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Why Does My Dog Tip His Water Bowl Over – 5 Reasons Why!

The wooden floors are warping, there’s a moldy smell in the air, and this is the third time you’ve slipped in the kitchen this week! Your dog has started to flip his water bowl over, and you’re starting to lose your patience. You want to be a good pet owner, so you want to figure out what’s causing this behavior. You rush to the internet and ask: why does my dog tip his water bowl over?

Dogs tip their water bowls over because they’re bored, overheated, or want new water. Tipping over water bowls is also a dog’s way of gaining its owner’s attention.

This article will discuss the different reasons your dog tips his food bowl over and what you can do to stop it.

Reasons Your Dog Tips His Water Bowl Over

There are many reasons a dog may tip his bowl over, but below are the most common you’ll see:

Your Dog Is Bored

Dogs will go to great lengths to alleviate their boredom, and if he starts flipping over his bowl, he might be reaching the tail end of those lengths. Like people, they need plenty of love and attention all day. If your dog comes over to you once he knocks over his bowl, he tips his food bowl over for attention and seeks you out to fix the mess and play with him.

He’s Hot

Because of a dog’s fur coat, they overheat easily, and their water bowl offers an accessible cooling station for them.

If your dog does this when it’s particularly hot outside, try turning down the temperature or purchasing a puppy pool for him to play in. This will encourage him to cool off in cuter, less destructive ways.

Your Dog Wants Cold Or Fresh Water

Dogs are smart! They understand that their faithful owner will come and fill it back up if their water bowl is empty.

So, your dog may start knocking over his water bowl with the sole intent for you to refill it with cold and fresh water. Instead of obeying your pet’s clock, set a refill schedule for yourself. Try refilling it once you wake up, at noon, and before you go to bed.

He’s Intrigued By His Reflection

Metal bowls reflect the dog back up at himself, which can intrigue excitable dogs’ eyes, especially puppies. Your dog might be tipping over his bowl to get to the dog he sees at the bottom of the bowl.

Your Dog Doesn’t Like the Bowl

Sometimes, the answer is simple–your dog doesn’t like the bowl. Is it a new bowl or a new dog? If it’s a recent change on any end, consider giving your dog water in another type of bowl and see if that alleviates the problem. This will involve a lot of trial and error, but it will be worth it in the end!

Are There Dog Bowls That Cannot Be Tipped Over

Yes, there are several untippable types of dog bowls, of which we will cover three: non-skid, dog bowls set in frames, and fountains.

Non-skid bowls are typically made of stainless steel with some rubber ring around the bottom. They have wide diameters, which, combined with the rubber ring, make it difficult for dogs to tip it over.

Some innovators have set dog bowls in frames, so it’s impossible for the dog to tip over the bowl since it would involve tipping over the heavy frame as well. These are the most foolproof of all the untippable dog bowls since they are so heavy.

Finally, fountains are especially helpful if you believe that your dog is flipping his water bowl for fresh water because they keep water oxygenated and fresh all day! Their wide bases and bulk make them difficult for even the most determined troublemaker to tip over.

Whichever you end up settling on, they are all readily available with a quick Google search.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Flipping His Food Bowl

It is challenging to train your dog out of bowl-flipping because he will often perform the behavior when you are not there to reprimand him verbally. However, it is always a good idea to say, “No!” when your dog acts in a way that you don’t want him to. 

Investing in a non-flippable bowl is a quick fix for the problem. It is well worth the modest investment!

It’s also a good idea to address the root of the problem. If your dog only flips his bowl when he’s been ignored for a long time, make sure to make more time for playtime. If he has started to flip his bowl after a change to a new type of food, consider switching to a new brand (or back to the old) or weaning your dog off the old food and onto the new.

Other Factors

Dogs flip over their water bowls because they’re hot, bored, or want new water. Addressing these problems not only keeps your dog from flipping his bowl but will also improve his quality of life. It’s a win-win for both of you. Therefore, it is utterly vital to understand why your dog is flipping his bowl.

What does he do when he flips his bowl? When does he do it? Is it when he’s hot? Alone? When the water’s been sitting for a while? There are easy ways you can modify your behavior to improve your dog’s life.

If he’s too hot (you’ll be able to tell by excessive panting), then turn down the AC or shave his coat down. If he’s bored, then play with him some more. If he wants new water, change his bowl more often (at least once a day), or purchase a pet water fountain.

All of these actions will improve your pup’s life, and in turn, it will improve yours!

If your dog seems dead set on flipping his bowl, despite all the changes you’ve made to improve his life, then buy an unflippable bowl. Many different kinds would suit any pet owner’s needs.

The investment is worth it since spilled water can damage floors and cause slips. 

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