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Why Does My Dog Sulk – What You Should Know!

Everyone likes to picture a dog as happy and with a wagging tail, but dogs are not happy all the time. Some dogs will end up sulking. If you’ve seen it before, then you’ve probably asked yourself, why does my dog sulk?

Dogs sulk when they are upset by something or depressed if the sulking is constant.

Dogs have emotions, just like humans. Sometimes a dog can get sulky, which means that it is primarily up to you to figure out what makes your dog upset. Once you do, you can start to make it better, so your dog gets happier. Keep on reading to learn more about why your dog is sulking and what you can do as his owner.

Reasons Your Dog Sulks

There are multiple reasons why your dog may sulk. Here are the top five reasons why:

Your Dog Misses You

Not everyone can help how much they work, and your dog could start to sulk if he does not see you very much. You may notice this when you are getting ready to leave the house.

Your Dog Is Depressed

Dogs can get depressed too. Your dog may start to sulk more than usual if he is feeling depressed. Your dog is not depressed if he sulks every once in a while.  

Your Dog Doesn’t Like His Environment

Your dog may start to sulk if he does not like his environment. He may not have a comfortable place to sleep, or your home may be too loud for him.

Your Dog Is Lonely

A sulky dog can also be a lonely dog, especially if he is the only dog you have. Getting a second dog may not always be an option, so make sure you give your dog enough attention. 

Your Dog Is Sick

If your dog is not feeling well, he may start to sulk and move slower than usual. You will notice an overall change in your dog’s demeanor. 

Do Dogs Sulk When You Go On Holiday

Your dog may sulk when you go on holiday.

If you have a dog that is used to seeing you every day, then there is a good chance that your dog will sulk when you go away for a holiday.

Even if you are only gone for an overnight for a holiday, your dog will start to miss you.

You may feel like you are not gone long enough for your dog to miss you, but you are your dog’s best friend. You might think your dog will enjoy you not being around for a little while, but it’s almost a guarantee that your dog will sulk.

Do Dogs Sulk After Being Groomed

Your dog could sulk after getting groomed if he does not like being taken to the groomer.

While some dogs love the attention while getting washed, other dogs hate it more than anything else. If your dog is one of the many who hate getting washed, he may start to sulk after being groomed.

Your dog’s trip to the groomer probably won’t be enough to make your dog depressed, but it could certainly make him unhappy.

He may be sulky if he trusted you, and you took him to the groomer.

How Do I Know If My Dog Is Depressed

A dog that is depressed will be sulky, but more than that, you may notice that your dog does not eat as much and is usually hiding.

A dog that is sulking may only be upset for a little while. He may not be depressed.

Other signs could mean that your dog is feeling depressed, which happens in addition to sulking.

You may notice that your dog is eating less than usual. Even his favorite snack isn’t enough to get him excited.

Your dog isn’t as social as he used to be. He may not look forward to going outside to play or sleeps most of the day. 

How Do You Stop A Dog From Sulking

Removing whatever made your dog upset will stop your dog from sulking.

Your dog is most likely sulking because something happened to make him upset. The best way to stop him from sulking is to fix whatever is bothering him.

For instance, if your dog sulks after you discipline him, try to discipline him differently if you need to.

You will need to take some time to figure out what is making your dog sulk, and then you will have to do your best to remove that factor from your dog’s life.

Things To Consider

If you have a dog who likes to sulk, you can do a few things to help your pup. You won’t be able to “cure” your dog, but you can make it easier on him.

Have Family Or Friends Watch Your Dog

Planning a family vacation is always fun, but you may not know what to do with your dog. If you board your dog, consider asking a family member or friend to watch your dog.

There are services where people will come and watch your dog, but that person is still a stranger and can be hard on your dog.

Make Your Dog A Safe Space

Sometimes your dog may be looking for a space to go and hide. If your dog does not have a space of his own, then you may find him sulking in the middle of the living room or kitchen.

Your dog may enjoy some alone time by himself. 

Think About Your Commitment

Dogs are always a great option for people and families, but they can be a lot of work.

There is nothing wrong with being a person who likes to travel or work long weeks for extra money.

But if you are one of these people, you should consider if a dog is something that you have the time to commit to. 

The best way to stop a dog from sulking is by not putting your dog in a situation where he could sulk. Someone who is not home often may not be the best dog owner, even if they adore dogs.

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