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Why Doesn’t My Dog Jump Anymore – Reason For Concern?

Are you use to a rambunctious pup who loves to run around and jump when they are happy, excited, or want your attention? If this is what you are used to, then it wouldn’t be uncommon to wonder, why doesn’t my dog jump anymore?

Dogs don’t jump when they are injured and lack confidence in performing the jump. Illness and old age are also major factors in dogs not jumping. Dogs may also lose interest in jumping or have anxiety about the behavior.

If you feel your dog is not jumping as much as it had been, or not at all, we understand your concerns. Here is a list of the most common reasons for dogs to quit jumping; take a look and see if any of these resonate with your pooches problems.

Reasons Your Dog Doesn’t Jump Anymore

Sadly, there are not many reasons for your dog’s loss of interest in jumping that is harmless. Most of the time, when a dog stops jumping, it’s because that type of movement is uncomfortable. Here are five common issues that contribute to dogs jumping, or lack thereof.

Your Dog Has Muscle Deterioration

Muscle deterioration is basically when your dog’s muscles start to wear away. This is commonly caused by the lack of mobility from either old age or illness. More heartbreakingly, it can happen when a dog has been chained or crated for long periods and often. 

When a dog suffers from muscle deterioration, its hind legs’ ability to catapult them up is significantly affected, causing some dogs to stop trying to jump altogether. 


Arthritis is more prominent in older dogs. However, it has been found to affect some younger dogs as well. Like people, dogs can develop arthritis in their bones, and the swelling can make jumping too painful.

Pain in hips or joints (Hip Dysplasia)

Hip Dysplasia is a common occurrence in large bread dogs, but it can affect all types of breeds. 

This medical issue is when the muscles and ligaments that hold your pup’s hips together start to loosen up, and the ball and socket joint separates. Not only is this going to cause your furry friend a lot of pain, keeping them from wanting to jump. It will also significantly reduce their range of motion, making the actual act of jumping nearly impossible.

Your Dog Has PTSD

It may not be a physical problem keeping your dog from jumping. It might be a bad experience they had in the past when they jumped. If a dog was punished in the past or maybe jumped up on something and feel hurting themselves, they may be too scared of that same issue recurring.

This type of situation can be very problematic in rescue pups especially. When you adopt a dog from another person, there is no telling what happened to them before entering your home. If your dog had a bad experience from jumping, you might never find out what it was, making it harder to correct the issue.

Disease Is Affecting Your Dog

Many diseases can affect your dog’s mobility and ability to jump. Your canine companion could be born with a medical problem, or it could have resulted from a past illness, injury, or outside contributors.

Some diseases that will make your dog think twice before jumping are:

– Lyme disease

– Cushing’s disease

– Botulism

– poisoning

Your Dog Is Not Interested In Jumping

It’s possible that your dog isn’t jumping for joy anymore because they don’t feel like it. Although there are not many dogs out there who decide one day they no longer enjoy the act of jumping, it is possible.

This is only for dogs who stop jumping out of excitement or play, and attitude will not affect the ability to jump, just the will.

Is It Normal For Dogs To Not Jump

Instinctively dogs will jump. They were naturally built with strong hind leg muscles to help them manage life in the wild. So although it is not abnormal for dogs not to jump constantly, it isn’t normal for them to never jump.

Why Is My Dog Shaking And Can’t Jump

If your dog stops jumping abruptly and is constantly shaking or even just when trying to jump, there is something wrong with them. More likely than not, your pup has injured his back end. SHaking is the first indication of pain for many dogs, and if your pet is struggling to jump along with it, something on them is hurting.

Why Can’t My Dog Jump Up On The Bed Anymore

If your dog is aging, he may not have the power in his hips and legs to jump. Arthritis is a common problem in elderly dogs, stopping them from having the same range of motion they once did.

Other signs of arthritis are as follows:

● Walking with stiff legs

● Favoring one leg over another

● Avoids stairs (and getting on the Bed)

● Swollen or sore joints 

● Aggression

● Refuses to go on walks or stops walks short

Is It Bad For Dogs To Jump A Lot

It is bad if dogs jump alot because too much jumping can put a lot of wear and tear on their muscles and joints over several years. This can lead to arthritis and other hip and joint issues as they age. 

Jumping is natural for a dog, and it is something they start doing as a puppy and love to do while playing.

If you have your dog jumping a lot while walking them, taking them with you on hikes, or even agility courses, make sure they are getting an appropriate amount of time to heal in between outings or training time.

What Causes Sudden Hind Leg Weakness In Dogs

Seven things that cause sudden weakness in a dog’s hind legs are:

● Injury

● Arthritis

● Illness

● Medication

● Overexertion

● Being tired

● Getting older

How Do I Get My Dog To Jump

If you are interested in training your dog to jump on command for any reason, there is a simple training trick that is guaranteed to teach your dog how and when it is appropriate to jump.

Step one

With a treat in your hand, make your dog sit still directly in front of you.

Step Two

Make your dog stay in a sitting position, not giving them the treat just yet, but teaching them to keep still.

Step Three

With the treat still in your hand, hold your arm up in the air

Step Four

Give your pup the command to go for it

Step Five

Once they jump up for it, let them take it from your hand.

Once you can get this down pat with your pet, try not giving them the treat until they have jumped and are back into a “sit pretty” position.

How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Jumping On People

The best way to get dogs to not jump on people is to have the person your furry friend is jumping on lift their knee into the air mid-jump and then ignore the dog. Keep in mind; you are not trying to hurt the dog.

You are just trying to make it impossible for them to get to you. Not acknowledging them after they jumped will show them, this is not the way to act if they want your attention.,

When your dog is calm and is no longer jumping, reward them with a treat and praise, so they are more apt to associate a happy response from the good behavior.

Final Thoughts

Dogs are the happiest when they are allowed to jump around and play, but there will more than likely be times in your little buddy’s life where jumping may become uncomfortable or even painful.

Unfortunately, this is a standard part of aging if your dog is older, and the only thing you can do for many age-related issues is to keep your dog pain-free and make life a little more accommodating. (i.e., stairs to the Bed)

With that said, if your dog has stopped jumping abruptly and seems to be suffering from other issues as well, this can be a sign they have more going on than what meets the eye.

Any changes in your dog’s behavior that seems to come out of know where and affect their quality of life is something you should never take lightly.

Whether old age or a severe health condition, if your pup is no longer jumping around like they once were, make an appointment with their veterinarian.

The problem may be something natural that you can’t fix permanently, but maybe there could be something you can do to help make them more comfortable and live the rest of their lives less affected by their problem. Better yet, it could be something that can be easily corrected with medication or other treatments.

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