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Why Does My Dog Push His Head Into Me – What It Means!

It can be a weird feeling when you walk in the door after being away, and your dog starts to push his or her head into you. My dog has done this on multiple occasions, and at first, I was a little worried about the behavior. After noticing a trend, you probably start wondering; why does my dog push his head into me?

Dogs push their head into you to get your attention. Dogs push into you to communicate other needs such as food, water, or needing to go to the bathroom. Fear and anxiety are also reasons dogs may push their head into you.

Once you understand why your dog does something, you will be better able to understand their needs. Some dogs are very affectionate, and others don’t need that type of attention. Read on, and we will discuss the various things dogs do with their heads – sometimes for attention and affection, and other times it’s to comfort you. 

7 Reasons Your Dog Pushes Its Head Into You

Your dog will have its specific quirks, and there will be things that each dog does differently. 

Often, dogs use the same general motions or actions to tell their owner something. Here are the top 7 reasons that your dog pushes its head into you:

  • Attention
  • Affection
  • Want to be protected
  • They might be afraid
  • Want to show you they are in charge
  • They want to play
  • They want to go on a walk 

These are just some of the top reasons that dogs will push into you. Your dog may have its way of communicating with you, and a head nudge might mean something different to your dog.

Please pay attention to their behavior, which is usually a telltale sign of what they want or needs. Dogs wear their hearts on their furry little sleeves.  

What Does It Mean When A Dog Pushes Into You

When your dog pushes into you, this is just their way of saying that they want something from you. 

Because dogs can’t talk, they have to use social cues to tell what they want. This is a simple way for them to let us know they want something. Depending on your dog, you will be able to pick up on exactly what it is after a little trial and error.  

Some form of attention is the general reason for your dog’s nudge. Whether it is for getting affection or playtime, your dog is merely trying to tell you something, and this is not a problematic behavior in the least. So take advantage when you get a nudge, scratch their head or belly and show them you are there for them!

What Does It Mean When A Dog Rubs His Face On You

Rubbing their face on you is more directly correlated to them wanting affection more than anything else. When they rub their face on you, they are vulnerable and showing you that they love you while wanting you to love them in return.  

When a dog rubs his face on you, it is a very similar way for your dog to get your attention, just like a nudge.

This, for them, is like the ultimate symbol of love and trust. They are yours, and you are theirs. SO even though you may not want your dog to rub his face into yours – look at it like a toddler snuggling into you. They need your love desperately.  

Why Does My Dog Lay His Head Over My Neck

When your dog lays its head over your neck, it can mean a few different things. Aside from your dog wanting attention or affection, when they do this, they smell you. You have scent glands in your neck, and since scent is such a powerful way dogs communicate, they like to smell you.  

It’s almost like they are checking in on their mark. You are their territory, and they want to make sure you are still you and that they are also putting their scent on you, essentially marking you as theirs. 

Overall, it usually comes down to affection as the underlying reason that dogs do this.  

Why Does My Dog Put Her Head Under My Chin

When your dog puts its head under your chin, it is much like laying its head under your neck. Again, the scent glands play a huge role in this, and your dog wants to breathe in your scent.  

On top of your scent, another reason your dog may do this is that it makes them feel extremely safe. 

Your dog is tucked up under you, and you are protecting them. Dogs are generally brave and wild, but sometimes they are nervous or scared, so they need protection from you. Cuddling up under your chin makes them feel safe and secure.  

Why Does My Dog Bury His Head In My Armpit

When your dog jumps up in your lap and snuggles into your armpit, there are a few reasons for this. 

Firstly, they want affection, like most of the time when they snuggle up. Secondly, as mention above, they want to smell you, as odd as it sounds. 

You are comfortable and safe, and they want to take that all in. 

Thirdly, your dog snuggles in your armpit when they are scared. It may be a scary thunderstorm outside, a crash, or even an unfamiliar noise that triggers this in your dog. You are safe. 

When they snuggle up in your arms, they are hunkering down, and they essentially want you to protect them. 

Essentially, you are the parent, and your dog is your child, and they are looking at you to protect them.  

Why Does My Dog Push Against Me In Bed 

Generally, your dog does this because they love you. Your dog wants to show you that they care, and they want you to know that they are there for you. They want to know that you are there for them.  

You might wonder when your laying in bed at 3 AM and your dog Iis pushing up against you, why the heck they are doing it.

Many times you wake up with your dog pushing up against you, and you wake up with half of your body dangling off your bed’s edge. There have been so many times where I’ve woken up, and my dog is not only next to me, but practically on top of me.  

This is two-fold you’re your pup because they are getting affection by cuddling, and they are showing you that they ate there for you and they are and want to protect you. It is a two-way street. Your dog loves you. They want to show you their love, and they want you to show it back.  

Final Thoughts

Dogs are very loving creatures and want so badly to be loved in return. All of the actions stem from your dog wanting some form of attention, and generally, that ends up being affection from you. They also do this to show you that they love you too, a lot. 

These can make them vulnerable, showing just how loyal and caring they are towards you!

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