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Why Does My Dog Sleep In The Bathroom – Is It Odd?

As weird as it may seem, many dogs love to take their naps on the bathroom floors. Maybe they find it quiet, cozy, or just appropriate that space as their spot. Even though we keep buying them fluffy and comfortable beds, the floor still wins. We end all end up with the same question in our heads, why does my dog sleep in the bathroom?

Dogs sleep in the bathroom because they enjoy the privacy and seclusion of that space. Dogs also enjoy cold bathroom floors during the hot season. Separation anxiety and depression may also cause dogs to retreat to the bathroom to sleep instead of in a public area in the home.

Today, in this article, we will give a quick explanation about why dogs like to sleep in bathrooms. Adding to that, we will be answering some of the most common questions owners have regarding this topic. With no further due, let’s get into it. 

Reasons Your Dog Sleeps In The Bathroom

Dogs have all kinds of quirks that are tough to explain, especially when it comes to their desire to sleep on the bathroom floor. Below are some of the most important reasons why, and likely the cause of your dog displaying this odd behvaior.

Cold Floors Are Everything

The primary motive why dogs prefer to sleep on the bathroom floors is the cold surface. Since most of the time the bathrooms have tile floors, it’s cold and refreshing for them to sleep, either when it’s hot or not, they love to feel that refreshing coldness during their nap time.

This action can be a way of your dog communicating to you that their bed is too hot or that it’s placed in the wrong space; an overstuffed bed can be too warm for them to feel comfortable. 

Mental Health Issues

There’s always a chance that sleeping on the bathroom floor it’s a sign of isolation. Bathrooms are usually small spaces and quiet ones, where they can be by themselves most of the time; if a dog is feeling anxious or depressed, bathroom isolation might be their way of taking shelter.

Sometimes we don’t stop to think about it, but dogs are emotional beings and can too feel depressed, anxious, and have other mental illnesses; plus, just like humans, isolation is usually the immediate move when having these feelings. 

Feeling Closer To You

Everyone who has a clingy dog knows that a dog following us into the bathroom every time we have some business there is more common than expected; it can be annoying for some and very natural for others.

This can be translated to a way of spending time with you, can be just pure curiosity or anxiety from being apart. Sleeping in the bathroom, it’s association dogs make to you, to a place where they are always with you. 

Think about it. The bathroom is where you leave your dirty clothes, hairbrushes, and much more. Dogs can associate all of that with you since most items in the bathroom contain your scent. Naturally, a dog is going to want to be in your presence in any way possible.

They Are In Pain 

Sleeping on the floor is quite normal for dogs, and there’s nothing wrong with it, but sometimes there are other reasons for this to be happening.

Sleeping on the bathroom floor can be another way for a dog to demonstrate that his bed or position is hurting him somehow. If they are too high or in a difficult spot, they can get hurt getting out of bed. 

The Bed Is Not Fit For The Dog 

Another reason a dog might prefer the bathroom floor better than their bed it’s the fitting. As dog owners, it’s essential to be aware of what’s going on with your dog and be aware of these minor signs he gives out.

The bed fit matters to the dog and can make a significant difference in their sleep. Neither too big, neither too small, but the perfect size. Adding to this, just like for us, when a mattress is not comfortable, it’s hard to fall asleep; the same way goes for dogs; if their bed is not comfortable or too itchy will avoid it at all times. 

Can A Dog Sleep In The Bathroom

Yes, it’s ok for a dog to sleep in a bathroom since sleeping on the floor is in any way harmful for them, and the cold floors are comfortable and refreshing.

However, having a dog spending too much time in the bathroom, you will probably find more hair in the bathtub or having the dog learning how to lift the toilet and use it as a drinking bowl.  

As a dog inhibits the space, more problems can arise and they may end up not allowing you to even enter the space. It’s best not to encourage this behavior, especially if its a bathroom that you use frequently.

Why Does My Dog Keep Laying In The Bathroom?

As discussed before, one of the main reasons for dogs to sleep in bathrooms is the cold floors. However, this can also be related to every time you go to use the bathroom.

Dogs love to follow people into the bathroom, keep them company, and be afraid of being left alone, and for all the owners who don’t mind this, the dogs end up laying there just making company and waiting for you. 

Why Does My Dog Like The Bathroom

Since dogs can’t talk with us, it can be hard to understand what they are thinking or feeling, much less the reason behind some of their actions. Some dogs love to lay in the bathtub; the cold stone feels good on them; besides that, they might associate the bathroom with a place where they can find you and be there with you, especially clingy dogs. 

How Do I Get My Dog To Sleep In Another Room?

Even though there’s nothing wrong with sleeping on the floor, having them educated to sleep in their bed is essential. For this to happen, there are a few steps to follow, like being consistent with the training; dogs need discipline and learning between right and wrong, which comes with dedication and rewarding.

For example, leaving a treat on their bed is a good motivation for them to sleep in their bed; they will associate the action of going to sleep with having a treat there waiting for them—it all about having a good routine be patient.  

Other Thoughts

Sleeping on the bathroom floor, it’s something familiar and can be changed if needed. However, there are still some things to have in mind when it comes to this subject. There’s always room to learn more about your four-legged friends. 

Be Attentive To The Signs Your Dogs Is Giving You 

We mentioned that for dogs to sleep on bathroom floors can be pretty standard. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes your dog is trying to tell you something through the way they act, knowing your dog well is extremely important, to love them better, to know what they need, to know when they are in pain, be attentive to every sign, and make sure this is just normal behavior. 

Discipline Is Still Necessary 

Dogs are our best companions, and even though all we want is to shower them will love, they need rules. Training your dog to sleep in his bed is necessary. However, it can’t be forced.

If a dog has always slept on the floor, it’s going to be hard for them to get used to their bed, or in some cases, dogs who were rescued might feel afraid of sleeping alone and want to be right by your side all the time. Training them into sleeping in the right place is good for them and you too. 

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