble sleeping through the night without peeing, you may also think about picking up your dog’s water bowl after he goes out for the last time at night. This will prevent your dog from drinking even more.

While this may seem cruel, some dogs have a habit of drinking a large amount of water before bed and then cannot make it through the night without peeing.

Just make sure to place your dog’s water bowl back down come morning! 

It is more effort on your part, but you can also put your dog out more often, even during the night. Sometimes you need to get ahead of your dog’s bladder. If your dog seems to want to go out at the same time every night, put him out before that time.

No one wants to deal with a dog that has trouble holding his pee, but unless you want even more soiled blankets, you need to learn how to help your dog. 

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