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Why Is My Husky Afraid Of Water – What It Means!

If you know anything about the Husky breed, you know that they are meant for the snow. Their beautiful thick fur coats were designed to keep them warm and energized in some of the coldest temperatures on earth. However, many are now living in hot, humid locations that can heat up these furry guys. This has many owners asking, why is my Husky afraid of water?

Huskies are afraid of water because it is an unfamiliar and uncomfortable experience to them. Water causes your dog to become anxious or uncomfortable. Huskies were not naturally designed to be a swimming breed of dog, so jumping into the pool or lake is scary.

It is pretty standard for Huskies to be afraid of water; you will find more Huskies afraid of water than not. And for anyone who knows Huskies, they will let you know how they feel if you try to get them wet or make them go swimming.

Reasons Your Husky Is Afraid Of Water

There are many reasons why your Husky could be afraid of getting near the water. Here is a list of some of those reasons.

Inherited Trait

Huskies are well known for their job as sled dogs and their history of living in cold temperatures.

These dogs were responsible for getting sleds from one place to another or getting their pack from one place to another without falling into freezing ice-cold lakes. 

Because this was their natural behavior handed down through their bloodlines, they could naturally feel weary of the water and not want to go near it.

Past Trauma From Water

Maybe your Husky had a previous incident with water that has left them scarred and scared to get near or into the water again.

There are cases where dogs have almost drowned or were somehow injured in the water, and it frightened them from going back into the water again.

There could also be situations related to water that could have given them bad feelings that do not have any relation to swimming.

Maybe they were once left out in a thunderstorm, and now all water takes them back to that terrifying night.

It’s New And Scary To Your Husky

Has your Husky ever been near the water before?

If this is a new situation for him, then it is safe to assume that maybe the unique situation is a little scary to your dog.

If your pup has never actually been in a large amount of water, then coming head-on with a large pool or lake can seem intimidating and upsetting.

It Is Uncomfortable For Your Husky

Maybe your dog does not enjoy the feeling of being wet.

The cold water could make them feel uncomfortable or uneasy. It’s possible they could dislike the feeling of damp, wet fur laying on top of their backs.

Huskies are well known for having thick heavy layers of fur to keep them warm in icy cold weather.

Imagine having that much soaking wet hair covering you from head to toe.

Your Husky Can Not Swim

While some Huskies are naturally born great swimmers, others do not know how.

If your Husky cannot swim, being near large bodies of water could be scary for him and even overwhelming, making him not want even to attempt getting near it. 

Why Does My Husky Hate Water

Your Husky hates the water because there is something about the water causing them to be anxious or uncomfortable near it.

If you want to solve the problem, it is vital that you get to the root of what is causing the issue in the first place. 

Do Siberian Huskies Like The Water

Because Siberian Huskies originated from cold temperatures, these dogs love to play in the cold snow. However, they do not enjoy getting wet or being near water.

If you are looking for a pet to go swimming at the beach with you, you should probably choose a breed other than the Siberian husky.

Do Huskies Hate Baths

Although you will find that one Husky who is carefree and fearless that loves to hop around in the tub splashing in the bubble, the chances of that happening is not very low.

For the most part, Huskies have no interest in taking a bath and will probably let you know how unhappy they are about it, yelping and whining the whole time.

Can You Teach A Husky To Swim

You can teach pretty much any dog how to swim with enough patience and understanding.

Like any other dog, a Husky can learn to love to be in the water. Because this is not an instinct for them, though, it may take a lot of work and a ton of convincing to first get them into the pool or lake.

How Do I Get My Husky To Swim

Teaching your Husky that the water is nothing to fear will be your first steps in getting them to swim.

Introduce your Husky to water slowly and a little at a time. Never expect your dog to go to the beach and jump off the peer to start doggy paddling around.

Get him a kiddie pool and work your way up, showing your dog you are right there with them and they are safe.

How Can I Get My Dog To Like Water

You can coax your dog into liking the water by showing him how much fun and refreshing water can be.

On a scorching day, get into a kiddie pool and encourage your pup to join you. You can even find one of your furry friend’s favorite toys and throw it into the pool, so they have to jump in after it. 

How Do I Introduce My Dog To Water

Introducing your dog into water should be a gradual thing.

Start with warmer water or more shallow water and slowly move into something deeper and colder.

Making the situation more comfortable for your dog will help make the situation more do-able and seem less like a fight with your pup.

Other Considerations

Although there are a ton of dog breeds out there that love to swim and play in the water, especially on hot and humid days, Huskies, for the most part, are not one of those breeds.

Spending time in the water is not what their ancestors did, and it is not what they were designed to do.

Their fur is made heavy to keep them warm in frigid temperatures, making it extremely uncomfortable when it is soaking wet from a swim.

If you have a Husky and feel it would be beneficial for him to get out into the water and swim, make it a stress-free, playful, fun time. It is key to getting your dog into the water.

Never push it or make them feel upset or unsafe when entering the water. In doing so, you will create more of a negative feeling associated with swimming for your Husky, making them reject the idea of swimming even more.

If your Husky does not enjoy being in the water, do not force them to do so.

You can give them a non-invasive or deep bath when they need it and let it be. Some dogs do not want to be in the water, and there is nothing wrong with that.

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