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Why Does My Dog Sit Outside The Shower – What It Means!

No one will ever love you as much as your dog. They are loyal creatures who want nothing more than to be by our sides no matter where we are. So if you have ever found yourself asking, why does my dog sit outside the shower?

Your dog is sitting outside the shower because they want to be around you. Curiosity, separation anxiety, and encouraged habits can cause them to remAT Sain close until you leave the shower. They may also feel anxious that you are in the bathroom standing under flowing water.

There are many different reasons your dog could be sitting outside your shower, but it all boils down to wanting to be near you so they feel safe and secure. We’ll break down some of the more important reasons to look out for to help you figure out your dog’s behavior when you’re taking a shower.

Reasons Your Dog Sits Outside the Shower

There are many reasons why your dog may be sitting outside of the shower while you are washing up. Mainly just because that is where you are, and they want to be near you; however, that not always the only cause. Here is a list of seven reasons your four-legged friend is sitting outside the shower every time you get in. 

Your Dog Is Waiting for You To Come Out

When you are in the shower, your pet cannot be right next to you. For most dogs, especially the affectionate ones, that’s not desirable.

They will sit right outside to wait for you to finish up. Dogs do stop short of getting in, especially if they don’t enjoy being wet. If your bathroom door is closed, they’ll wait right outside of it as well.

They Enjoy Licking Up The Water

Have you ever noticed your dog licking at the side of the shower curtain or even your arms or legs while you are taking a shower?

Sometimes dogs enjoy sitting outside the shower while you are in there to get a little drink while they are waiting on you. This can be avoided if you keep your dog well hydrated.

Usually, a dog drinking shower water is a sign they aren’t getting enough to drink, so do keep an eye on their water bowl.

Your Dog Is Scared Of Water

If your dog has a fear of water or the bath you are in, there may cause them to worry and possibly give them a bout of anxiety. Besides, some showers are loud and pets don’t know exactly what that noise is.

If your pup doesn’t like water, they will not like you to be in it, and they won’t want to leave you alone.

Your Dog Enjoys The Water

Maybe your dog wants to sit outside the shower in hopes of having the chance to sneak in with you. If your dog is one of those who love swimming and splashing around in puddles, they may be jealous of your bath time and want to join in on the fun.

The Bathroom Is Warm

When people take nice hot showers, their bathroom heats up from the steam of the water. Your dog may enjoy the heat and feel warm, cozy, and comfortable laying on a bathroom rug while your shower is warming up the room

Your Soap Tastes Good

Dogs’ taste buds are so much different than humans, and they enjoy the taste of a lot of weird things. Many dogs sincerely enjoy the taste of soaps, bubbles, shampoos, and lotions. 

If you are lathering up in something that smells appealing to your pup, they may be in the bathroom in hopes of getting a taste.

Do keep in mind that dogs shouldn’t consume soap, and this is a habit you surely must break.

The Shower Relaxes Your Dog

Your dog may find shower time a relaxing quiet time for them to rest while you are nearby. The sound of the shower and the warmth of the room may bring comfort to your dog, and they enjoy the downtime.

Why Is My Dog Obsessed with The Shower

Your dog may be obsessed with the shower because they enjoy the falling water. It could be a soothing sound or a place full of pleasant and exciting smells. It could also be simply because they love to lick the water droplets from the side of the tub or even lap up the bubbles from the soap.

Why Do Dogs Watch You Shower

Your pup is probably watching you shower because they want to keep an eye on what you are doing and that it is something they find interesting to watch.

Dogs are inquisitive creatures and are interested in everything that goes on in the home and around them. Your pup may be curious as to what it is you are doing in the shower. You are behind a closed curtain, and it is raining inside the house. Your pup wants to check in and makes sure everything is okay.

Why Does My Dog Try To Get In The Shower With Me

Suppose your dog is trying to hop into the shower with you because they enjoy the water. If your dog enjoys playing in ponds, the pool, or sprinklers, being in the shower may seem like something fun and exciting for him to do.

If you do not think your dog enjoys the water in the shower, he may also be trying to get in there to be with you. He is protective of you and wants to be where you are, especially if it’s in a situation they do not feel comfortable.

Why Does My Dog Lay Outside the Bathroom Door

Have you ever come out of your bathroom after a bath or long shower, and your dog is lying right there outside the doorway? He does this because he was waiting on you to finish up and come out.

Many dogs love being near their owners 24/7, so if you are in a space they cannot enter, the next best thing is waiting outside your door. This way, they are as close to you as possible and know that you are still there. 

Why Does My Dog Hate When I Shower

If you notice your dog becomes anxious or upset every time you get in the shower, it may be because they had a previous bad experience with the shower or just water in general.

Maybe they were stuck out in a storm before, and the shower reminds them of rain. Maybe someone bathed your dog and used the shower, and it was too hot, too cold, or just a very traumatic experience, and now they are terrified of you being in the same situation. 

If you leave your dog outside of the bathroom when you shower, they may hate being away from you, and that’s why they don’t like it when you go in. 

Other Considerations

If your dog is sitting near the shower waiting on you to come out, it is probably because they want to be next to you. They will lay near the shower while you are scrubbing up and rest comfortably until you are done. It is just what dogs do. 

Suppose your dog seems a little anxious or nervous every time you are getting ready to take a shower, and they get upset when you are in the bathroom.

In that case, it may be due to anxiety or trauma, and you may want to take a deeper look into the problem to try and figure out a solution so it doesn’t continue. The long term anxiety is not suitable for the dog, and you will go crazy having your pup get upset every time you go to take a shower.

If your furry friend seems perfectly fine relaxing tub side every time you jump into the bath, then there is nothing to worry about and be happy your dog wants to be close to you no matter where you may be. It is extremely common for dogs to sit outside of the shower when their owners take a bath, and there is nothing wrong with letting them do this.

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