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Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Head – The Unique Reason

Nothing is more comforting at night than snuggling with your pup. However, if you have had to deal with your dog plopping on your head to sleep at night, then you know this can be frustrating. So if you have ever found yourself asking, why does my dog sleep on my head?

Dogs sleep on your head because it is a safe, warm spot. Dominant behavior, being cold, or using your head as a pillow are other reasons dogs do gthis. Dogs will sleep on your head for attention if they have separation anxiety. The scent of hair also attracts dogs to this sleeping position.

 The way your dog sleeps can be a significant indicator of their emotional and mental state. It will give you an inside look at whether they feel comfortable, safe, and loved. 

Why Does My Dog Like To Sleep By My Head

Your dog sleeping on your head is an indication they not only love you but feel safe in your presence. Snuggling up with you is an instinct learned from birth. Puppies are born in a group of brothers and sisters who rely on each other’s body heat to keep them warm. 

Your head is a warm spot to sleep and be near someone he loves to your furry friend.

Why Does My Dog Lay His Head On My Head

Going back to early times. Dogs belong to a pact. They not only traveled and ate together, but they slept together and close to keep each other safe. 

Your dog laying his head on top of yours can mean they are keeping you safe and protected throughout the night. He loves you so much that he wants to guard you while you are sleeping and unable to guard yourself.

Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Pillow Above My Head

If your pup has decided to claim your pillow as his above your head, it just means they want to keep the closeness to you without getting the heat and lack of space they would have if wrapped around your head.

Your dog wants to be comfortable during their sleep but still keeping a close eye on their family members at the same time. 

Do Dogs Like It When You Lay Your Head On Them

This all depends on your specific dog. Some pups don’t mind being your comfy pillow substitute, enjoying the closeness between the two of you. However, there are those dogs that are just not having it and would prefer it if you just stayed by their side. 

Signs Your Dog Doesn’t Want You Laying On Them

You want to keep your dog comfortable and happy. If you are doing things that make them upset, they may start to distance themselves from you. Watch for these signs that your buddy doesn’t want to be your puppy pillow.

  • Heavy breathing- Your dog will start to breathe heavily to indicate they feel smothered or not happy in the situation.
  • Yawing- If your dog is repeatedly yawning, this is showing you they are not amused.
  • Body Language– If your dogs are fidgeting and moving a lot, they are probably uncomfortable with you on top of them.
  • Growling- An obvious indication they want you to move.
  • Wining– Your dog will wine to tell you they do not like what you are doing.
  • Freezing- When a dog completely freezes, it’s a sign they do not feel comfortable or happy with what you are doing at the moment.

How do You Stop a Dog From Sleeping on Your Head?

If you are someone who doesn’t take comfort in your dog sleeping on your head, there are ways to stop this behavior without pushing your pup away.

  • Be consistent- Move them to were-ever you would like them to sleep every time they lay on your head. When they try to come back up, move them back down. 
  • Crate them- If you cannot keep your dog from stealing your pillow at night, then put them in their crate at night. They will be comfortable and protected, and you can both sleep soundly.
  • Do not send mixed singles-  Your dog will not understand that sometimes you are okay with this and sometimes you are not. If you don’t want them sleeping on your head, DO NOT do it, and do not let anyone in your family do it either.
  • Compromise– Your dog is doing this because they want to be near you. If you don’t want him on your head, try moving him away from your head but giving him a pillow nearby. 

What My Dog’s Sleeping Position Means

Your dog’s sleeping positions can give you insight into whether or not they are comfortable, happy, or healthy. Some position dogs commonly do, help you and your furry friend build a stronger bond and help with communication.

Dog Sleeping Positions and What They Mean

  •  The side sleeper-  A dog who sleeps on its side tends to be confident and comfortable. They are lying in an unprotected position, proving they do not feel threatened in any way.
  • The Spooner- If your pup loves to snuggle you or let you hold them while you sleep, they are showing affection and love. Dogs will do this with humans, other dogs, and even cats. They want to be close to the ones they care about.
  • The Bundle- If your dog sleeps curled up in a ball, it could just mean they are cold. It could also show they are scared or in pain. Tucking in tight shows they are hiding. Whether it’s due to an injury or illness or because they do not feel safe.
  • The back sleeper- This is commonly done when your dog is feeling a little too warm but is still nice and comfortable. Dogs will sleep on their backs to cool themselves down in the hot summers, and while doing this knowing, they don’t have a care in the world.

Other Reasons Your Dog Sleeps On Your Head

This article gives you some broad reasons why your dog may be prone to sleeping on your head. Now let’s dive into the canine brain for a moment and discuss some other answers that may not seem so obvious. 

Your Dog Is Jealous

Your dog is jealous of your child or spouse. Dogs are a part of the family; if they feel they are not getting the attention, they need to find any way to get it. This includes plopping down on top of your head, where he knows your partner won’t be sleeping.

Your Dog Is Asserting Dominance

Although it looks cute and innocent, maybe your pup is trying to prove they rule the roost. Nothing says dominance more than sitting on someone’s head.

It’s A Game

Your dog sleeping on top of your head at night can seem like a fun thing to do when your dog is bored. If you are asleep, they aren’t getting your attention. Climbing on your head may be something your pup does to pass the time and stay near you.

Your Dog Is Afraid

Okay, chances are pretty slim; your dog is afraid of the dark. Maybe they are afraid of being in the house when you are asleep. The night brings unfamiliar sounds that your pup doesn’t understand.

Your Dog Has Separation Anxiety

On top of being scared of the night. Your dog may have anxiety when you are sleeping, and nothing is happening around the house. To keep their anxiety at bay, they will snuggle up around your head, giving them a sense of security.

Dogs Enjoy Your Scent

Have you ever considered it’s your shampoo? Maybe something you have near your head or spray in your hair smells appealing and relaxing to your pup: lavender hair spritz or a pillow spray.

They Are Cold

Maybe your dog is just cold at night. Our heat leaves our body through our head and our feet. Your dog could be utilizing this for comfort and warmth.

Your Dog Is Protecting You

Your pup is not only your companion but their alfa; they want to keep you safe and protected no matter what. He feels like he can have the heads up on any danger that comes your way by lying in your most exposed area.


There are many reasons for your dog sleeping on your head. Most of them merely being they love you and want to be close by. If it is not affecting your sleep, there is no reason for concern or to change the habit. And if it is bothering you, find a gentle way to change the behavior.

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