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Why Does My Dog Sit Behind Me – The Interesting Reason

Picture this: you sit down on your couch to binge your new favorite show, and your dog runs in to sit between your back and the couch like clockwork. It’s cute and annoying at the same time, especially when you’re tired. So, have you asked yourself, why does my dog sit behind me?

Dogs sit behind you for safety, protection, and comfort. They also do this out of habit. Dogs may also sit behind you because they fear something, or if they are experiencing separation anxiety and want to connect with their owner.

There’s no one reason why your dog sits behind you on the couch, but there are a few key reasons why. As we will later discuss, this behavior may continue if you do not change it as well. If it’s a habit that does not bother you too much, then there’s little reason to correct it. Whether you enjoy your dog sitting behind you or not, let’s talk about why your dog chose that spot in the first place and get into what those choices may mean.

What Does It Mean When Your Dog Sits Behind You

There are many reasons why your dog chooses to sit behind you, such as safety, protection, and fear. It may be difficult to pinpoint exactly why your dog sits behind you unless you understand your dog’s behavior and why your dog reacts the way he does to different situations.

Since there are many reasons your dog sits behind you – whether on a couch, an armchair, or the floor – you must learn about your dog. I know, I know. This sounds strange. After all, you’re not going on a date with your dog, right?

Even though it may seem strange, understanding your dog’s behavior will help you understand why your dog wants to be so close to you. For instance, maybe your dog comes to you when your young daughter pulls on its tail. Or maybe your dog comes to you when the doorbell rings to protect you from whoever is at the door. 

It’s essential to learn about your dog and its behavior to understand why he sits behind you truly.

Why Does My Dog Sit Behind My Chair

Your dog sits behind your chair because your dog is hiding from something, is shy, or feels anxious and nervous to be away from you.

If your dog sits behind your chair, you might want a real reason why your dog is doing so, but unfortunately, none exist. We can only guess why your dog might sit behind your chair, so here are a few of my best guesses.

Your dog is hiding from something, whether it is your young child, another dog, or one of your cats. If your dog is timid, the sound of the doorbell or a knock might send your dog scrambling for a hiding spot. A shy dog might also go sit behind your chair when a stranger comes to visit as well.

The spot behind your chair is also an adequate space for a nervous and anxious dog to sit, especially if they have separation anxiety. Your dog is close to you by being behind your chair but also isn’t the center of attention, which may make your dog feel more comfortable. 

Why Does My Dog Sit Behind Me On The Couch

One of the main reasons why your dog sits behind you on the couch is that it is a habit your dog developed that you did not break.

There are multiple reasons why your dog might have chosen to sit behind you on the couch – fear, comfort, closeness, safety, protection – but no matter the reason, your dog did it once. If you did not correct your dog’s behavior, your dog would likely sit there again. And again. 

The reason behind that spot might chance, but the behavior does not change because your dog knows that she wasn’t told not to sit there. If you laughed it off the first few times your dog did it, then you’re in for a new seat, mate. 

You may be able to break the behavior after the fact, but if you don’t want your dog sitting behind you on the couch, you’ll need to break the habit as soon as it begins.

To break the habit, you can sternly tell your dog “no.” If your dog is small, then you may be able to move your dog to another place on the couch. For larger dogs, you will have to call them off the couch, so they move. Under no circumstances is the best option to physically discipline your dog for sitting in a place you do not like. 

Why Does My Dog Lay Down Behind Me

Your dog lays down behind you, whether you are sitting or standing because your dog feels safe around you.

If your dog feels safe around you, then your dog is comfortable enough to lay down behind you and go to sleep. This could be while you are watching television on the couch or when you’re standing in front of the stove while making dinner. 

Your dog can let its guard down around you and settle down for sleep. This behavior is especially important for a new dog or puppy because it shows that your dog feels comfortable being in its new environment. New dogs tend to pace around the house or hide when they sleep, so your new dog laying down to sleep means that he’s finally starting to feel at home.

Just make sure not to step on any tails while you’re walking around!

10 Reasons Your Dog Sits Behind You

As you might have guessed, there’s no one true answer as to why your dog chooses to sit behind you. Check out this curated list of 10 reasons why your dog chose that spot (of all spots in the house!).

  1. Your dog is protecting you.
  2. Your dog feels safe behind you.
  3. Your dog is trying to hide from someone or something.
  4. Your dog feels anxious if he is separated from you.
  5. Your dog wants to be closer to you.
  6. If this isn’t a behavior you corrected in the past, your dog might think it’s fine to sit there.
  7. Your dog is playful.
  8. It is a comfortable spot for your dog.
  9. It’s one of the warmer places to sleep since the dog is cuddled between your body heat and the couch
  10. That is the only open seat in the house!

Until we learn to speak dog, you’ll probably never know the real reason why your dog sits behind you, but hopefully, this list will help you decide why your dog chose one of the most uncomfortable spots in the house (for you). 

Let’s face it: sometimes dogs do strange things. Sitting behind you on the couch is one of those things. It’s important to remember that your dog isn’t sitting behind you to irritate you.

Even though we don’t know the exact reason why your dog sits behind you, there is a list of reasons why your dog may do so. And if you know your dog well, then you can probably choose which reason it is. If it’s a habit that’s hard to break, well, I guess you’ll have to get comfortable with a dog behind you! 

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