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Why Does My Husky Keep Shaking His Head – Is It Normal?

Huskies are adventurous creatures; they love to explore new areas and get into things they probably should not. Unfortunately, that means, at times, they could inadvertently do something that may cause harmful health issues, including problems to their ears or head. This can lead to you wondering, why does my husky keep shaking his head?

Your husky is shaking its head due to an injury or infection in its ears. In severe cases, head shaking is related to head trauma or neurological conditions that will require the attention of a veterinarian.

If you have recently noticed your dog is shaking his head, often it is not something to ignore or put off; even the slightest infection or injury to your dogs’ ears or head can escalate very fast and lead to more severe and even life-threatening conditions.

Reasons Your Husky Shakes It’s Head

You may want to consider many different reasons if you have noticed that your Husky is constantly shaking his head. Here are a few that are more common and could be the issue responsible for your Husky to shake their heads/constantly

There Is Water Stuck In His Ears

If your Husky has water stuck in his ears, he is going to shake his head constantly in attempts to get it to come loose. Husky’s may have a much harder time clearing their ears of trapped water or any other type of liquid due to their immense amount of fur coating around their ears.

Your Husky Has An Ear Infection

If your pup has an ear infection, they cannot touch it or soothe it as humans can; the only way they can attempt to relieve the pain or discomfort is by shaking their heads repeatedly. 

The action does not help anything, but it is their reaction to what is happening, and it will show you that there is something wrong.

He Has An Ear Injury

Again, there isn’t any way for your Husky to let you know there is something wrong with them and if they are in pain or uncomfortable. Your dog may shake his head if he has a cut or any other outside pain surrounding his ears.

He Has Ear Mites

Hear mites are more common than a lot of people think. They are teeny-tiny bugs that can get into your dog’s ears and make themselves at home. Mites will multiple, and they will cause pain and infection in the ear canal and even the outside of the ear. 

Your Husky Has A Head Injury.

If your dog has recently experienced a head injury and he has started to shake his head rapidly, you will need to seek the attention of a vet immediately. This could be signs of a traumatic injury or a sign there is more wrong than you may have thought initially.

Why Does My Dog Keep Shaking His Head and Ears

If you notice your dog is shaking his head and ears a lot, you should examine his ears to check for discharge or irritation. If your pup is shaking his head because of ear injuries or infection, you will more likely than not be able to notice a difference inside the ear. 

In most cases, dogs shake their ears because there is something there that should not be, whether water, mites, injuries, or infections.

Why Does My Dog Keep Shaking His Head Like He Has Something in His Ear

If your dog is shaking his head like he has something in his ear, then he probably has something in his ear.

It may not be readily noticeable and could be something that has made its way deep into the canal. If your dog continues to shake his head for an extended period and you cannot see anything in the ear, you will want to see a vet.

My Dog Keeps Shaking His Head And Panting

Panting is a sign of pain and anxiety in a dog. If your dog is shaking his head a lot and is noticeably panting more than usual, that is a good sign something is off, and they need your help.

Why Is My Dog Shaking Its Head and Licking Its Paws

Dogs tend to lick their paws for a few different reasons if there is something stuck inside their toes or in their fur, cleaning their paws, and if they are in distress or having anxiety over something.

Licking their paws can be a form of anxious behavior in a dog, and if it is coupled with shaking his head, then your dog is probably in pain, either from the head or ear wound or infection.

Why Does My Dog Keep Shaking Head and Tilting To One Side

Keep a close eye on your dog if they are shaking their head a lot. If it is a localized ear infection or injury, then your pup will tend to tilt its head to whichever side the pain occurs.

If your dog is favoring one side of its head, that is where you should start looking for anything noticeable showing inflammation, infection, or injuries.

What Should I Do If My Dog Keeps Shaking His Head

If you have noticed your pup shaking his head constantly, you should start by investigating them physically. Check their head and ears for any complications or problems. If you notice no signs of an issue, you should then purchase an ear cleaning kit made specifically for dogs. 

You must follow the instructions carefully, so you do not cause any further issues. 

If the problem continues, or you noticed a lot of discharge coming from the ear when you clean it out, you are probably looking at an ear infection, and you will need to contact your vet for antibiotics.

What Are Signs of Neurological Disorders in Dogs

There are multiple signs of neurological disorders in dogs. If you see your dog doing any of the following, you may want to get him medical attention as soon as possible.

  • Acting disoriented
  • Walking in circles
  • Head pressing (pressing their head into furniture, people, or wall)
  • Unable to use one or more of their limbs.
  • Unable to stand or walk well.
  • Seizures

How Do I Stop My Dog from Shaking His Head

The only way you will be able to stop your dog from shaking his head is by figuring out what is causing the head to shake in the first place. If it is an ear infection cleaning out his ears and possibly treating it with antibiotics will stop the shaking. 

Seeking advice from your veterinarian will be the best way to decide what exactly is going on with your pup and what you can do to stop the shaking.

Other Thoughts

A dog shaking its head does not necessarily indicate a medical issue or a cause for concern. They may have an itch they cannot scratch, reacting to a funny feeling, or simply drying their head after getting it wet. However, if your pet is shaking his ears frequently or rapidly, then you should start to worry.

A husky has a lot of furs, and it can keep moisture locked into their ears. If you notice a lot of shaking after you bathe your dog or after he was swimming in a pool or pond trying to take a cloth towel and carefully pat it dry.

Another thing to note is that frequent head shaking can lead to other complications, including neck muscles strains, hematomas (blood pockets) in the ears, etc.

Never allow your dog to shake their head back and forth for long periods constantly, and if you ever suspect your dog has any health issue, contact your veterinarian immediately.

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