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Why Is My Dog Trying To Be Close To Me – Is It Normal?

Every so often, you will start to notice changes in your dog’s behaviors. They will avoid you or cling to you. At times all they will want to do is be close to you, while other times, they stay across the room and don’t bother with you much. Dogs are particular, and their feelings dictate practically everything they do.  So you might be wondering, why does my dog want to be so close to me?

Your dog wants to be close to you because they are being affectionate. Separation anxiety, needing attention, hunger, and fear are also common reasons dogs attach themselves closely to their owners. This behavior is a sign of trust for most dogs.

Anytime your pet’s behavior changes, it is crucial to ensure that they are not in any distress. Once this is ruled out, you can then start checking the boxes to see precisely what they need. Read on, and we will discuss the different reasons that your dog may suddenly need your attention.   

Reasons Your Dog Is Trying To Be Close To You

There can be countless reasons that your dog wants to be close to you. Generally, your dog has a mission when they get close to you, as they usually want or need something from you. These are the top five reasons that your dog may want to be close to you.

  • They usually want some attention
  • They want affection or love
  • They are scared or nervous
  • They want to play or are bored
  • It is a learned behavior, or they are used to it

These reasons may not be the only issue that causes your dog to be close to you.

Ensure that when you notice a change in behavior that you are paying attention to all their other actions, you can usually tell if something is seriously wrong with them or if they need a bit of extra attention from you.

Why Is My Dog Getting Closer To Me

The number one most common reason your dog is trying to get closer to you is that they want your love and affection. Dogs can’t talk, so they speak with their movements and actions. Getting close to you is a telltale sign that they want to be loved or show you that they love you.

If you have the time, sit down with them, so spend a few minutes petting them and reassuring them that you do love them too. It will mean the world to them and relax them and allow you to go about your business as usual.

Why Is My Dog Following Me Everywhere Suddenly

If your dog suddenly starts to follow you suddenly, this is generally due to an event or experience that has happened to your dog or between you and your dog. For example, if a big thing changed in your dog’s life, you changed your work schedule or something to that effect.  

A significant change in their life can scare them a bit and make them want to cling to you so that they don’t lose you. 

Although they can be quite smart, your dog typically only has an IQ level of 2.5 years old. So a significant change to their life can uproot them and throw a monkey wrench in their daily life, causing them to cling to you. 

Another change may be a change in housing. Your dog may just be glued to you for the first few days, This behavior might resemble a dog following you anytime you move around the home.

As pet owners, it’s important to realize that it takes dogs time to get acclimated and feel safe and secure at the same time.

Why Is My Dog So Attached To Me All Of A Sudden

A huge reason that your dog is suddenly attached to you would be that you mistakenly rewarded the behavior. When this happens, you give your dog the wrong idea about a habit that you don’t want them to have. 

It can be as simple as giving them a treat when you want them to stop something or are trying to distract them. They take getting a treat as a good thing, and in their mind, you are rewarding them for the behavior you are trying to get them to quit.  

When A Dog Is Suddenly Clingy And Why

When your dog starts to become clingy suddenly, it is usually a sign that they are scared or fearful of something. This can be a pretty vast area, though, as they can be scared or nervous about many things. 

They may be scared of something at that moment – like a thunderstorm, loud noise, or a sudden change in environment. They could be scared or nervous about something that has happened or that they are worried may happen.

When you notice your dog is worried, the best thing you can do is comfort them and assure them that everything will be ok.  

Can A Dog Be Too Attached To Its Owner

In the broad scheme of things, yes, a dog can be too attached to its owner. This is generally something that is a lot deeper seeded than attachment issues or your dog being clingy, though. It usually stems from a larger problem that you should be aware of.  

So if your dog recently started to become clingy, and there was no significant life-altering event that caused this, you should not worry. Generally, attachment issues are based on something more extensive, so a small behavior change should not alarm you.  

What Breed Of Dog Needs The Most Attention

It is quite clear that some breeds need more attention than others. The top 3 needy dog breeds are:

  • Sheppards (German, Australian)
  • Huskies
  • Retrievers (Labrador, Goleden, etc)

These dogs are generally high maintenance, to begin with, and are among the most energetic and smarted breeds. It seemed that it goes hand in hand with needing attention.  

How Do I Stop My Dog From Being So Clingy

A large percentage of what your dog does is learned behavior. There is usually a reason why they act a certain way, so paying attention to the other cues that your dog shows will help you understand precisely what you need to do for your dog to stop being so clingy.

Because this generally means that your dog wants attention, it is best to give them that. Start by giving them what they need, and then from there, pay attention to their social cues to see if this is all that they needed or if there is anything else that you need to do.  

Sometimes this behavior requires you to make some permanent changes to your dog’s lifestyle, but often, you can teach them that there are alternative ways to let you know that they need something. 

Staying on top of issues when they start is a huge priority, so if you experience any new problems, make sure that you address the issue and try to remedy it as soon as you can.

Things To Consider

Usually, when your dog is attached to you suddenly, they want to show their affection to you or like your attention in some way, shape, or form. After returning home, even from just running to the grocery store, my dog is waiting at the door and is at my side while I am walking in and setting stuff down.  

After my experience with a couple of dogs over the years, it boils down to this – your dog loves you. They can’t talk, and they don’t have any other way to say it. They use their actions to show how they feel towards you. 

Even without words, it is easy to tell how they feel when they glue themselves to you.  

Based on other cues that they show, you will pick up on what they need at that moment. 

Sometimes it’s a little more than attention, while sometimes, they are scared or nervous. Understanding or anticipating what your dog needs is super important.

Making sure you are reading your pet correctly is also crucial. Sometimes they may pretend to be scared to get cuddles, or sometimes you may not realize that all they want to do is play.

Although it is usually pretty obvious when they want to play, they generally cannot hide their excitement. My 65lb dog starts dancing/prancing around while making funny noises at me when he wants to play.  

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