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Why Does My Dog Rub Itself On Me – What It Means!

Coming home to have your dog rub all over, you can bring out several different reactions depending on who you talk to. Most people enjoy seeing their dog being so affectionate, but this behavior can sometimes get out of hand. Regardless of where you stand on dogs rubbing themselves on you, you have likely wondered: why does my dog rub itself on me? 

Dogs rub themselves on you to show affection and trust. Although harmless, rubbing can also be a sign of underlying health issues. Rubbing may also be a behavioral problem that can be trained out of your dog’s habits.

In this article, we will be explaining the most common causes for why your dog is rubbing himself on you, whether or not it’s normal, and what you should do in each situation. In addition to this, we will also be describing some other scenarios that often arise when asking this question. Here is why your dog may be rubbing himself on you. 

7 Reasons Your Dog Rubs Itself On You

There are seven common reasons behind why your dog might be rubbing himself on you. Most of these causes are entirely natural and are nothing to worry about. However, in some cases rubbing on you can be a sign of a health issue. Here are seven reasons why your dog might be rubbing himself on you. 

Your Dog Wants Attention 

Possibly the most common cause behind dogs rubbing themselves on people is that they want their attention. After all, getting all up on you is a pretty sure way to capture all of your attention, even if it’s just for a second. This is likely the cause if you notice that your dog does this consistently every time you return home or are occupied with something else.

Your Dog Is Greeting Someone New 

Dogs sometimes rub themselves on new people upon meeting them. Whenever this happens, your dog is likely trying to capture the new person’s scent. He may be trying to put his smell on them as well.

They Are Rubbing Their Scent on You 

Your dog may be rubbing himself on you because he is trying to get his scent on you. This is likely the cause if you are around other dogs or smell unusual to him when he does this behavior. 

Your Dog Is Itchy 

Your dog may be rubbing on you because they are just itchy. Although sometimes this is nothing to worry about, it can also be a sign of a more serious health problem.

For example, allergies and external parasites like fleas and mites can cause itchiness in dogs. If you suspect that one of these health issues is the cause, you should visit your vet to resolve this problem. Some other signs of itchy health issues in dogs include but are not limited to: 

● Redness around itchy spots (especially around the mouth, nose, and eyes)

● Bumps on the skin 

● Any evidence of bites or stings 

● “Scooting” or rubbing his butt on the ground

If you notice any of these symptoms along with your dog’s rubbing habits, then you should visit a vet as soon as possible. They will likely be able to treat your dog’s condition reasonably quickly. 

It is Comforting To Your Dog

Some dogs rub themselves on their owners and other familiar people simply because it is comforting. This is because some dogs are comforted just by the smell of their owners. This may be the cause of your dog’s rubbing if he shows signs of stress or anxiety or has general canine anxiety or separation anxiety.

Your Dog Is Trying To Console You

Some dogs are incredibly empathetic. If your dog is like this, they will likely try to make you feel better if you show signs of being anxious or upset about something.

If your dog starts rubbing on you when you are teary-eyed, then they are most likely trying to make you feel better by showing you that they love you. 

It’s A Dominating Behavior in Rare Cases

In rare cases, rubbing on people can be a sign of dominating behavior. When this is the case, this rubbing is always accompanied by aggressive behaviors such as: 

● Growling 

● Snarling 

● Staring 

● Aggressive Biting 

● Fearful or stressed postures such as tail tucked between legs, wide eyes, hair raised on end, etc 

If you think that this is the cause behind your dog’s rubbing on you, you must seek a vet to rule out any health conditions that can cause aggressive behavior. After this, it will be helpful to get help from a qualified dog trainer or behaviorist. 

Is It Normal For Dogs To Rub Themselves On You

For the most part, yes, it is normal for dogs to rub themselves on you, especially if they are not showing any signs of illness or aggression.

Dogs naturally communicate and explore their world through smells. Therefore, rubbing themselves on you is a natural way to say hello and even express their affection. 

What Does It Mean When A Dog Rubs His Body On You

Your dog could be rubbing his body on you due to any of the seven causes behind why dogs rub on people that we have previously mentioned. Your dog is most likely just doing this to get your attention, get their scent on you, or get your scent on them. 

Why Does My Dog Rub His Body Against Me Like A Cat

The most common causes for your dog rubbing his body on you like a cat are: 

● They want your attention 

● They are affectionate towards you 

● They are getting their scent on you

● They are getting your scent on them 

What Does It Mean When A Dog Rubs Against Your Legs

Your dog could be rubbing against your legs to show attention and affection. In some cases, they have an urgent need and may nibble at your leg to get your attention.

Why does My Dog Rub His Bum On Me

Your dog rubbing his bum on you is usually a sign of a health concern. The most common cause for this is an inflammation or infection of your dog’s anal glands.

If this is the cause, then your dog will likely be rubbing his behind on other things as well, especially your carpets.

In addition to this, your dog could be rubbing his bum on you because of allergies, worms, and other parasites. All of these conditions can be easily treated by a veterinarian. If your vet has given your dog a clean bill of health, then they are likely just trying to get their scent on you. 

Why Do Dogs Push Their Body Into You

Your dog could be pushing themselves on you for several various reasons. The most common cause for this is that they want your attention.

However, your dog could be doing this out of fear or anxiety as well. It is also important to note that this could be a sign of dominating behavior if also paired with other aggression signs. 

Why Does My Dog Rub Against Me After I Shower

Your dog is rubbing against you after your shower in an attempt to cover the smell of your soap. 

Although soap and other bath products smell good to us, this is sometimes not the case for our dogs. Dogs have an excellent sense of smell, so they are likely also smelling chemicals in our soap along with its often artificial scent.

Why Does My Dog Rub His Face On Me When I Pet Him

If your dog is rubbing on you when you pet him, then he is most likely just being affectionate. This is especially true if he is rubbing his face on you during petting. 

5 Things To Consider About Dogs Rubbing Themselves On You

Although we have already listed some common reasons behind why your dog might be rubbing up on you, there are some other things that you should consider. 

  1. Is Your Dog Exhibiting Aggressive Behavior? 

If your dog is showing aggressive behavior when rubbing or pushing into people, this problem must be resolved through training. Large dogs can injury others through pushing, especially if they are doing this to children. You will likely find help from a qualified dog trainer or veterinary behaviorist useful. 

Does Your Dog Have Anxiety

If your dog is rubbing on you due to anxiety, it may be helpful to visit your vet, a veterinarian behaviorist, or a qualified dog trainer. Although this situation isn’t necessarily as serious as aggressive behavior, working on your dog’s anxiety will likely improve both you and your dog’s lives. 

Does Your Dog’s Rubbing Bother You

If your dog’s rubbing is bothering you, then it is completely alright if you would like to train them not to do so. You may even be surprised at how simple it is. 

Does Your Dog Have any Signs of an Illness

If your dog shows any signs of allergies, fleas, or any other health condition, you must visit your vet as soon as possible. This is because excessive rubbing and itching can cause a skin infection.

Most Likely, Your Dog Just Loves You

If your dog is not showing any signs of aggression or illness, then rubbing on those they love is completely natural. They are most likely just trying to express their love for you!

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