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Why Is My Dog Acting Weird – Understanding Odd Behavior

Just like humans, sometimes our dogs get into funks. Whether they pick up a new bad habit or start acting differently, it’s easy to become concerned that something is wrong as a loving dog owner. So have you ever asked yourself, why is my dog acting weird?

A dog will begin acting weird when significant changes occur in their diet, medication, or external stimuli. Injuries, unfamiliar environments, and changes to their daily routine can cause dogs to act weird. Their behavior is a signal to their owner that something is wrong.

Why Is My Dog Acting Weird And Sad

If you notice your dog seems to be acting sad, reflect on whether there have been any significant changes in your household recently. This might include someone moving out, another pet passing away, or adding a new animal into your family.

Dogs are sensitive to such changes and may need some extra attention and care during periods of upheaval.  

If your dog is acting sad and nothing significant has changed in their daily life, evaluate whether your dog is getting enough attention and exercise.

If your dog is feeling lonely, you may consider bringing them to doggy daycare a few days a week or spending extra time playing with them to brighten their mood. If the sad behavior persists, visit your vet to ensure your dog is not feeling poorly.

Why Is My Dog Acting Weird And Clingy?

Your dog may be acting weird and clingy if they are feeling anxious or uneasy. Often, loud noises like fireworks or thunder can make a dog uneasy, and they may turn to you for comfort. Your dog might also act clingy if you have left them at home alone for an extended period. Give them lots of love and praise to comfort them.

Why Is My Dog Acting Weird And Following Me Around?

Dogs often follow their owner from room to room simply because they enjoy your company! They are pack animals and enjoy companionship. If your dog is following you around and seems anxious, consider if mealtime is approaching for them. Often dogs will come to find you to make sure you know it’s almost time for dinner!

Why Do Dogs Act Weird When You Blow On Their Face

Dogs may react when you blow on their face because they do not understand what you are doing, and they do not like the sensation. Blowing on your dog requires getting quite close to their face, and your dog may feel it is an invasion of their personal space and react badly.

Why Is My Dog Acting Weird After Flea Medicine

Your dog may start rolling, scratching, or rubbing themselves on the ground after you apply for their flea medicine. Typically, flea medication is applied by squeezing a few drops onto the nape of your dog’s neck. Often, they do not like the sensation of the product being applied.

It is possible that the flea medication could cause a reaction such as redness or irritation of your dog’s skin. While this would be a reason to alert your vet to a potential allergy to the medicine, it also might just be that your dog doesn’t like the sensation of the medicine being applied and is trying to remove it from their back.

Do Dogs Act Weird When They Have Worms

Yes, if your dog has worms, there will be telltale signs that alert you something is wrong. If your dog has a case of worms, the easiest way to confirm this ailment is by looking at their feces. However, not all worms will be visible to your eye, so you may have to rely on behavioral changes to confirm something is off.

Look out for your dog to be rubbing their bottom excessively on the carpet or furniture (Medic Animal). Often, the worms will cause your dog to feel ill as well, and this may manifest as a swollen belly or diarrhea.

Do Dogs Act Weird Before They Die

Sadly, it is typical for a dog’s behavior to change before they die. If you have an elderly dog, you may begin to observe some odd changes in your pet’s personality that signal the end is near.

Look out for lack of appetite or the desire to drink water, one of the most vital indicators that they will be passing soon.

Other signs are being uninterested in walking or playing anymore and the lack of desire to get up. Some dogs also experience slowed respiration and muscle twitching in the weeks leading up to their passing (Leesville Animal Hospital).

Do Dogs Act Weird When They Are Pregnant

Dogs that are pregnant often seek out attentional affection and attention or retreat and isolate themselves more than usual. 

Look out for weight gain, increased appetite, and nesting behaviors that signal your dog is pregnant and prepares to give birth. While these changes are subtle, the further advanced the pregnancy is, the more you will notice behavioral changes with your pup. 

Do Dogs Act Weird When In Heat

Yes, female dogs can act very weird when they go into heat. The behavior varies depending on the dog, and some females will be unaffected, while others become more erratic, moody, and nervous during the fertile time of their cycle.

 Usually, the biggest sign they are in heat is that the females will go out of their way to get near a male dog. If your dog is not spayed, it is crucial to know when your female dog is in heat to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Dogs are known to be extra sneaky and go to great lengths to mate during this time, so it’s easy to turn away for a second and find out that it is too late.

Do Dogs Act Weird When A Storm Is Coming

Dogs absolutely can act a bit strange when a storm is coming. Many dogs suffer from storm anxiety, which causes them to pant heavily, pull back their ears, or even take shelter in a quiet room during a thunderstorm.

 The reason for this behavior is that dogs can sense the drop in barometric pressure that accompanies a thunderstorm. Couple that with ominous dark skies and loud cracks of thunder, and you can have a very anxious dog on your hands (National Geographic).

 Another reason bad weather affects dogs so severely is that dogs with many furs can build up static electricity in a storm, which causes them to feel a shock. To treat storm anxiety, you can purchase a thunder blanket or thunder shirt for your dog, which acts as a weighted blanket for humans. It’s a jacket that applies gentle pressure to assuage anxiety.

Do Dogs Act Weird When There’s A Full Moon

It’s not just folklore; your dog’s behavior can be affected by a full moon. For thousands of years, people have believed that both humans and animals are strongly affected by lunar cycles and full moons. This has to do with the magnetic pull from the moon on Earth’s tides. During the full moon, the ocean tides are at their highest (Cole and Marmalade).  

Make a note of when the full moon is taking place each month, and look out for your dog’s specific behavioral changes. People have observed that their dogs often pace more during the full moon and are prone to increased anxiety.

What Do I Do If My Dog Is Acting Weird

If your dog continues to act strangely and you cannot pinpoint it to anything, in particular, it’s probably time to bring in the experts.

Give it a week or two to see if the behavior goes away, and if it doesn’t, either make a call to your vet or a dog trainer who may be able to assist you with working through your dog’s behavior.

Sometimes if your dog has picked up a bad habit like digging or barking, it can help have a dog trainer evaluate what stressors are causing their new behavior.

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