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Why Does My Dog Rub Itself On The Carpet – What It Means!

If you have carpeting in your home, then you’re familiar with the picture of your dog rubbing itself on the carpet. You never quite understood why your dog loves to rub against the carpet so much, and sometimes, you can’t imagine why they’re doing it. You’re probably wondering, why does my dog rub itself on the carpet?

Dogs rub themselves on the carpet to relieve an itch, dry themselves off, or as a way to show you that there is something wrong. This behavior is normal, and mostly out of habit. Dogs can be trained to not rub themselves on the carpet if it becomes problematic.  

There is no one reason why your dogs rub on the carpet, but we know some of the reasons why your dog may rub. If you have carpeting in your house (sorry if you have all hardwood!), keep reading to learn why your dog rubs against the carpets in your house. 

7 Reasons Your Dog Rubs Itself On The Carpet

There are multiple reasons why your dog might be rubbing itself against your carpet. It’s impossible to cover all the reasons, and you might find more, but we can cover some of the most common reasons why your dog may be rubbing on the carpet now.  

Your Dog Likes the Texture

While it might seem ridiculous, your dog may enjoy the texture of your carpet. You may have a plush, soft carpet or a short carpet that is good for scratching again. Cats aren’t the only animal that likes a pleasant feeling against their bodies! 

Psychological Issues Affecting Your Dog

Excessive rubbing on the carpet can be happening because your dog has psychological issues. Believe it or not, dogs can suffer from OCD.

This can manifest itself in harmful behavior, like rubbing on the carpet until their skin is raw. If you think your dog may be suffering from OCD, your vet may be able to prescribe medicine that can calm your dog. 

The Carpet Is Comforting To Your Dog

Dogs rub on the carpet to find a comfortable position or because the carpet is comfortable.

If your dog enjoys sleeping on the carpet or rug, you might notice that your dog rubs and rolls against it. Although humans wouldn’t choose to sleep on the ground, some dogs prefer it and are happy to show how comfortable they are. 

Your Dog Is In Discomfort

If something is making your dog uncomfortable, like if your dog has ear mites or fleas, your dog may rub against the carpet as a way to get rid of the feeling. If your dog is rubbing out of discomfort, you might also hear your dog whining. Your vet will be the one who can best help determine what is wrong with your dog. 

Its A Habit For Your Pet

Rubbing might be out of pure habit for your dog. If your dog always runs inside and rubs against the carpet or the back of your couch, your dog might do it every time he comes inside. If your dog rubs out of habit, this will be the most challenging behavior to correct. 

Your Dog Is Anxious

Your dog’s anxiety may come out in the form of rubbing on the carpet. This, however, is behavior that you might easily notice with your dog. For instance, if your dog always rubs against the carpet when he’s scared, then you know when your dog is anxious and upset.

Your Dog Is Itching

One of the most common reasons your dog rubs itself on the carpet is to itch a place it can’t otherwise reach. If it’s an itch, your dog might be most likely to rub its face against the carpet or roll on its back. Constant itching like this from your dog may mean that your dog has fleas. 

Why Does My Dog Roll Around On The Carpet After Eating

Your dog rolls around after eating because of excess energy or feeling content. If your dog is rubbing his face after eating, food might be stuck between their teeth. 

After a good meal, your dog may start to roll on the carpet because they are full of new energy with a full stomach.

Their full stomach might also make them feel so happy that they can’t help but roll around. You always feel better after a good meal too, so why can’t your dog too? The behavior might seem strange, but it’s nothing to worry about!

If your dog rolls less and instead rubs his face on the carpet, your dog may be trying to dislodge food stuck in his teeth. Your dog can’t floss as we can, so rubbing is a way that your dog could get food out of its mouth. 

Why Do Dogs Rub Themselves On The Carpet After A Bath

Dogs rub themselves on the carpet after a bath because they are trying to dry their fur.

When you give your dog a bath, you’re probably familiar with the mad dash that happens to dry your dog off before they shake the water off all over the house. 

Even if you manage to toss a towel on your dog’s back, your dog might dive onto the carpet and start rubbing against it. This is your dog’s way of getting excess water off their fur. Think of it like rubbing a towel against your body when you get out of the shower.

Why Does My Dog Rub His Face On The Carpet

Dogs rub their face on the carpet to itch their face more quickly than they could with their nails.

Dogs can’t scratch their face as humans can, so rubbing his face against the carpet is an excellent way to beat the itch. Dogs will often itch with their paws, but their long nails may be too tough against their face. Plus, the carpet covers a larger area than their nails might. 

You might think something is wrong the first time you see this behavior from your dog, but your dog is just itching his face. There’s nothing to worry about here!

How To Stop Dog From Rubbing On The Carpet 

It would help if you corrected your dog’s behavior when your dog rubs on the carpet to teach your dog what behavior you want. 

Sometimes you don’t want your dog rubbing against the carpet. Your dog rubbing on the carpet can lead to fur getting embedded in the carpet or, worse, your carpet can start to smell like a dog. 

No matter the reason why you don’t want your dog rubbing on the carpet, there are ways to fix the behavior. When you see your dog rubbing, you need to correct your dog’s behavior.

This can be done by sternly telling your dog “no,” clapping your hands, or redirecting your dog’s attention to something else. Remember to be consistent, so your dog learns that you don’t like that behavior. 

Even though some people find it cute that dogs rub on the carpet, dog owners should be aware that there are tons of reasons why a dog rubs on the carpet.

Sometimes it may be a habit, but there may also be something wrong with your dog. Just make sure that you’re in tune with your dog’s behaviors and personality, and you’ll know whether to laugh or act when your dog rubs on the carpet next!

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