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Why Does My Dog Smell Me When I Get Home – What It Means!

When you walk through the door of your home after being out and about, you are probably greeted with an exciting tail wag, sloppy kisses, and then an extensive sniff session. If you have ever owned a dog, then you probably know this process all too well. That’s why people often ask the question, why does my dog smell me when I get home?

A dog smells you when you get home because scents outside the home are intriguing and new to them. With a sense of smell 10,000 – 100,000 times greater than humans, a dog can smell your recent locations, interactions with people, other animals, and food.

Dogs are inquisitive creatures by nature and use their amazing sense of smell to detect many things like danger, food, and other animals. This is a trait for dogs in the wild, and even still to this day. There are several reasons why your dog smells you when you get home. In this article, we will discuss these reasons and more.

5 Reasons Your Dog Smells You When You Get Home

Throughout your day, you pick up smells everywhere you go. You smell like your co-worker, your co-worker’s cat, and the drive-through you grabbed for dinner on your way home.

They may also smell more serious scents. Maybe your dog can smell an oncoming ear infection or that paper cut you recently got at the office.

There are a few good reasons for your dog to be sticking his nose into your business, and here are a few of them.

● They can smell food

● They can smell another animal

● They can smell a friend or family member

● They can smell blood or infection

● They are nosey and want to see where you have been

Is It Normal For Dogs To Smell You When You Get Home

It is normal for your dog to smell you when you first get home. Their little sniffers can tell you have been up to things they haven’t, and they are determined to find out exactly what that was.

You are their human, and they want to make sure everything is okay since you were away for so long. The good ole saying dogs can “smell fear” is very true; they can also smell anxiety, excitement, etc.

Dogs can detect the emotion hormones flowing through our bodies. If you come home and they can sense you are upset, they are likely going to want to come over and check things out.

A dog will sniff at you a lot more if you have been somewhere different from your daily routine or bring home something that they are not used to you having. 

Smelling everything coming and going into the home is your dog’s job to make sure everything is on the up and up.

Can My Dog Smell Me Before I Get Home

Yes, dogs can smell you before you get home. You will be interested to know that your dog has tons of receptors in its nose, way more than humans do. Thanks to this, dogs can smell things 10,000 to 100,000 times further away than you can.

While they can most certainly sense you are home while you are walking up to your door, chances are good they can also smell you walking up to your driveway, or if your window is down (and one is open in your home)a few miles down the road.

In the right conditions, dogs can smell up to 12 miles away. This is why they make amazing K9 pals. This fantastic ability goes for cats as well. No household dinner is safe!

What Does It Mean When Your Dog Keeps Sniffing You

It is possible that your dog’s sniffing has become an obsession or a behavior problem if they can’t seem to shut it off after the initial rundown has passed.

When you first arrive home, all the anticipation for this moment to come has your dog smelling you intensely, sometimes too intensely.

If your pup’s sniffing has become a nuisance, it may be time to put a stop to it, at least to the extent of it.

Is Your Dog Sniffing You Because You Taught Them To

Many dog owners are guilty of bringing home a little something for the pets every time they walk through the door. Mainly because of the guilt they feel for leaving their buddy at home for so long. Although this is based around good intentions, it’s teaching them to expect it.

Is your dog sniffing around so much on days you forget a treat? Are they maybe looking for more? 

What Do Dogs Smell When They Sniff You

What do dogs smell when they sniff you? The obvious answers are the ones given above; however, they are not the only answers. Yes, dogs can smell the grease from your cheeseburger still on your hands, and they know when you were snuggling up to someone else’s dog, but they can do way more than that.

Dogs have such an amazing sense of smell they can sense things you would find hard to believe.

● Cancer

● Coronavirus

● Pregnancy

● Emotions

● Diabetes

Although we cannot smell any types of changes or fluids moving through our bodies, our dogs can detect smells that are not familiar to them or changes in your smell. They can detect a change in the scent of your urine, saliva, sweat, etc.

Do Dogs Like The Smell Of Their Owners

Yes, dogs like the smell of their owners. The sense of smell is much different for a dog than it is for us. Their senses help determine their emotions; if they enjoy or love something or someone, in turn, they love their smell.

When your furry friend gets a whiff of your scent, they are never thinking how great your new perfume is, nor are they repulsed and hoping you decide to take a shower. Their smell goes deeper than that.

Your dog can sense your natural scent, and they love it because they love you. That is why they sniff you when you come home, or they snuggle your blankets when you are gone. Your dog is likely to feel more comforted or relaxed by your scent, not grossed out. 

Final Thoughts

Always remember your dog is the most loyal and caring friend you will ever have. They love everything about you, including your smell.

So when they are mauling you once you step foot in the front door, it’s because they smelled you coming from a mile away. They have been waiting for you for some time, and they are curious as to where you have been and what you have been doing.

If your dog seems to be getting a little carried away with the sniffing, re-evaluate your leaving and coming home routine and stay strong when you tell them enough.

Consider cutting out the treat you bring home every day and replace it with a big hug. Your pup wants your attention; it doesn’t matter if that is with a biscuit or a snuggle.

Never get upset with your little pup for their sniff attack. Although it can be aggravating and, depending on your dog’s size, it could also be useful. If they continuously sniff at you and seem to be more than normal or not only when you first get home, maybe you should schedule an appointment with your doctor. Just in case!!!

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