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Why Won’t My Dog Roll Over – 5 Things You Should Know

Like many dog owners, the first thing you did with your new dog was train him, right? You taught all the usual commands – sit, speak, paw – but “roll over” just isn’t sticking for some reason. No matter what, your dog won’t roll over! So this leaves you wondering, why won’t my dog roll over?

A dog won’t roll over if they do not feel safe and secure or are stressed. Dogs may be uncomfortable rolling over and avoid doing so. Negative experiences and poor training can also be reasons why dogs won’t roll over.

It’s difficult to know precisely why a dog may not roll over, but some of the primary reasons include fear and improper training. If your dog doesn’t roll, don’t get too frustrated. After all, rolling over is a trick and not a necessity. If you want your dog to roll over, you need to keep working. For those of you that can’t figure out why your dog resists, let’s discuss the reasons why your dog isn’t rolling over.

5 Reasons Your Dog Won’t Roll Over

Even if you think you correctly trained your dog, he may not roll over like you want him to or when you want him to. If that’s the case, check out these reasons why your dog may not be rolling over:

Your Dog Doesn’t Know How To Roll Over

Dogs don’t come with the knowledge of how to roll over. If you want your dog to roll over, make sure you teach him how.

Your Dog Doesn’t Like It

Young or old, your dog may not like to roll over, so he refuses to do it. There are many reasons why your dog doesn’t like to roll over, but some of the top reasons are that he hurt himself rolling over in the past, or he’s scared to roll over. 

He’s Too Old

Older dogs will struggle to roll over. A puppy might be ready to roll over whenever you say, but an older dog may not like to roll over, even if he used to roll over all the time when he was a puppy.

He Isn’t Trained Well

Even if you trained your dog when he was a puppy, the training for the roll over command might not have been done well or not practiced regularly. He may have forgotten the trick.

There Isn’t a Reward For Your Dog

If your dog knows that you want him to roll over, he might wait to get a reward for rolling over. If you trained him with treats, then suddenly stopped giving treats, your dog might expect the reward every time he rolls over. No reward means no rolling.

Why Does My Dog Hate Rolling Over

Even if your dog is trained to roll over, he may not roll over because he does not like it. 

Some dogs can learn tricks that they do when it benefits them, but they ignore the command most of the time if they do not like doing it. Unfortunately, rolling over is one of those things that a dog may ignore, especially if your dog does not like to roll over.

If your dog is older, he may also dislike rolling over because it is difficult for him. Overweight dogs may also hate rolling over because it is difficult for them to finish the roll and get back up. 

Rolling over is a fun trick that dogs can learn, but if your dog hates rolling over, it is best not to force your dog to do it. 

How Do You Teach A Stubborn Dog To Roll Over

To teach a stubborn dog to roll over, you may have to tempt your dog with a reward, like dog treats or a piece of food from the fridge.

Some dogs are more stubborn than you ever imagined, so teaching them to roll over might feel nearly impossible. If you think this might be your dog, try giving your dog a reward when she does roll over. Make it a good reward too. Skip those training treats and give your dog her favorite treat. If that doesn’t work, tempt your dog with some safe to eat human food, like unseasoned meat or jerky. 

Stubborn dogs take longer to train than other dogs, but it is likely possible that you will be able to train your dog, no matter how stubborn. 

How Long Does It Take To Teach A Dog To Roll Over

Teaching a young dog to roll over will take less time than teaching an older dog to roll over. 

When you set out to train your dog, it’s hard to know how long teaching your dog tricks will take. After all, cartoons make it seem like your dog will automatically learn your favorite tricks, like rolling over.

Puppies will learn to roll over faster than older dogs will. Giving your dog treats after rolling over will speed up how long it takes your dog to learn. 

Stick with your dog while teaching your dog to roll over. Some tricks will take longer to learn than others for some dogs, so if you want to see your dog roll over, don’t give up!

Is It Bad For Big Dogs To Roll Over

Some people believe that big dogs cannot roll over, but this is not confirmed. It is a misconception that people seem to believe often. 

If you have a big dog, you shouldn’t worry that something terrible may happen if your dog rolls over. Some people believe that a dog’s intestines will twist if he rolls over as a big dog, but this was never confirmed. 

A big dog may be less likely to roll over than a smaller dog simply because it’s more difficult for them to roll over. However, if your dog – no matter how big – likes some tummy rubs, you know better than anyone else that your dog will have no problem at all rolling over.

Why Is My Dog Scared Of Rolling

Your dog may be afraid or scared of rolling if he hurt himself rolling in the past.

In some ways, dogs are like humans, so if your dog got injured in some way while rolling, then he may not want to roll over again.

The injury does not have to be serious. Sure, your dog can pinch a nerve or hurt his leg while rolling, which is more serious. Your dog can roll over his bone and hurt his back momentarily too. Since your dog doesn’t know better, he may think the act of rolling itself was what hurt him.

Most dogs will soon forget about these potential injuries, but some dogs will remember and be scared of rolling.

What Is The Easiest Way To Teach A Dog To Roll Over

Sometimes you don’t want it to be challenging to teach your dog to roll over. Let’s talk about some of the ways that you can teach your dog a new trick.

  • Teach your dog with the help of another dog who knows the trick. Dogs are more likely to learn from other dogs.
  • Stick with your dog, and don’t give up. It might not be the quickest solution, but it may be the easiest to go slowly.
  • Hire a trainer. This is the easiest way to teach your dog because a trainer is a professional. 

The methods you use to teach your dog a new trick may vary depending on what your dog is like, but it is essential to remember not to give up!

Rolling over might be a fun trick for you to teach your dog, but sometimes it’s not as simple as telling your dog what to do.

Some dogs won’t like rolling over, and others may struggle to learn the trick. If you keep at it, then you, too, may be able to get your dog to roll over. After all, rolling over is the best position to be in for some belly rubs!

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