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Why Won’t My Dog Let me Sit Down – Things To Consider

If you are a dog owner, you have probably experienced a frustrating situation in which your dog just won’t let you sit down. You had a rough day and want to sit down, but your pup is not having it. They may bark at you or nuzzle your body; some dogs are known for jumping on top of their owners to make them get up. If you are one of these people, it’s safe to say you are getting fed up. So, Why won’t your dog let you sit down?

Dogs won’t let you sit down because they are seeking your attention, bored, or experiencing separation anxiety. High energy, hunger, possessive behavior, lack of training, and fear are also common reasons why a dog won’t let you sit down.

Whatever the reason your dog is not allowing you to sit down is, it’s not because they are trying to be obnoxious or bad. There are reasons for this behavior, and there are ways that you can help fix it that won’t involve punishment.

9 Reasons Your Dog Won’t Let You Sit Down

Annoying or not, your dog won’t let you sit for a reason. In your dog’s eyes, it is for a good reason. So here is a list of 9 reasons your dog isn’t letting you rest.

Your Dog Is Hungry

If your dog is hungry and you go to sit down on the couch, they know that means they are not getting fed anytime soon. If they are hungry enough, they will do what it takes to get you back up.

Your Dog Has To Go To The Bathroom

A dog who has to go to the bathroom is more likely than not going to make a commotion to let you know you have to get off that chair because they have got to go.

Your Dog Is Anxious

An anxious dog can be a complex problem to overcome. Sadly, dogs can feel the effects of being anxious but may not always understand why they feel that way. This can have them getting up and moving around, causing you to follow them, trying to figure out what is wrong.

Separation anxiety may also play a role in your dog’s need to keep you up and moving. If you are sitting in an area they are not in; they may do what they can to make you come closer to them, even if that means barking, whimpering, or jumping around.

Sitting Is Frightening To Your Dog

A scared pup can show its fear in many ways. They cant tell you what they are afraid of, so they may pace or act out, forcing you to be on your toes non-stop. If something frightens your dog, it’s your responsibility to find the problem and help your dog overcome it.

Your Dog May Be In Pain

If you have an injured 4-legged friend, it can sometimes feel like having a toddler in the home. They may be trying to move around when they aren’t supposed to, or maybe they have injured themselves and are keeping you up, hoping you will figure it out and make it better.

Your Pup Has Lots Of Energy

If your dog has a lot of built-up energy, then there is no way they will settle down enough to allow you to relax. If you want to sit down without being bothered keeping your dog busy and active throughout the day would do the trick.

Underlying Illness Is Affecting Your Pet

A dog who feels sick can feel the need to move around a lot. They also want to be comforted by you. So if your pup is feeling under the weather, moving back and forth, up and down, making you move in circles could be your dog trying to get comfortable.

Not Letting You Sit Has Become Learned Behavior

As pet owners, we have all let some bad behavior slide here and there. Maybe you inadvertently taught your dog to get attention by bugging you while you are sitting down. This action may be a way they learned works to get what they want.

Your Dog Is Possessive

Does your dog have a favorite spot in the home? Maybe a comfy chair they claimed for themselves? Your dog may bark at you or find ways to make you move if you sit in their favorite spots.

If your dog is not accepting you sitting down for any reason, you have to nip it in the bud. It is essential to make sure your dog knows you are the boss, and no matter the issues they may have, you make the ultimate decisions. If you don’t, the problem could get out of hand.

Why Does My Dog Bark When I Sit Down

If your dog starts to bark every time you try and take a seat, it’s more likely than not a sign they want your attention. A dog who wants to play or be acknowledged is going to be loud to get its way. Your dog barking when you sit is a behavior problem and should be taken care of right away.

Why Does My Dog Attack Me When I Sit Down

If your dog attacks you by jumping on you or going overboard on the kisses, it is a sign that they are excited and ready to play. When you sit down, you become an easy target for the rambunctious pup. 

If your dog attacks you out of anger and aggression when you sit, this is because of dominance and being possessive. In the sitting position, you may appear submissive, and your dog will react to this.

They may also be possessive over the spot you are sitting on and attack you to get you out of their domain. Both these behaviors are unacceptable and could lead to danger.

How Do I Get My Dog To Let Me Sit Down

Your dog must know you are in charge. You can never allow a dog to take control over any situation for your safety and theirs. If your dog isn’t allowing you to sit down for whatever reason it needs to be corrected. Here are a few different ways you can stop your dog from ruining your rest.

●      Ignore the behavior- Never acknowledge your dog when attempting to get your attention playfully. When they have to go outside or need water, they should alert you in other ways. Give a treat near the water dish or front door.

●      Exercise- A tired dog is a well-behaved dog; take them for walks at least 2-3 times a day, and always have toys available to play with.

●      Keep a schedule– If your dog is used to a specific schedule each day, they won’t feel the need to alert you at inopportune times that they want to do something else.

●      Get them a doggy bed- Give your dog their comfy place to lay near you; this way, they won’t feel the need to fight for your attention or the comfiest spot in the house.

Final Thoughts

A dog can be the greatest thing to ever come into your life, but even the most significant relationships will find their share of problems. Owning a dog is no different than parenting a child or living with a spouse.

The relationship can require a lot of work and can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when you can’t figure out what they are doing and why. But the time and energy you put in will be worth it in the end.

Like people, dogs have their unique personalities; although you can modify their behaviors, you can not completely change who they are. Some dogs can be calm, laid back, and happy just hanging out.

At the same time, other dogs need a lot of attention and playtime to wind down and relax. Learn who your dog is and how they think and act, which will make it easier to solve issues and fix problems that may add unnecessary tension in your relationship.

If you are dealing with a pet, who doesn’t want you to sit down, figure out why they would feel this way and be willing to change your behaviors, as well as your pets, to keep the home happy and calm, and then maybe you both can rest.

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