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Why Does My Rottweiler Pant So Much – What It Means

Have you noticed your Rottweiler is panting quite a bit more than other dogs? Anyone with a Rottweiler knows these dogs are massive and slobbery. So when your big buddy is dripping drool all over your face when kissing you, you may find yourself wondering, why does my rottweiler pant so much?

Rottweilers pants so much because because of their large stature. Panting is a way for dogs to regulate their body temperature. Rottweilers can also pan due to illness, injury, anxiety, or recent exercise.

If your Rottweiler is panting excessively and you’re unsure why this article will provide you with a list of the most common reasons. 

7 Reasons Your Rottweiler Pants So Much

All dogs pant, but Rottweilers are known for it because they are so large. Here are the top 7 reasons why rottweilers pant.

●      He is hot– Simply put, your pup is panting because he is hot. If it’s a humid day or the heat is cranked in your home, your Rottweiler will get hot faster than you do; he will then pant to cool down.

●      He is in pain- Aside from regulating their body temperature, panting can be a sign of distress. If your furry friend is in pain, he may start to pant more than usual.

●      He is excited- If your dog is panting a lot, it may be that he got himself all worked up over something exciting.

●      He is a Rottweiler– Rottweilers are notoriously big dogs; they tend to pant more often because they have to keep their body temperature constantly in-check.

●      He has a health condition- There are quite a few health conditions and diseases that can cause your dog to pant heavily.

●      He is scared/anxious- If your dog seems to be panting a lot in new situations or high-stress cases, it may be due to anxiety or fear.

●      He is angry- Anger panting, like happy or excited panting, is a behavior trait. A dog will pant when he is angry because that’s what he learned to do.

Is It Normal For Rottweilers To Pant

Yes, it is normal for Rottweilers to pant. They pant more than most other breeds because of their large size and stature. Because of their body mass, they need to pant more often to keep themselves cool. Without panting, your Rottweiler could overheat very quickly.

What Else Can Cause A Rottweiler To Pant

Rottweilers will pant if they are sick. This breed is susceptible to many diseases and health conditions due to its genetics and predispositions. Many of the problems will cause your dog to feel pain, anxiety, or several other reasons that will cause them to pant more than other dogs.

●      Hip Dysplasia- Although this is a condition many other breeds are known to have, most dogs that develop hip dysplasia are the larger breeds, including rottweilers.

Hip dysplasia occurs when the muscles around the hip’s sockets loosen and the ball and socket loosen around the hip, causing them to come apart. It is painful and will cause your dog to pant.

●      Aortic Stenosis– This is a heart disease that rottweilers, in particular, are born with, passed down from one generation to the next.

A blockage in the ventricles near the heart, it is causing the heart to pump faster than every day put access stress on your dog’s heart.

●      Osteosarcoma (bone cancer)- Osteosarcoma has been a significant concern in the rottweiler community recently.

It seems this breed tends to form this particular form of cancer more frequently than other dogs. Cancer will cause orthopedic pain, which will increase your dog’s panting.

When considering adopting a rottweiler, whether they are an older rescue dog or a little pup, having their hearts checked for aortic stenosis as soon as possible is very important.

Some breeders have started to do this as soon as a litter is born to keep the puppies diagnosed from breeding and passing down the genes.

Why Does My Rottweiler Puppy Pant So Much

Rottweiler puppies pant so much because of their high level of activity.

Puppies, in general, tend to pant a lot. There is nothing abnormal about a puppy who is seen frequently panting because they have such a high level of energy and constantly on the go; your pup will tire himself quickly. 

Is It Bad If My Dog Is Panting A Lot

It is not necessarily bad that your dog is panting a lot. It could be cause for concern if there is no reason for the panting or it doesn’t subside.

If you feel like your dog is panting more than usual, you may want to contact your veterinarian to have him checked out. There are multiple medical reasons your dog could start to pant heavily and should be taken care of immediately.

Illness that can cause dogs to pant excessively:

●      Heart failure 

●      Lung disease

●      Anemia

●      Cushions Disease

●      Laryngeal paralysis

Is Panting A Sign Of Anxiety In Dogs

Panting is one of the signs of anxiety in dogs. If your dog seems to be panting in places where he should not be overheated and he has been running around too much, the panting you are seeing may be a sign your buddy is anxious.

If you think your pup’s panting is due to anxiety, here are a few other signs to watch for:

● Over drolling

● Shaking

● Tail between the legs

● Ears back

● Pacing

● Excessive yawning

● Whining or whimpering

● Wanting to be held a lot more 

How Do I Know If My Dog Is Panting Too Much

If your dog is panting heavily for no known reason or panting after over-exerting themselves and can’t stop, that is a good indication it is too much. 

Please pay attention to your dog the next time you notice he is excessively panting in a situation you do not feel he should be. There are a few signs to look for to help you decide whether or not this issue should be cause for concern.

Listen To The Sound Of Their Breath

When your four-legged friend is panting hard, how does it sound? 

An average dog will pant relatively quietly and precisely. If your dog’s breath sounds rough, forced, or abnormal in any way, then there is something else going on.

Is it Accompanied With a Cough Or Gag

Does your dog seem to have a cough or gag that coincides with the excessive panting? If so, there may be a severe health condition causing them to breathe harder and louder. 

A significant health concern in some dogs is Laryngeal paralysis and will affect your dog’s breathing. This disease will progress over time, making it harder for your dog to breathe. To get in enough air, they have to pant, making it even harder to get in a good breath; therefore, they tend to gag and cough or choke.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing abnormal about a dog panting, especially a rottweiler who seems to pant a lot. Panting is used to maintain a healthy body temperature and cool dogs down when hot from the elements or exercise.

Because of your Rottys size, it may seem he pants an excessive amount, but he is probably okay unless it is abnormal or for no reason.

When your dog starts to age is when you may begin to notice a change in its panting and breathing.

That is because along with age come diseases and health concerns. If you feel your elderly dog struggles to breathe or is panting too much, get them medical attention as quickly as possible. 

If there is no other noticeable issue with your Rottweiler other than lots of panting, you shouldn’t worry. If your big lug is doing this because of exercise or heat, make sure he has an excellent place to rest and plenty of water, and he will be just fine.

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