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Why Is My Dog Obsessed With Me – What You Need To Know

If you have a dog, It’s safe to assume you love that dog with all of your heart. You cuddle them on the couch or walk them to the park. However, sometimes it may feel like you can’t get a break. Have you ever had that frustrating feeling that you can’t get a second to yourself? This leaves you asking the question, why is my dog obsessed with me?

Your dog is obsessed with you because they rely on your attention, safety, food, and other essentials. Dogs that experience separation anxiety, stress, or lack early nurturing will naturally show clingy behavior.

There can be many reasons that your dog is obsessed with you or being with you anyway. These reasons can range in seriousness and should be looked into, especially if it has become worse recently.

6 Reasons Your Dog Is Obsessed With You

There is a good chance your dog is not “obsessed” with you but loves you, needs you or is trying to communicate with you. Here we will discuss six reasons your dog may be craving your attention.

Your Dog is Sick

If your dog is following you around and refusing to leave your side, that may be because they are not feeling well. Your pup cannot tell you they are not feeling well. All they can do is try and find comfort from the pain and sickness from you. If this is new, then you should make an appointment with your vet right away.

Your Dog Wants Your Attention

You are your pup’s companion; they love you and want to be with you as much as possible. Your dog following you around or continuously in your face could be they want you to pay attention to them.

Your Dog is Bored

Another reason your dog is continuously at your side is that they are bored. If your dog is bored, they cant tell you that, and they cant go and find another way to amuse themselves easily. If your dog is bored, they are going to try and find something to do with you.

Your Dog is Lonely

If you work a lot or go away often on business, it’s fair to say your dog misses you a lot. If you have to leave your dog a lot or for long periods, they will stick to you like glue when you are home, hoping to keep you from leaving again.

Your Dog is Scared

If you feel your dog is obsessed with you because they are at your side every second you are in the same house, maybe something is going on that you don’t know about. If you have someone check in on them or take them to doggy daycare while you are away, maybe look into what is going on while you are not around.

You Make Your Dog This Way

Did you ever think that maybe your dog likes to be around you? If you are always playing with them, paying attention to them, or giving them treats always, you may be the reason your dog is “obsessed” with you. If you are giving them positive attention every second they are by your side, then, of course, they are never going to leave it.

Why Is My Dog So Obsessed With Me All Of A Sudden

Something to worry about is if this behavior has started out of the blue. If your dog seems to be obsessed with you recently, there may be a problem. Here are a few things to consider if your pup is glued to you more than usual.

  • Is your pup is not feeling well?– If this is a new thing for your dog, you may need to contact their vet. They could have a medical problem such as an upset stomach or earache.
  • Is Your dog is jealous?– Is there a new pet or person in the home? Sometimes dogs will beg for attention if you bring home another animal or a baby.
  • Is your pup protecting you?– If there is any violence or aggression in the home, your dog can feel the sudden need to protect you.
  • Did you recently move?– Changing homes can be stressful for a dog; if you recently moved, they may just be keeping close until they get situated.
  • Did you increase your hours at work?– If you are leaving them more often than before, your pup will have difficulty understanding the new schedule and will stick by your side, scared you may leave and not return.

Why Is My Dog So Clingy To Me

Dogs cannot communicate with you. They cant tell you they are happy to be with you, or they are scared of something.

Because they can’t speak to you about their feelings, they have to communicate with their body language, which can sometimes come off as clingy.

Do Dogs Pick A Favorite Person

Yes, a dog can pick a favorite person. They base this on how someone treats them and takes care of them. They will bond with someone who matches their personalities the best. 

If you have a hyper dog that loves to run and play outdoors, then they will quickly bond with whoever takes them outside to play and plays with them. If your dog likes to lounge on the couch and lay around, they will bond with the person who sits next to them and watches movies or types all day.

If you get a puppy, they are most likely to bond with the person they spend the most positive time with. Whoever takes care of the puppy by feeding them, playing with them, and cuddling them will be more likely the ones the little pup will favor.

How Long Does It Take For A Dog To Bond With New Owners

For the most part, a dog can take a few days to a few weeks to bond with their new owners. If they are well adjusted to family life and are being rehomed for a reason out of love, your dog knows how to live with a family and needs time to readjust.

Giving your new dog some time and not pushing it will make a considerable difference in bonding with your pet.

On the other hand, if your dog is coming to you from an abusive background, or they were previously a stray, it may take a little longer for them to form a bond. It may be hard for them to learn it’s okay to trust you, and you need to respect that and understand it will come with time.

How Do I Know If My Dog Has Separation Anxiety

Your dog will be sure to let you know if they are experiencing separation anxiety. It’s up to you to pick figure it out. If your dog has separation anxiety, they will be doing one of these things or even all of them.

● Chewing up EVERYTHING

● Whimpering or barking

● Digging (in the yard or even your bed)

● Pottying in the house

● Pacing around the house

Separation anxiety in dogs can because of some severe health issues; trying to figure out how to treat your dog should be done ASAP. Your vet can prescribe medications, you can purchase anxiety vests, or there are many home remedies that you can look into. Make sure whatever you do is safe for your furry friend.

How Much Attention Do Dogs Really Need

Your pup needs your attention for at least a few hours throughout the day. An hour walk in the morning and then again at night, stopping to fetch the ball, of course, should keep your pup happy.

Even breaking your time up between shorter walks, tug of war, and snuggles on the couch for 2-3 hours combined would be perfect. Even if you are home with your pup all day long, it’s not enough for them if you are not engaging them. 

How Do I Stop My Dog From Wanting Attention

If your dog is getting the proper care from you and at least a few hours of attention a day, then there are a few tricks you can try to keep them from pushing too much playtime while you are busy doing other things. 

  • Ignore them – Even if they are whimpering in your face; if there is no reason for this behavior other than just wanting your attention, don’t give it to them. Eventually, they will learn that it is not going to work.
  • Get them toys –  If your dog is bugging you because they are bored, giving them various ways to entertain themselves will keep them from needing you to keep them busy.
  • Change up the routine – If you are interacting with them for an hour in the morning and then again for an hour at night, but they still seem to be attached to you at the hip, try breaking up the time. Give your dog 4 30 min sessions of your 100% attention. Play with them and wear them out. A sleeping dog is a quiet dog.

Final Thoughts

Chances are good your dog isn’t obsessed with you but wants to be close. Your dog will never stop wanting your attention; they love you and want to spend as much time with you as possible.

As dog owners, we want this too. To keep them from overdoing it so we can get other things done is another story; hopefully, one of the tips above will work for you.

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