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Why Does My Dog Sneeze In The Morning – 5 Key Reasons!

A dog’s sneeze is usually loud enough to wake anyone up with a start! As a dog owner, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard your dog sneeze first thing in the morning. He may even sneeze in the morning and at no other time. Therefore, it’s only natural that you ask, why does my dog sneeze in the morning?

Dogs sneeze in the morning because allergies are bothering them or because they are awake and ready to play. Other causes include being playful, excited, sickness, or inhaling something that irritates their nose. Dogs can also playfully “sneeze,” for attention.

Sneezes aren’t all bad when it comes to your dog. Your dog’s sneeze could even mean that he is ready to play, but we’ll talk about that more later. If you want to learn more about your dog’s morning habit, then keep on reading to understand!

Reasons Why Dogs Sneeze In The Morning

There are numerous reasons why your dog may be sneezing in the morning. Here are the five most common reasons why:

Your Dog Is Suffering From Allergies

Dogs, like humans, can suffer from allergies. Often, allergies can worsen in the morning, especially if you prefer to sleep with your window open. As your dog wakes up, the pollen and smell of grass could irritate his nose and make him sneeze. 

Something Tickled Your Dog’s Nose

Your dog may sneeze after something tickles his nose. Since your dog is covered in fur, it wouldn’t be shocking that a piece of fur lands on your dog’s nose and leads him to sneeze. 

Your Dog Wants To Play

Dogs sometimes sneeze when they want to play or are feeling playful. Some dogs, especially puppies, wake up with a lot of energy and are ready to play as soon as their eyes are open. 

Your Dog Is Excited 

When dogs start to feel excited, they start to sneeze! People often call this “play sneezing.” It is undoubtedly a strange habit, but not one that you should be concerned about. 

Your Dog Inhaled Something That Irritated His Nose

Your dog’s nose could be irritated by something in the room. If your dog sleeps while you are getting ready in the morning, things like the smell of hairspray could make your dog sneeze more than usual. 

Is It Normal For Dogs To Sneeze 

Yes, it is normal for dogs to sneeze.

Dogs may not sneeze as often as humans do, but it is not abnormal for dogs to sneeze. You should not be concerned if you hear your dog sneeze, even if it does not happen all the time. 

If your dog is constantly sneezing or is sneezing many times in a row, something more may be wrong. Dogs should not be sneezing all the time. 

As gross as it sounds, you should also pay attention to the kind of snot that comes out of your dog’s nose. This can tell you a lot about what may be wrong with your dog. 

Should I Be Worried If My Dog Is Sneezing

As long as your dog can stop sneezing, it would help if you were not worried that your dog is sneezing. 

Sneezing in a dog should not be a significant cause for concern, even if you think dogs should not be sneezing. 

Dogs will sneeze every now and again, and even a few times in a row when they do start sneezing. Your dog may rub his nose against the ground after he’s done, but that’s it. 

As long as your dog does not seem to be in distress and can still breathe, there is no reason to be scared that something is wrong with your dog. 

How Can I Help My Dog Stop Sneezing

The best way to help a sneezing dog is to remove whatever is causing your dog to sneeze.

Not all sneezing triggers can be removed from your dog’s space, but there are some things you can do to help your dog, especially if he is suffering from sneezing relating to allergies.

Dust often. Few people enjoy dusting, but it can help both your dog and you stop sneezing. Make sure to clean windowsills and anywhere you may see pollen in your house.

Vacuum regularly. Vacuuming is an essential fight against allergies. Make sure to vacuum your carpets extra well. Allergens can get trapped in your carpet. Since your dog spends so much time on the floor, he is right next to irritants. 

Avoid air freshener. It may make your house smell great, but it can make your dog start sneezing!

Other Considerations

Since you may have never heard of play sneezing before, this may be a good time to cover it and discuss it in more depth.

You may not think that there is such a thing as playful sneezing, but there is! 

When dogs play with each other and start to get what looks to be rough, they will start to “play sneeze.” This is a way to show the other dog that they mean no harm and are not aggressive toward them.

Why a sneeze, you may ask?

There does not seem to be a reasonable consensus on why dogs seem to think that sneezing is a great way to show each other that they are not mean.

However, if you think about it, it does make some sense, even without asking a scientist.

Think about what you do when you sneeze. You might scrunch up as you sneeze. You close your eyes. Your heart even stops beating for a second when you sneeze.

In other words, you’re pretty vulnerable when you sneeze.

What better way to show a dog that you mean no harm when you are completely vulnerable in front of them. A dog that is being mean would not do anything to let his guard down, including succumbing to a sneeze.

You may not understand why dogs communicate in the ways they do, but you should count your blessings that they do it this way. After all, you wouldn’t want to see a violent dog fight break out because the dogs misunderstood the other’s attention.

Dogs can’t talk things out like humans can, so they need other options. 

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