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Why Doesn’t My Dog Sit On My Lap – The Interesting Reason

When your dog sits in your lap it’s the best feeling ever right? So, when they don’t want to sit in your lap, that can be troublesome. Sometimes they won’t even sit next to you. You then start to wonder what the issue is.  You ask yourself, why doesn’t my dog sit on my lap?

A dog will not sit in your lap because of lack of stability, body temperature, stress, or because they feel uncomfortable with you. The surface texture of your clothes may bother your dog and cause them not to sit in your lap.

Learning how to navigate your pet’s needs can be a tricky feat. Understanding what they need and what you can do to make them comfortable is hard to do as a parent to a fur baby. Read on to understand the reasons why your dog may have some hesitations about jumping in your lap after a long day.

7 Reasons Why Your Dog Won’t Sit On Your Lap Anymore

There are countless reasons that your dog may decide to sit near you rather than in your lap, and most of the time, it is for the following reasons:

Your Body Temperature Is Too Hot For Your Dog

When you come home after a day away, chances are your body temp will be very different from the temp inside your home. Your pet is comfortable at the temp, and a sudden change in temp can be uncomfortable, and your pet may want to avoid sitting with you.  

Your Dog Is Too Big For Your Lap

Your dog may be a bit too big for your lap, or your lap may be a bit too big for your dog – and they cannot get comfortable. Animals are very particular, and comfort is a main priority.

Your Dog May Be Too Emotional 

Animals are very expressive, and when they feel, often they can get anxious., even if they are excited! Most dogs have the intelligence of a 2-year-old, so when they get excited or scared, rather than wanting to be with you, they run and hide or avoid being with you because they cannot handle their emotions. 

The Texture Of Your Clothes Bothers Your Dog

Dogs can be a lot like kids. If they do not like the texture of your clothes or a blanket, they will not be afraid to let you know.

They are in this for comfort, so when they sit on your lap and your jeans or dress pants are starched, or you are wearing a funky scratchy sweater, they are not going to be able to get comfortable. They can’t tell you that, so they get up and leave, making you wonder what you did wrong.  

Your Dog May Be Stressed

Just like us, our dogs can get stressed. And just like us, sometimes they want to be alone to deal with their feelings. This is ok, and often it is needed. As long as this is not something you notice for an extended period, it is ok for your dog to need some alone time. 

You Lap Is Not As Stable As A Normal Surface

Stability is huge. Do you ever notice that when your dog is sitting with you and adjusting yourself, they get up and worry? That is usually because they don’t like it when they are not on a stable surface. They don’t feel as secure and don’t like it when they do not control how they move or feel.  

Other Animals Might Bother Your Dog

Animals sometimes don’t get along, and if your dog sees your cat lying next to you, they may become uninterested because they don’t want to be around the other animal.

What Does It Mean When Your Dog Sits On Your Lap

Dogs love to sit on you when they feel comfortable enough to do so. Sometimes after you have been gone all day and you come home to sit o the couch. Your dog will plop right down in your lap. Generally, they do this for a few different reasons:

Your Dog Wants To Cuddle After A Long Day

When returning home from being gone for an extended time, however long that may be, your pet missed you. They want to cuddle with you and show you that they love you. And sometimes, you have a 60 lb lap dog! 

Often dogs will lay with you because they want you to show them some much-needed affection. 

Your Dog Is Asserting It’s Dominance 

On occasion, your dog is sitting in your lap because they want to assert their dominance – either with you or showing another animal that they are the boss.

It is crucial for them to feel comfortable and in charge of their home. When your dog is sitting on top of you, although it is a small feat; it’s a massive win for your dog and makes them feel like they are the boss. 

Dogs Want To Enjoy Your Company 

Sometimes the reason that your dog is in your lap is pure and straightforward – they want to be with you and be loved. They thrive off the energy and the love that we give to them, so sitting in our laps and petting and hugging them means the world to them.

You can never spoil your dog with too many hugs and pets! It does wonders for their mental health and self-esteem.

Should I Let My Puppy Sit On My Lap

You should let your pet sit in your lap – if that is the relationship that you want with your dog. When you have a puppy, all the things that you do with them when they are young will be engrained in them and will be second nature. 

If you don’t want to deal with a fully grown lap dog, you should train your dog to sit next to you rather than on top of you. It is a personal preference, and if you train your dog to sit with you or on, you will determine your dog’s behavior in later years of their life. 

Why Does My Dog Never Sit With Me

What it boils down to is that your dog is out of its comfort zone. It has nothing to do with you in particular; you know your dog loves you! Sometimes, if they sense or feel something that they do not like, do not understand, or recognize, they will not want to come and sit with you.

Typically the reasons will be environmental, and sometimes they will have to do with mental roadblocks that your dog has. The best thing you can do is try to make your dog comfortable with the environment if you cannot change it. 

How To Train Your Dog To Sit On Your Lap 

This is a learned behavior. The easiest way to train your pet to sit on your lap is positive reinforcement. This can be treats or words of encouragement. Your dog wants to know that what they are doing is ok.

One thing to keep in mind is to be consistent! If you sit on the couch and allow your dog in your lap, but not to sit on the sofa; otherwise, you are giving them mixed signals. 

They think that sometimes it is ok to get up there, and sometimes it is not. Make sure to pick a spot that you are ok with your dong being all the time. 

Final Thoughts 

There are plenty of reasons that your dog may opt to sit on the floor by your feet rather than on your lap. Usually, this will be because something is making them uncomfortable. 

If you want them to come and sit with you, try to figure out what is bothering them so you can alleviate some stress and change your dog’s mind!

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