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Why Won’t My Dog Walk On Grass – 5 Common Reasons!

When people think of dogs playing outside, they usually envision a dog running around and playing in the grass. However, some dogs don’t seem to be into this. As a result, many dog owners with dogs who do not like grass have likely asked themselves: why won’t my dog walk on grass? 

Dogs will not walk on grass because they do not like the feeling of wet grass or because they smell a strange chemical, fertilizer, or animal. Dogs can also have an allergy to grass that will cause them to avoid walking on grass. 

This article will explain all of the common reasons why some dogs won’t walk on grass. We will also be answering some other commonly asked questions and providing you with some other things to consider regarding dogs avoiding the grass.  

Reasons Your Dog Won’t Walk On Grass

There are five common reasons why some dogs won’t walk on grass. Some dogs are put off by the scent of strange fertilizers, pesticides, and animals that may be on and around a specific patch of grass.

Other times a dog may have a grass allergy, or he may just not like the feeling of wet grass. Here are the five reasons your dog won’t walk on grass. 

The Grass Is Wet 

If your dog won’t walk on wet grass exclusively, then it is very likely that he doesn’t like the feeling of wet grass on his paws and fur.

This is a more common situation than many people may have previously believed. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to get your dog to walk on wet grass if he doesn’t like it, and we will be explaining these tips later on in this article. 

The Grass Is Treated With Fertilizer 

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell, so the scent of a strange fertilizer on or near his usual grass patch may put him off. This can be especially common in the spring and summer when more people tend to gardens and outdoor plants.

If you believe that the smell of a strange fertilizer is causing your dog to avoid a specific stretch of grass, then taking him to another grassy area is the best remedy for this. This way, your dog can play and do his business without all the stress. 

The Grass Is Treated With Pesticides

Like the scent of fertilizer, pesticides can also lead to a dog avoiding treated grass. The scent of these chemicals can be powerful, so occasionally treated plants around grass could cause this reaction as well.

If you know that pesticides have treated some grass, then it is recommended that you take your dog to another grassy area. This will not only reduce your dog’s stress levels, but it is also the best solution for your dog’s health, as many pesticides are not safe for pets to be around. 

There Are Strange Animals Around

Not all animals are excited by the scent of a strange animal, and the scent of strange animals, insects, and even plants could lead to dogs avoiding areas they are residing in. This could be the reason why your dog is avoiding grass, especially if the area is new to him. 

Your Dog Could Have A Grass Allergy 

Like people, some dogs are allergic to grass, and this could cause a natural aversion to grass in a dog. Usually, this condition irritates the paws, eyes, and nose. This can cause a dog to lick its paws and itch excessively.

A grass allergy can also cause sneezing, watery eyes, a runny nose, and coughing or wheezing. If you suspect that your dog has a grass allergy, then it is recommended that you visit a vet for treatment. 

Why Does My Dog Hate Grass

If your dog hates all grass, no matter if it is wet or dry, then it is likely that he has a natural aversion to it. Usually, this is caused by a grass allergy, so it is recommended that you visit a vet about this issue if you believe that this is the cause. 

Why Is My Dog Afraid Of Wet Grass

Some dogs do not like the feeling of wet grass on their paws and fur, and as a result, they could be afraid of it. However, it is more likely that a dog avoids wet grass because it makes them uncomfortable rather than because they are scared of it. 

Is Wet Grass Bad For Dogs

Common wet grass is not harmful to dogs. However, wet grass that is also treated with pesticides or other chemicals could be. As a result, it is recommended that all dog owners avoid their dog from going on grass. 

What Do I Do If My Dog Doesn’t Like Wet Grass

You can do several things to help your dog go on the grass after it has rained. The first thing you can do is have a designated dry patch of grass for when it rains.

You can do this by setting up an overhang or another structure that will block the rain. You could also try things like putting booties on your dog and taking your dog on a walk to give him a chance to relieve himself. 

Things To Consider

There are some other things to consider when it comes to dogs who will not walk on grass.

Many dog owners have problems with their dogs not eliminating themselves in the grass, and instead, they find accidents inside their homes. Here are things to consider about why some dogs won’t walk on grass. 

Why Won’t My Dog Go to the Bathroom on the Grass

Dogs set habits around potty training early on, and this includes where they like to relieve themselves.

As a result, if a dog learns to go to the bathroom on surfaces other than grass, such as puppy pads, rugs, or a hard floor, they are more likely not to go to the grass. Luckily, a little extra house training can reduce this issue. 

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