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Why Does My Husky Smell So Bad – Dog Odor Causes!

Imagine this. You’ve just given your husky its bath, but for some reason, your dog continues to reek after. If you’re a husky parent who’s looking for a solid rationale behind your pet’s stinky syndrome, you’ve come to the right place. So let’s answer the question, why does my husky smell so bad?

Huskies smell bad due to dental infections caused by bad oral hygiene. Other causes of bad breath in Huskies include ear infections, gingivitis, urinary tract infection (UTI), imbalanced microbiomes, or impacted anal sacs.

Before you get too anxious, we’ve discussed each smell-causing reason and detail, and there are some super-helpful tips to help you make your pet smell better. 

Reasons Your Husky Smells So Bad

Alrighty, if your pet’s giving off enough odors to clear up your sinuses, here are five common culprits you should keep an eye out for. 

Skin Infections

One of the likeliest reasons behind your husky’s funky smell could be a skin infection. Dogs can develop skin problems due to various conditions like red mange, ring or hookworms, or even an endocrine disease like hypothyroidism. 

If you’ve noticed your pet scratching more than usual or licking a spot on its fur over and over – it’s best to take a quick visit to the vet to ensure your pet’s skin isn’t infected.

Ear Infections

Unless your pup is the type to stay indoors at all times (which huskies aren’t), it’s exposed to many contaminants and bacteria daily. While your dog’s system is well-equipped to fight most kinds of bacteria, sometimes things go awry and give way to ear infections. 

If your husky is prone to hormonal imbalances or has any allergy, the yeast or bacteria can grow out of control and give off quite a stench. While the chances of ear infections are higher for dogs with floppy or droopy ears, this doesn’t make your husky a hundred secure. 

A quick whiff near your pet’s ear is sometimes enough to alert you to the presence of ear infections. 

Bad Oral Hygiene

We’ve all had days we’ve forgotten to brush our teeth – only to be reminded of the error, thanks to smelly breath. This is where canines and humans are pretty similar because the build-up of tartar and plaque on your husky’s teeth can also be why it smells terrible every time it sidles up to you. 

That’s why it’s essential for you to focus on keeping your husky’s teeth clean and shiny. Regular teeth brushing schedule, along with supplements like dental chews, can go a long way when it comes to looking after your husky’s teeth and gums. Oh, and it can work wonders for making your furball smell better too. 

Urinary Tract Infection

If your husky has a long-hair coat, it’s possible for urine to get on its fur (around the belly area) every time it takes a wee. This is one viable reason why your pet is suddenly stinky. However, if it’s a urine build-up on the fur causing a problem – a bath should take care of it. 

If your dog continues to smell even after going scrub a dub dub, it could be that your husky is battling a urinary tract infection. Believe it or not, UTIs are pretty common in canines and occur when bacteria move up the urethra to your pet’s bladder.

Common symptoms of a UTI are frequent and painful urination, urinating in the house, dripping urine, and of course, super-stinky urine. If your husky is displaying one or more of these signs, take it to the vet asap for quick diagnosis and treatment. 

Impacted Anal Sacs

Does your husky smell like rotting fish at all times? If that’s the case, your pet’s anal sacs may have become impacted. That may sound technical, but it simply means that the perianal glands (located near your husky’s anus) are infected and secreting a stinky liquid because of it. 

If you’re feeding your pet husky a commercial diet that’s not agreeing with your dog, he may be having loose or soft stools. When that happens, your pet’s perianal glands haven’t expressed the way they’re supposed to – causing the material to build up in the glands until an infection develops. 

Thankfully, your vet can help out with the situation by emptying the glands and suggesting some diet changes to ensure the problem doesn’t repeat. 

Do Huskies Have An Odor

Huskies do have an odor but aren’t naturally smelly. Compared to Boxers or Saint Bernards, a Husky has a pleasant odor.

Despite their thick fur, Huskies don’t smell unless there’s an underlying cause like a skin infection or dental problems. If you notice your pet husky is giving off odors despite a regular grooming routine, it’s best to have your pet checked out by the vet to target and treat any related problems. 

Why Does My Husky Smell Like Fish

If your husky is giving off a fishy stench, your dog may be suffering from infected/impacted anal glands. This is a common enough problem in canines and is often caused by an inadequate diet. 

If your pet displays symptoms like rubbing his bum on the floor or a perpetual stink on its beddings, your husky’s smelly condition is likely related to impacted anal sacs. 

Should Huskies Be Bathed

Even though huskies are pretty hygienic, it’s recommended that you bathe your pet once every 4 to 6 weeks. Huskies have a thick coat of fur, which means your dog’s coat can be housing all types of contaminants from its jaunts outside, and that’s why bathing is a must. 

However, make sure to use a pet-friendly shampoo for your furbaby and keep track of its shedding schedule. 

Additionally, if you feel your dog needs a bath before six weeks are up due to dirt or mud sticking on its fur – you can do so. Just ensure you don’t wash your furry companion too often because excessive bathing can strip the skin of its natural minerals, leading to dry skin and itchiness. 

Why Does My Dog Smell So Bad Even After A Bath

Stinkiness brought on by rolling in the mud is quite different from your husky smelling bad even after a bath. That typically means there’s an underlying condition that’s causing your husky to reek.

Common causes behind bad smells (that stick around even after baths) can be linked to skin or ear infections, infected anal sacs, urinary tract infections, dental problems, or even an unsuitable diet. 

How Do I Get Rid Of The Dog Smell On My Dog

As far as huskies are concerned, a regular grooming and bathing routine will work like magic to keep your dog smelling fresh for longer.

However, suppose your husky’s smell has anything to do with infections of the skin, ear, urinary tract, or anal sacs. In that case, it’s going to need immediate attention and care from your veterinarian. 

Apart from that, here are a few pointers you can utilize to ensure your pet steers clear of bacteria of any kind:

●      Dental Hygiene – Brush and clean your husky’s teeth regularly to stave off dental problems. Invest in husky-friendly dental chews to promote gum and dental health. 

●      Nutritious Diet – Sometimes, the brand of commercial food your feeding your pet doesn’t agree with its digestion and can cause elimination problems. Talk to your vet about a diet change if your notice your dog’s stools are loose and soft. 

●      Routine Cleaning – Stick to your husky’s bathing routine (once every 4 to 6 weeks) to ensure its fur doesn’t house any problem causing contaminants. Also, keep checking your pet’s ear for nasties like excessive ear wax, redness, or swelling to make sure you catch the beginnings of an infection. 

Other Considerations

Your dog is as likely to catch infections from the outside as it is from staying indoors. That may sound iffy, but the truth is huskies (and all other canines) need a clean and hygienic indoor environment to ensure optimal health. Here are some pro tips to help maintain your husky’s living standards.

Wash And Care For Your Dog’s Bedding

Your pet’s bed can become a hothouse for bacteria and other yucky organisms if you don’t vacuum and wash it regularly.

Pet dander is a leading cause of allergies in humans, and a build-up of the stuff on your pet’s bed can also create just the right environment for bacteria and pests to thrive. Not to mention, a dog’s bed is also exposed to all sorts of grime and muck, which means washing it is a necessity. 

Regular Visits To The Vet

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we can’t stress the importance of regular visits to the vet for your husky’s good health. This will keep you up-to-date on how your pet’s growth is progressing, tip you off to any problems in your husky’s diet, and ensure that health concerns like infections are caught in the bud. 

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