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Why Is My Dog Obsessed With My Shoes – Is It Normal?

It is no secret dogs are obsessed with chewing on shoes. Puppies in particular, but even the oldest of dogs have been known to chew a shoe or two. This can be an expensive and challenging habit to have to deal with. To find a solution, you need to be able to answer the age-old question; why is my dog obsessed with my shoes?

Dogs are obsessed with shoes because it carries your scent and helps them deal with anxiety and boredom. Obsession with shoes is related to a desirable flavor and texture. Dogs may obsessively chew on your shoes when they are teething to relieve pain.

So, before punishing your poor little puppy, please take a second to try and decide exactly what is causing his shoe obsession, and maybe the solution will be easier than you think.

5 Reasons Your Dog is Obsessed With Your Shoes

You know your shoe isn’t missing because you misplaced it, and you also know it’s probably not going to be in one piece when you find it. So why is your dog so obsessed with your shoes?

Before we get into the whys, let’s discuss quickly why not. It is essential to remember your dog will not destroy your shoes or anything of yours for that matter because they are trying to cause trouble.

Your pup loves you and is not doing anything to try to make you angry purposely. That’s the last thing they want. So instead of punishing your pup, figure out why they are taking your shoes and find a simple way to eliminate the issue without making your pup feel bad.

Your Pup is Teething

Dogs will start teething at around three months old; this lasts until all their adult teeth are entirely through, right around six months old. Puppies will chew on your shoes because they are easy for them to get to and help relieve the pain from teething.

To change this behavior, provide your pups with plenty of toys and keep your shoes out of their reach. 

Your Dog is Bored

A bored dog will find any way possible to keep itself entertained. This can include finding your shoes and chewing them apart. A bored dog is a destructive dog.

To help keep your shoes safe, give your dog tons of toys and plenty of exercise and playtime, mostly right before you are going to be leaving for an extended period.

Your Dog Misses You

Another reason your dog may be taking your shoes is that they miss you. Your shoes have your scent and remind them of you, and it gives them comfort when you are gone.

Give your four-legged friend your old shirt or a stuffed animal with your scent when you not around

Your Shoes Taste Good

Your dog may just be chewing up your shoes because they like the taste. Are they chewing up a specific fabric or make? A lot of dogs enjoy chewing on leather shoes because of how it tastes.

Try some chew deterrent. You can purchase this from any pet store, and it may keep your little ball of destruction from tearing apart another good pair of sneakers.

Easy Access For Your Pup

Shoes are on the ground, and depending on how you run your house; they are probably everywhere as well. If your dog can find a rubber sole that is easy to grab, then to them, it’s a toy of opportunity. 

Keep your shoes in the same spot at all times and train your dog that is a no go zone. Also, place their dog toys in one specific spot or bucket; this way, they know where the okay toys are located.

Why Do Dogs Love Shoes So Much

Dogs love shoes because they are very similar to dog toys. They are mainly made of rubber and fabric, just like most of the toys you will buy at a pet store. Your dog doesn’t know the difference between a toy and a shoe, but they can tell they feel and taste very much alike. 

Why Does My Dog Cuddle With My Shoes

If you find your furry friend snuggled up with one of your shoes, it’s probably because they are comforted by your scent. Try giving him a shirt of yours to sleep with while you are gone. It may break their little shoe habit.

Why Does My Dog Like To Sleep On My Shoes

Your dogs are going to sleep on your shoes for the same reason they are cuddling them. Your shoes smell and taste like you; this will comfort them and help them feel safe when you are not around.

If you find your dog sleeps on your shoes even when you are home, it may just be because your shoes are comfortable to sleep on.

Why Does My Dog Protect My Shoes

To your dog, your shoes are a part of you, if someone gets too close to them, your pup may feel like you are being threatened, and they will protect you and everything that reminds them of you.

If your pup is guardian your shoes from another animal, it could also be due to protecting you, but it is probably because they don’t want to share.

Why Does My Dog Take My Shoes When I Leave

Your dog will take your shoes after you leave to comfort himself until you return. Another less sweet and more sneaky reason is that they like how it tastes and knows they will get in trouble if they have it when you are around.

Why Does My Dog Take My Shoes To Her Bed

If your pup is taking your shoes to her bed, it may be that she is claiming ownership of them. Her bed is her territory; if she wants the shoes taking them into her spot makes them her property.

What Does It Mean When Your Dog Takes Your Shoes

There are many reasons your dog could be taking your shoes. Here is a list of just a few of them.

● They miss you

● They want to play

● They like the way it tastes

● They are mad that you left them

● It makes them feel safe

When your dog is taking something of yours, it is usually their way of communicating something to you. They miss you when you leave, they are bored and need to get out, or maybe they need some new chew toys.

Why Does My Dog Chew My Shoes When I’m Gone

The most likely answer to this question is that they are board. If your dog isn’t getting enough energy out before leaving them alone, they are left to entertain themselves. When dogs get bored, they tend to chew up anything they can find easy to access and fun to chew on. It’s the same reason some dogs get into the garbage or chew apart their human’s couch. 

Dog don’t have cell phones, and unfortunately, video games were not created paw-friendly. That leaves little for your dog to do when you are away, and they don’t feel like laying around.

Final Thoughts

More often than not, your pup will be obsessed with your shoes because they are obsessed with you. Your shoes remind them of you and comfort them when you are gone, and they are missing you. To keep a dog from chewing your shoes, give them plenty of toys, tons of exercise, and something that smells like you that is okay for them to have. 

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