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Why Is My Dog Sleeping Between My Legs – Is It Normal?

If you let your dog sleep in bed with you are night, the chances are good that they have slept in between your legs at one point or another. For some, this is a comfortable position creating a good night’s sleep for you and your pup. For others, this is frustrating and can keep you from getting a good night’s rest. So you ask yourself, why is my dog sleeping between my legs?

Your dog is sleeping between your legs because they are comfortable there. Your legs offer warmth, closeness, and safety for your dog. When your dog sleeps between your legs, it gives them a sense of security so they can sleep throughout the night without worries.

Whether your dog is sleeping between your legs while you’re on the floor watching a movie or in bed for the night, chances are it’s because they want to be close to you for many different reasons. This article will shed some light on why your dog is sleeping between your legs.

6 Reasons Your Dog Is Sleeping Between Your Legs

As mentioned, your dog sleeping between your legs can be for many different reasons. The overall goal for your pup, though, is to be closer to you. Here are some reasons why.

It Gives Your Dog Security

Your dog sleeps in between your legs because it is safe there. They are entirely wrapped up in their human. This means they feel safe and secure with you; they trust that you will not let anything bad happen to them while they are sleeping. 

Your Legs Offer Warmth For Dogs

Your buddy is just cold. If your dog is curling up in between your legs, it can merely be a sign they are cold and want the warmth of your embrace. This is especially true if your dog is snuggling in between your legs under the blankets.

Dogs Love Attention

Another reason your furbaby is laying in between your legs at night is that she is seeking your attention. It is more than likely you are sleeping while she is doing this, so your pup may feel alone or left out. Your dog sleeping in between your legs gives her the closeness to you they are seeking.

Protecting Their Pack

Your dog may be sleeping in between your legs to protect you. It is in their blood to protect their pack at night. If your dog is sleeping in between your legs, it may be that he feels responsible for keeping you safe while you are asleep.

Your Legs Offer Comfort To Dogs

From the second your pup was born, she was taught to sleep on top of her brother and sisters to keep warm and stay together. If your dog is laying this close to you at night, especially if she is still very young, it may be that she feels comforted doing this like she used to with her family before coming to you.

Your Dog Has Anxiety

If your dog suffers from anxiety, especially separation, then your furry friend may be doing this to ease her anxiety. If loud noises at night or the house’s quietness makes her nervous, snuggling in between your legs is a great spot for her to ease her anxiety and help her sleep better.

Why Does My Dog Like Sleeping Between My Legs

So why does your dog like to sleep in-between your legs? Simply put, it makes her happy. Being with you warm, safe, and comfortable makes your dog happy and will keep her anxiety at bay.

What Does It Mean When My Dog Puts His Head Between My Legs

Does your dog ever walk up to you while you are sitting on the couch, at the dinner table, or even on the toilet (eek)? There are a few reasons why your dog will put her head in between your legs; let’s review them.

Your Dog is Scared

Suppose your pup is scared about something, whether a loud noise or a larger dog, she will seek you out for comfort and to hide—the best place to cover her eyes, your lap.

Your Dog May Be Sick

If your little puppy is not feeling well, she may communicate this with you by sticking her head in between your legs. If her belly is sick or something is hurting her, she cannot tell you; instinct will have her seek you out for comfort. If you notice other signs your dog is not feeling good, you may want to speak with your vet.

Your Pup Missed You

If you have been at work all day, or you just got back from a business trip, your dog missed you a lot. She will want to be near you every second for a while, even if you spent the first 20 minutes playing with her after you walked through the door.

Potty Time

Another example of communication is telling you she has to pee. If you are late for your nightly walk or have forgotten to let her out for a while, she is going to find a way to let you know she has got to go.

Can You Train A Dog Not To Sleep Between Your Legs

If you have found in the past your dog sleeping in between your legs is just not for you, then you can train your new pup from the start not to do it. Make sure you are consistent and kind. Your dog’s goal in life is to make you happy, so she is likely to be unhappy or uncomfortable to please you. 

How To Stop A Dog From Sleeping Between Your Legs

If your dog sleeping in between your legs is becoming an issue, possibly disrupting your sleep, there are a few different ways you can break this habit. Always approach this correction of behavior positively and slowly. She is not doing this to aggravate you; she is doing this because she loves you.

Be Consistent

Every time she is in between your legs, show her another spot to go to or move your leg over her to the side. Do this each and every time she goes in this spot. Never give in; as a child, dogs know when they can manipulate you to get their way.

Be Willing to Negotiate

Your pup is sleeping like this to be near you, create a little designated area by your side for her to go to when its bedtime. She may surprise you if she has a warm cozy place of her own.

Make it Uncomfortable

If your dog isn’t comfortable being in that spot, she won’t sleep there. For a few nights, try rolling around or laying your legs on top of her. This will surely make your pup think twice about going back to that spot.

Buy a Dog Bed

If this position is a hard habit to break, maybe buy your pup her own doggy bed. Keep it close to your bed and make it comfortable. This way, your furry little friend can be safe and comfortable without disrupting your sleep.


Your dog is sleeping in between your legs because she loves you. Your pup wants to be close to you and feels safe when she is. A bonus for her is that it’s warm and cozy, snuggled up at the foot of your bed. So be kind, and find a way to sleep that makes you both comfortable and happy.

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